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Second Life News for January 27, 2008

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From: Daily Record The Land Of Make Believe Quote from the site - Documentary Of The Week Wonderland - Virtual Adultery And Cyberspace Love Tuesday, Bbc2,9.50pm Find Out How You Can Create The World Of Your Dreams - From Your Desktop.

From: Second Life Pros Mayor of Assisi opens the doors in Second Life Quote from the site - Do you know Assisi? It’s a small roman/medieval town in middle Italy, right between Florence and Rome. Sat on a hill (”asisium” in latin means “sat down”), it was the home of Francesco Bernardone, who later in XIII century become Saint Francis of Assisi.

From: PacificRim Exchange
Second Life still living its first one
Quote from the site - CNNMoney.com has an interview with Philip Rosedale, CEO of Linden Lab on their website: Second Life still living its first one.

From: MMORPG Blog Shutdown of virtual banks in Second Life; real money lost Quote from the site - While most MMORPGs have strict rules against using real money in in-game transactions, such is not the case with virtual worlds like Second Life. While real money does give a more realistic experience, it also has its real dangers.

From: Science Roll Medical Training in Second Life Quote from the site - If you follow Scienceroll closely, you know well how much I support the opportunities provided by Second Life, the virtual world, that can be an additional e-learning tool in medical education. I have two new reasons for that….

From: Times Online Get on board: exploit the technology Quote from the site - We had lots of discussion about whether the use of social-networking sites was a force for good at KPMG and we have now agreed a policy that recognises that this is part of day-to-day communication for our staff. We have even set up our own innovation hub on Facebook where staff can discuss ideas.

From: Second Effects SL Ergonomics, Part II: Building Tips Quote from the site - In a previous article I described what I refer to as “Second Life Ergonomics”. It’s all about the appropriate design of virtual structures to make it easy for avatars to use and enjoy.

From: slog AfterLife: Thousand users at a event Quote from the site - Yesterday at Orange’s Geekend, Metaversatility’s Frank Bogomil(RL: John Plevyak) for the first time publicly talked about AfterLife, a project he has been working on that will make it possible to have single sim events with hundreds or thousands of users.

From: Reuters OpenSim worlds lure Second Life’s outcasts Quote from the site - On Tuesday, Steve Smith of BCX Bank had to shut down operations in Second Life. But Smith isn’t going quietly into the night.

From: M is for MYG Studies in light - “surreal” Quote from the site - I actually love Windlight, but I do not think it loves me, the reluctant techie. Two versions ago worked best for me, right out of the box. The last version didn’t work - at all - without constant crashes. I still have issues with the latest release being “sticky.” Which feels sort of like lag, only a quicker lag, if that makes any sense. It sucks, is what it does.

From: Global Kids Brings TSL to the Media Quote from the site - Global Kids is giving members of the media an inside look at Teen Second Life (TSL), Rafi Santo just told me. TSL has strict rules for which adults can enter the space, so this tour is an interesting way to try to increase the visibility of the project.

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