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Second Life News for January 26, 2008

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From: Wayne Porter Solipsis Open Source & Free P2P 3D World(s) Quote from the site - Solipsis is a free and open source system for a massively multi-participant shared virtual world. It was designed by Joaquin Keller and Gwendal Simon at France Telecom Research and Development Labs. Its goal is to provide the infrastructure for a “Metaverse-like” public virtual territory.

From: jalopnik Lancia to Launch Car in Second Life, Before First Life Quote from the site - Hey Lancia, welcome to 2006! It’s good to see you finally decided to approach and embrace Second Life, the virtual world game thing. The Italian Fiat subsidiary will be launching the Delta sedan in Second Life one day prior to its official unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show.

From: G4 Banks In ‘Second Life’ Failing? Quote from the site - In a scene eerily prescient of our nation’s economic collapse (I’m from the future, so I know.), some banks in Linden Labs’ Second Life MMO are being shut down, partially due to economic improprieties.

From: joystiq Economic woes extend to Second Life Quote from the site - Everywhere you look, it seems there’s news of some real life business jumping into the virtual world of Second Life. Car companies, HR firms, clothing makers; you name it, it was being sold on the virtual frontier.

From: Forrester Blended real life / Second Life meeting shows promise Quote from the site - Last night I delivered a presentation on getting real work done in virtual worlds at a meeting of the Serious Second Life Group in Boulder, which meets at the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado. The purpose of the meeting: discuss the viability of virtual worlds for entrepreneurial activities and getting work done. How’s this for blended: I sat in a classroom on the university campus along with about 15 other people (academics, students, and business people).

From: SL I-Reports Blue Skies in Second Life Quote from the site - Getting somewhere in Second Life is never a problem. We simply TP (teleport) or fly to a location while others prefer to walk on solid virtual ground. 3D virtual worlds such as Second Life, generally don’t have gravity, but what if you wanted to bring the realism of the real world into Second Life?

From: Digado Google Adsense in Second Life? Quote from the site - In between talks at the Orange Island Geekend I left for Clever Zebra Island, hosting a what looked to be interesting event on Advertising. Companies have been searching for a good advertisement/banner system in Second Life for a while now.

From: Telegraph The shine comes off social networking Quote from the site - After a year of hype, Facebook, Second Life and the rest are facing a backlash, writes Claudine Beaumont.

From: New World Notes Eshi Unloads: Should Unethical Businesses Be Banned from Second Life? Quote from the site - Virtual world builder Eshi Otawara is happy that the Lindens have banned unregulated banks from the world, but what she’d really like is “a rating system which would ban businesses with repetitive negative feedback off Second Life”.

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