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Second Life News for January 30, 2008

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From: Phasing Grace Second Life … Rights Quote from the site - Reader warning: this blog post is more a stream of conscience post that I would prefer. Proceed with caution. I’ve had blog-block for the better part of three months now.

From: DAily Evergreen Traipsing around Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life could be the worst thing to ever happen to the internet. Yeah, worse than MySpace, worse than that w32.stupidface worm and certainly worse than any game out there.

From: thepost Second Life orientation provides basic information Quote from the site - With its brick walkways and detailed buildings, the Second Life Ohio University campus bears a striking resemblance to the actual university — until a group of students fly over College Green.

From: theknowledge Second Life: Benefits for students and employers Quote from the site - Using Second Life really can be an education. This week’s Computing (out 31st January) features a column by e-skills UK chief executive Karen Price that analyses how has experimented with virtual world environment Second Life - and the sector skills council suggests students have been the biggest beneficiary.

From: Second Life Herald State Lunatic Hospital of Second Life - Ryder Asylum Quote from the site - On a lonely windswept Massachusetts field where a number of Salem’s infamous witch trials were held stands what remains of Danvers State Hospital. Officially opening in 1878 as The State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers, the treatment facility for mentally inept and severely troubled members of humanity now faces the wrecking ball abandoned and alone since 1992.

From: India Infoline CRY opens its office in `Second Life` Quote from the site - CRY hopes to build a global virtual community of child rights advocates by encouraging people to play their part in correcting injustice to marginalised children.

From: Secondlife Newspaper What Second Life means to me Quote from the site - Ok, so this might sound a bit like the title for a high school essay, but if you are prepared to put that side for one minute it’s just that I have a story I want to tell.

From: Second Thoughts Avatar Rights are Human Rights Quote from the site - At the event sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation and Global kids yesterday on Annenberg Island in SL, we could find ourselves on the horns of a dilemma.

From: The Early Show Real-Life Fears Faced In Online World Quote from the site - Just six months ago, Patricia Quig couldn’t shop in a grocery store. Just being there gave her panic attacks.

From: Digital News Direct iMagicLab to Open Virtual Customer Center in Second Life Quote from the site - iMagicLab is pleased to announce that it will launch a new Automobile Dealer Relations Center (ADRC) for the expanding inhabitants of the virtual world “Second Life”. On the iMagicLab island “AutoLand”, Second Life avatars can visit a new multi-brand showroom, experience custom cars and chat with up to fifty nationwide car dealers at a time about pricing, availability and service issues.

From: Massively The Heron Sanctuary helps the disabled find a Second Life Quote from the site - An element inherent in virtual worlds that the mainstream press frequently misses (or deliberately ignores in favor of the more sensational aspects), is that your avatar can be everything you want to be, but for whatever reason, can’t be.

From: Financial Times Perspectives: Will we be able to tell reality from artificial imagery? Quote from the site - There is one cast-iron certainty in what is becoming a hazy technological future: the image – and the screen on which it is displayed – will increasingly become king.

From: Miguel de Icaza’s web log Second Life Opens Public Beta for Mono Scripting Quote from the site - Currently the focus of this beta is to focus on identifying any problems with the Mono integration, so the language use is currently still limited to LSL. Linden has plans to allow any .NET language that will run on Mono to be used to write scripts for SecondLife.

From: New World Notes See You at Metaverse U: Stanford, Feb. 16-17th Quote from the site - What does Howard Rheingold think of the virtual community he imagined as it currently exists? How does Raph Koster think Metaplace will thrive as a more user-friendly Second Life? Where do Cory Ondrejka’s passions lie, in the post-Linden era?

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