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Second Life News for January 28, 2008

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From: Massively Lessons in Second Life Quote from the site - Jeremy Hunsinger and the _blacklibrary are combining forces for a series of informal discussions called Learning in Second Life. The discussions take place in the _blacklibrary at 1pm SL time each Monday.

From: kotaku FFX Creatures Invade Second Life Quote from the site - Every time I post a Second Life story here we get tons of comments reminding us that SL is not a game, which I won’t argue with…but it is chock full of gamers. Not a week goes by that I don’t run into something awesome and gaming related, whether it be discovering that someone I am talking to is a player in the gaming industry, or simply running into some amazingly cool creations, like these Final Fantasy X creature avatars my friend Keiko stumbled across in her travels.

From: the village voice The Top Ten Reasons Why Cybersex is Good for You Quote from the site - When I tell people I write about cybersex, I get a lot of curious reactions. I’ve grown used to, for example, the “Oh my God, you’re secretly a pervert” grimace: a sour, prudish twisting of the mouth.

From: india forums Celebrate CRY DAY with ‘Child Rights & You’ Quote from the site - Commemorating 29 years since its inception Child Rights and You (CRY) on January 28, 2008, CRY has once again pioneered ways to involve people towards ensuring child rights. CRY aims at building a strong online child rights community by involving people of all ages to be a part of building a ‘just’ world for ALL children.

From: the Lantern ‘Second Life’ in education Quote from the site - As early as autumn quarter, students will be able to learn not only outside the classroom but in an entirely virtual environment known as “Second Life.”

From: openPR Second Life: euroSLEX extends RISK API for maximum security Quote from the site - The customer’s trust in the security of their transactions is the top priority for euroSLEX, the European trading platform for Linden Dollars. Says Iliana Suppan, managing director of operating company Virtual World Services GmbH: “To protect us and our customers from buying fraudulently obtained Linden Dollars, we use Linden Lab’s ‘RISK API’.

From: symantec It’s Not a Wonderful Second Life Quote from the site - It’s not very far into 2008 and sadly we are already seeing some of our predictions on the security trends of 2008 come true. I blogged earlier that our security analyses expected to see old style cybercrimes turn up in virtual worlds. While it’s not clear if any crime occurred, they did experience an old fashion run on banks.

From: Virtual World News IBM Expands Second Life Business Center in India Quote from the site - In August IBM created a 24-hour business center in Second Life with staffers drawn from Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia supporting clients in 12 languages. Since then, the sim has seen more than 17,000 visitors.

From: openPR Journey Rock Band Enters Virtual World of Second Life Quote from the site - On Feb 1st 2008 the rock band Journey will release their new Virtual Island in Second Life. A grand opening party is planned inside Second Life at the “Journey Rock Band” sim and will feature a meet and greet with band members as well as live DJ’s covering much of Journey’s history, and playing recorded studio and live performances as well as lots of other great music for fans to party to!

From: chicago tribune Second Life bank scam raises concerns about financial transactions in virtual world Quote from the site - Stephanie Roberts knew Second Life was just a computer game, but she couldn’t resist the virtual world’s promise of a real-world interest rate of more than 40 percent.

From: Turkish Weekly A Second Life in Gaza Quote from the site - People from tens of different world countries gathered on IslamOnline.net’s island inside the virtual world of Second Life for a peaceful rally protesting the situation in Gaza.

From: Pixeltheatre Second Life and Spirituality Quote from the site - While doing research for Cue the Penguin!, I stumbled upon this article in Kabbalah Today, Issue #11. Better than the Virtual World, written by Chaim Ratz, looks at the phenomenon that is Second Life, and asks….

From: The Anglican Church in Second Life Service to the Lord Quote from the site - I absolutely love leading services in Second Life, it can be a real buzz with a number of things going on at once.

From: Second Life Blog More Intermittent Website Problems Quote from the site - Those of us who post here occasionally find ourselves in the position of play-by-play announcers. We think it’s important to let you know that we’re aware of a problem as quickly as possible, instead if letting it sit until we can blog a tidy post mortem.

From: New World Notes From Molecule to Supercomputer to Second Life Quote from the site - Here’s mixed reality taken to an atomistic level: the whiz kids within IBM’s Second Life labs took the data describing a protein molecule generated on a supercomputer, then imported that into SL, where a scripted building engine dynamically recreated the molecule as a 3D model the size of an auditorium.

From: Out to Pasture Pyramid & the Hourglass Quote from the site - I’ve had a rough picture in my head about the current state of the market. It is highly unscientific and hardly groundbreaking.

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