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Second Life News for January 19, 2008

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From: Wired Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses: Put the Blame on Griefers Quote from the site - The Albion Park section of Second Life is generally a quiet place, a haven of whispering fir trees and babbling brooks set aside for those who “need to be alone to think, or want to chat privately.” But shortly after 5 pm Eastern time on November 16, an avatar appeared in the 3-D-graphical skies above this online sanctuary and proceeded to unleash a mass of undiluted digital jackassery.

From: The Best of Second Life ZeroG Sky Dancers Quote from the site - I have not attended this performance yet, and it is not a landmark of the day because you cannot just “go” there. You do need to acquire tickets to this truly remarkable event: DanCoyote Antonelli ’s ZeroG Sky Dancers Third Production, “Second Spring”.

From: oh, what a world A Second Life job? Quote from the site - I recently got myself a “job” on Second Life, for whatever reason. I found it while browsing the SL Classifieds one day and Googling the name of the company. It turned out to be a great project to be a part of; it’s much more than a job, it’s a performance. The project/job is called Double Happiness Manufacturing, also known as “Invisible Threads: Sweatshop Jean Factory in Second Life“.

From: The Logan Daily News Students can take OU tour in virtual world, attend SAT strategy Quote from the site - A campus visit often seals a prospective student’s college choice. These days, a first visit may take on a different dimension - a virtual one.

Two days this month - this Saturday and Jan. 31, high school students from around the globe can visit Ohio University’s Second Life virtual campus and attend SAT strategy sessions sponsored by The Princeton Review.

From: SLNN Research on Asperger’s Syndrome done in Second Life shows early promise Quote from the site - There is a place in Second Life that is magical, educational and appears daily instead of once every hundred years. Welcome to Brigadoon in SL.

From: openPR STABILO steps up its virtual commitment Quote from the site - Following its surprising promotions in “real” life, STABILO will now also be stepping up its virtual commitment over the next few months. STABILO is the first company in the writing instruments sector to venture entering the virtual world of “Second Life” (SL).

From: Baseline Halo 3 Meets Second Life Quote from the site - Video games and military training are a natural fit. Any exercise that can sharpen physical reflexes and shooting skills has obvious applications for soldiers preparing for war.

From: Massively The Second Life 48 Hour Film Project winner announced [UPDATED] Quote from the site - First covered here, the winners of the Second Life 48 Hour Film Project, in which entrants are given only 48 hours to create a machinima featuring certain elements only disclosed at a certain time and date, have been announced.

From: VSTE Podcast Edge Second Life Quote from the site - Have you thought about how you might teach in your Second Life? In this edition of the VSTE Podcast Edge, I interview Ross Perkins, who is a familiar face and personality to many within the Virginia Society for Technology in Education.

From: Ambling in Second Life Itau Quote from the site - Brazil, as you may be aware, was the first country to get a Second Life Grid Global Provider, in the form of Kaizen Games. There was an expectation that this locally-supported service would see Brazillians flocking into Second Life, but I’m not sure it has really done so.

From: New World Notes Second Life Grows Beyond Its Map Quote from the site - This is the world of Second Life’s grid as it exists now– 26.5 million acres*, with three major land masses to the Southeast, surrounded by a veritable galaxy of disparate islands.

From: Second Life Blog Announcing the Havok4 Early Adopter Program Quote from the site - Several months ago public beta testing of “the project you thought would never ever get finished” was announced - the project to update Second Life with the Havok4 physics engine. For more information about the Havok4 project, please see the Havok4 Beta Wiki.

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