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Primula Rasa: Artificial Life in a Virtual World

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Love it or hate it, spend hours upon hours there or hardly ever come inworld at all, you have to admit one thing, there are some really creative people out there and Timeless Prototype, one of the best, and his team keep getting better all the time. Take for example his latest creation, Primula Rasa, a growing, ever changing environment in Second Life. The most fascinating piece of Primula Rasa is the fish, but I’ll get to those in the next blog post, and this sim is enhanced for windlight.

Primula Rasa Main Entrance

Do you enjoy new realms? Do you like to curate or study organisms or find joy in the science and spirituality behind life? Set your imagination free at Primula Rasa- the Primitive Slate…a build in progress.

The really cool thing about this place is the trees, mushrooms, flowers, etc, are always growing, and restarting in different spots, as the seeds float around the island according to the weather.

The positioning and seeding is all in the hands of the weather and of the random flow of seeds that you see fluttering around the place. Source: Artificial Life - Timeless style

The random nature of it I’m sure will make for some interesting looking plants in the future, such as this tree/mushroom.


What have we here?

Primula Rasa altar

Some form of torture device, or a spot for sacrifices?

Primula Rasa sacrificing Stone

As I sit and think about this particular spot on this primitive but growing island, I can’t help but wonder what its purpose is. The build is still growing, but if I can get an interview with Timeless so I can ask him, I sure will.


Lastly, check out the growth of the plants as I sat on this spot, I took these pics about two minutes apart, but watch as they grow, pop out of existence and float away to another spot.

Primula Rasa Plant Growth

Primula Rasa Plant Growth 2

Primula Rasa Plant Growth 3

Primula Rasa Plant Growth 4

Primula Rasa Plant Growth 5

Primula Rasa Plant Growth 6

Primula Rasa Plant Growth 7

I’ll be watching this place, and can’t wait too see what they come up with.

Second Life URL.

The sim lists these avatars in it’s credits:
Timeless Prototype, Corwin Chevalier, Moxie Grumby, Jiminy Roo, nik385 Doesburg, Spiderkitten Mirabeau, Tateru Nino, Caladaen Zehetbauer, Morph Wollongong, Erika Thereian, David Jacobs, Vladimir Petrichor, Angus Mesmer, epredator Potato, Stone Culdesac, Fleep Tuque, Bleys Chevalier, Avalon Chevalier, Helenna Hutchinson, Marci Darcy, and Bub Linden. As this is a work in progress, this list will grow.

Primula Rasa Credits

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