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The Fish at Primula Rasa

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Timeless Prototype has created some really interesting fish for Primula Rasa in Second Life, they learn and interact with their environment. This blue fish swam up to me, he bumped me, pushed me around a little, rolled over a bunch of times and was rubbing up against my legs like a cat at the end.

The Fish at Primula Rasa

The Fish at Primula Rasa 2

The Fish at Primula Rasa 3

The Fish at Primula Rasa 4

In the writeup on Primula Rasa on eightbar, a fish lifted him out of the water.

The things that initially attracted my attention were the fish that Timeless has created. Not only are they fantasticaly articulated and organic in their swimming motion but whilst we were talking the fish took an interest in us and congregated around the jetty we were on. Timeless says he has seen all sorts of unprogrammed but interesting behaviour as the fish take an interest in their surroundings and each other. He got me to hover in the water and a fish decided to lift me up and ‘rescue me’ clearly not scared of the predator AV :-) Source: Artificial Life - Timeless style

Unfortunately for those fish, you can go spear fishing. NOTE: No actual virtual fish were harmed in the following pictures. ;)

Spear Fishing

The fish interacted with the canoe, it actually felt like they were defending themselves, because they were pushing me away, bumping the boat and bumping the boat, three of them were doing it at the end.

Fish bumping the canoe

Fish Bumping the canoe 2

So, I had to spear em!

Got one

There’s also a ghost fish inside a cave, I climbed on and he started bumping into the wall, which also seemed like he was trying to knock me off, hehe.

Riding the Ghost Fish

Riding the Ghost Fish 2

I had to spear him too. These guys are just lucky I can’t take em home and cook em up!

Got the ghost fish

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  1. [...] Love it or hate it, spend hours upon hours there or hardly ever come inworld at all, you have to admit one thing, there are some really creative people out there and Timeless Prototype, one of the best, and his team keep getting better all the time. Take for example his latest creation, Primula Rasa, a growing, ever changing environment in Second Life. The most fascinating piece of Primula Rasa is the fish, but I’ll get to those in the next blog post. [...]

  2. [...] can find it covered here at the Grid Live (on the fish) and an overview here- even a beta photo using Wind Light. Ian also has a great write-up at Eightbar [...]

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