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Second Life News for January 31, 2008

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From: Vint Falken SL Bloggers, who do you feed? Second Life syndicated Quote from the site - Today, I want to talk about number 3, websites that are using your feed (and thus content) to feed it to others: web (feed) aggregator sites. Using your feed, those sites display parts of your blogposts or even the complete post.

From: contentSutra CRY And IBM India Get Active On Second Life; A Flying Fish Out Of Water Quote from the site - Some business/non-profit activity in Second Life: Child Right & You (CRY) has established is presence in Second Life, and IBM is expanding its virtual business center for India in the virtual world. CRY has opened an office (Map and location), alongwith its UK and US partners, looking to create a global virtual community of child rights advocates - including organizing brainstorming sessions.

From: Your2ndPlace Children’s Rights and You (CRY) Opens In Second Life Quote from the site - Based on this article on CRY, I started digging around a bit until I found the original press release, CRY (Child Rights and You) now has an office in ‘Second Life’…strengthening its global online community.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life SL Business Communicators Meeting: SkyTran Tour Feb 1 Quote from the site - Join us for a tour of SkyTran in Second Life, the simulation prototype of a futuritic, but real computer-controlled personalized transportation system that will move riders in two-person pods above the traffic-challenged freeways of California.

From: Oh, what a tangled web we weave… Abstract: Libraries in Second Life Quote from the site - Let’s put the academic blogging to a test. Below is an draft of an abstract that will be submitted to the Creating Knowledge 2008 conference in Turku, Finland. This abstract is co-authored with Dr. Isto Huvila. Any comments and/or suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

From: implicit art Simulate Editions at Ten Cubed Gallery, Second Life Quote from the site - Artists Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern have each been exploring performance and performativity in their archival prints. Kildall restages then remediates iconic performance artworks in Second Life, and Stern straps on a scanner appendage and battery pack, and performs images into existence; both processes produce art objects in the real world.

From: gaywired Lesbian Gaming: ‘The L Word’ in Second Life Quote from the site - For the debut of our new weekly “Lesbian Gaming” column, we take you inside the most Sapphic experience in online gaming, The L Word in Second Life. Next week, we’ll explore the online virtual world of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Lesbian pirates y’all!

From: No 7 on Second Life Weblog A good news story from Second Life Quote from the site - The BBC Wonderland documentary airs tonight, and so I think we can expect a trail of stories about virtual adultery to follow it. So rather than follow the herd, I thought I would highlight a story of Second Life doing some good.

From: mixx Short preview of the Journey Sim in Second Life Quote from the site - On February 1, multi-Platinum rockers Journey will release their new Virtual Island in Second Life. A grand opening party is planned inside Second Life at the “Journey Rock Band” sim and will feature a meet and greet with band members.

From: Techtree IBM Virtual Center Gets Indian Staff Quote from the site - After adding personnel from several Asian countries, IBM is now looking to staff its Virtual Business Center — with live sales “avatars” based out of India — to offer an enriched customer experience in Hindi/English.

From: Massively Coobico disses hard on Second Life Quote from the site - Coobico is a Flash-based MMO with social networking features that’s purported to be set for release sometime early this year. Following a link embedded in this Gamasutra interview with Lutz Winter, Coobico’s founder, I found the ‘Videos and Animations’ section of Coobico’s website.

From: that’sfit Real life fears, Second Life therapy Quote from the site - Have you ever heard of the game Second Life? It’s a virtual world experienced via the computer, much like popular video games.

From: University of Kentucky News UK Launches Virtual 3-D ‘Second Life’ Campus Quote from the site - The University of Kentucky has recently launched its own 3-D digital “island”, hosted by Second Life, an Internet-based online virtual world. Imagined and created by its users, also known as “residents,” UK’s Second Life island is a a simulation of different aspects of UK’s real-life campus that allows people to explore and develop a virtual campus life.

From: IT Business Edge Echoing Real Life, IBM Expands Second Life Presence in Asia Quote from the site - IBM’s presence in the virtual Second Life community is beginning to more closely resemble its business image in the real world.

From: globeandmail.com Do better business, virtually Quote from the site - You may not have time to play Second Life if you’re already busy with your first one, but technology experts suggest the two may eventually blur into the same thing.

From: SL I-Reports Top Asian Cosmetics Company Comes to Second Life Quote from the site - Top Asian cosmetics company AMOREPACIFIC is launching in Second Life on January 31st at 10pm PST. They will become the first Korean beauty company in Second Life, and are leading a significant new Korean wave into Second Life.

From: Massively Second Life: BBC documentary about virtual adultery Quote from the site - Well, it’s been said often enough before, but Second Life is all about sex. That, at least, would be the impression you would gain from the documentary that has just finished (2:30 SL Time) on BBC2.

From: KerryJ’s blog Best practice in Second Life for educators, not for profits Quote from the site - The ability to get hands on in problem solving. The lack of real world constraints in exploring concepts. Role playing. These are just a few of the best practices identified in the Virtual Worlds for Learning Roadmap.

From: Blob Second Life, the ABC and Virtual Social interactions Quote from the site - Just like Laurel, I was asked on the ABC Radio Tuesday night to talk about Second Life (SL).

From: Second Life Blog Rolling Restarts Wednesday Jan 30th 2:00 PM Quote from the site - Rolling restarts are commencing now, 3:59 PM.

From: SLNN Exporting content from SL to other grids possible Quote from the site - Recently, a video on YouTube, “Hitler Explains Second Life”, earned some notice in the community thanks to its lampooning of Philip Linden and recent Second Life events.

From: New World Notes New World Newsfeed: Famous Japanese Balloonist Trains for World Record… with a Cubey Terra Wind Rider Quote from the site - This news is several levels of cool: Michio Kanda is a seasoned balloonist who holds the world record for longest duration balloon flight (50 hours and 38 minutes.) He’s now preparing to make a daring (deranged?) flight from Japan to North America; if successful, it’ll establish yet another world record.

From: Ambling in Second Life Archidemo and NikkeiBP Quote from the site - I’ve been gazing, clueless, at my screen for some time now, wondering what to say about this. As I start to write, I still have no real idea how this will end up, but here goes…

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