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Second Life News for January 29, 2008

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From: Massively Web-server load balancing still causing problems for Linden Lab Quote from the site - Website load balancing continues to cause trouble for Second Life ancillary services. As Mark Twain once famously said, “Rumors of the resolution of the problems with my web-server load-balancing have been greatly exaggerated.”

From: clever zebra Virtual Business Innovators - Context Sensitive Ads In Second Life Quote from the site - Jacob Sullivan (known in Second Life as Navillus Batra), CEO of i3D, joined Virtual Business Innovators on Friday to launch his newest product, the Silver Stream Ad API.

From: The Economic Times IBM expands business centre for India in Second Life Quote from the site - IT major IBM has announced that it is expanding its business centre for India in Second Life, with live sales “avatars” based in India to offer an enriched customer experience.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Server Code Upgrade Tue Jan 29 Quote from the site - On Tuesday, January 29, (10:30 AM - 12:00 PM) we will be upgrading the code running on our central second life servers. This will mainly add stability fixes and set the stage for upcoming new features. It will also include fixes for the following issues…

From: eMediaWire iMagicLab to Open Virtual Customer Center in Second Life Quote from the site - WARNING: AUDIO AD at the bottom, click the pic to get it to stop. iMagicLab is pleased to announce that it will launch a new Automobile Dealer Relations Center (ADRC) for the expanding inhabitants of the virtual world “Second Life”. On the iMagicLab island “AutoLand”, Second Life avatars can visit a new multi-brand showroom, experience custom cars and chat with up to fifty nationwide car dealers at a time about pricing, availability and service issues.

From: Government Technology Universities Use Second Life to Teach Complex Concepts Quote from the site - It was a bright, cloudless day when I arrived at Joe Sanchez’s research lab. Palm trees rose above the empty field, and a Viking ship floated just off the coast. Sanchez is an assistant instructor and doctoral candidate at UT Austin, and we’d arranged to meet there, though at first there was no sign of him.

From: New World Notes Rezzable Runs the Hard Numbers: Activity Up 30%, But Spending Down Since 2006 Quote from the site - Creators of Greenies (above) and a number of other marvelous sites, the small UK start-up Rezzable is easily among the most popular real world companies working in SL, in terms of foot traffic earned and quality interactive content embraced by the community.

From: The Insatiable Zoe Connolly The Next Second Life Bloggers Party….. Quote from the site - The Next Second Life Bloggers Party…..

The hosts for February will be Ravishal Bentham and GoSpeed Racer in the Sailor’s Cove sim on Sunday February 24 from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM SLT.

From: Grid Expectations Announcing the new iheartsl.com feeds! Quote from the site - There’s a new development in the SL Blogging World that I’m extremely excited about and happy to announce! The World of SL feeds are a brilliant concept — it’s just that lately, for all we know Tao Takashi could have fallen off the face of the planet.

From: Second Life Blog Got Opinions on Voice? Quote from the site - You may have noticed we’ve been working on better analyzing and quantifying our Residents views on voice over the past few months. For example, Aleks Linden’s current survey on Voice, which is almost finished, is examining how Residents use Voice in Second Life.

From: What is this crap? Podcasting Roundup Quote from the site - Hey, the weekend’s done and I’m finally home from that lovely backstabbing arena by the bayou, so it’s time to round up some interesting podcasts in and about Second Life!

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