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Second Life News for January 25, 2008

January 25th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Washington Post Don’t Let Texting Get U :-( Quote from the site - Regular readers of this column will know that I am suspicious of cyberspace innovations — from Facebook to MySpace to Second Life– that substitute the accumulation of “friends” for actual friendship and exhibitionism for genuine intimacy.

From: icWales We must get to grips with the world of our ‘digital native’ students Quote from the site - TUMBLERS, twitters, blogs,, stumbleUpon. This is only a small sample from a new vocabulary of technological terms that the students of today take for granted.

From: PR USA TBD Consulting Helps Make ASTD History Through Second Life Events Quote from the site - This month, TBD Consulting helped launch the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Valley of the Sun (VOS) chapter into a new trend in workplace learning: Second Life. This virtual world offers much more than 3D animation and interaction; it offers new ways to network, train and learn in the workplace.

From: Silicon Valley Insider Sorrell To Second Life: WPP To Meet Street Q4 Expectations Quote from the site - Thousands of investing avatars can breathe a little easier. After a host of worrisome comments from corporate chieftains at the World Economic Forum in Davos, WPP chief Sir Martin Sorrell said the ad giant would deliver Q4 results “in line with our expectations and outside expectations,” in an interview at the World Economic Forum broadcast in Second Life.

From: Sunny Talks Tech NetBeans Event in Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life, the virtual world where people live another life in front of their computers, is going to be the location for the next NetBeans meet on Jan 31, 2008 at 10 am. If you haven’t heard of Second Life, then may be you first need to read this and then if you are tired of your real life, get the client and log in to your Second Life.

From: uni global union UNI Second Life protest against IBM short-listed for prestigious award Quote from the site - The event was the first ever of its kind to take place in a virtual world. It involved almost 2′000 participants, who occupied IBM’s islands in Second Life for 12 hours in a row. The virtual protest lead to a Real Life success: the Italian IBM CEO resigned shortly after it took place and the negotiations reopened with the RSU union. 9′000 IBM workers were finally granted a fair agreement.

From: T&D Blog Is Second Life Learning’s Second Chance? Quote from the site - How many of you out there are a little skeptical about the virtual world of Second Life? Well, you are not alone.

From: The Jewish Chronicle Israel’s second life Quote from the site - You can now visit the Holy Land without leaving home. Rachel Fletcher logs on to an online virtual world.

From: Paddock Talk The Lancia Village On Second Life Social Networking Site Quote from the site - Lancia is once again making use of all the web’s interactive potential to communicate its values. The appointment is for Friday 25 January 2008 at the Lancia Village, the Lancia island on Second Life. An island with the unmistakable shape of Italy for a brand that not only contributes to the circulation of Italian-made goods in the real world, but now, with elegance and determination, occupies a place in the virtual world as well.

From: Wired Wired: Virtual World Griefing Reaches New Heights Quote from the site - This month’s issue of Wired contains an impressively in-depth article on the griefing exploits of the Something Awful Goonsquad.

From: Daily Commercial News College building in Hamilton gets Second Life in online world Quote from the site - Wayne MacPhail is president of w8nc, a specialized construction company based in Hamilton, Ont. When Mohawk College assigned him the task of duplicating its iWing building on the newly-formed Mohawk Island, he asked for permission to improve the design — so that visitors would find it easier to fly inside.

From: Second Life Herald FIC Tables Turned - Ex-Critic Crows About LL Land Seizure Quote from the site - An empty plot in Furness sim may be a warning to anyone expecting rule of law and property rights in the metaverse. According to a report published by Shaun Altman, the virtual land was seized by Linden Lab earlier this week. But why would the normally disengaged Lab suddenly take action? Several sources report that Prokofy Neva, a role-playing advocate of rule-of-law and property rights has stepped out of character and is claiming credit for Linden Lab’s land seizure.

From: nmc NMC Unveils the All New Kirsti Aho Museum Quote from the site - Last Sunday was a private launch for the re-opening of the Kirsti Aho Art Museum on NMC Campus. The Aho Museum aspires to showcase the finest examples of art that can be found in Second Life.

From: Hospitality Net Solare Hotels and Resorts Implements Japanese Hotel Industry’s First Ever Campaign Utilizing “Second Life” Quote from the site - Presently, there is said to be 11.8 million Second Life users throughout the world, including 800,000 in Japan. Further, it is a new medium that has the long-term potential to disseminate Second Life images to non-users through various video clip-posting sites.

From: Bits At Sundance, a Second Life Sweatshop Is Art Quote from the site - One of the more exotic premieres at this year’s Sundance Film Festival is “Invisible Threads.” It’s not a movie, but a virtual sweat shop that exists only on Second Life, the online virtual world, yet produces real-life, custom-ordered, personalized blue jeans.

From: Information Week Linden Lab Working To Beef Up Second Life Stability, Usability Quote from the site - Linden Lab plans sweeping improvements to the Second Life platform this quarter, designed to improve stability and usability, and to make it easier to connect Second Life with the rest of the Internet.

From: PR Inside BestWeek: Insurers Wonder if ‘Second Life’ is Half as Good as the Real Thing Quote from the site - Persuabius Haggwood has come to Generali Island–a sprawling complex owned and operated by the 176-year-old Italian insurance giant–not for financial protection, but to blow off a little steam. But none of it–not the island, not the buildings or cars, not even Haggwood himself–is real.

From: InterGovWorld Second Life has potential for public sector, says analyst Quote from the site - Governments have been taking tentative steps towards establishing a presence in the virtual world. And while the business case may yet to be proven, there is potential for the public sector to utilize virtual applications such as Second Life, says analyst Alison Brooks.

From: Blabbermouth JOURNEY Scheduled To Open Virtual World In ‘Second Life’ Quote from the site - On February 1, multi-platinum rockers JOURNEY will release their new Virtual Island in Second Life. A grand opening party is planned inside Second Life at the “Journey Rock Band” sim and will feature a meet-and-greet with band members.

From: Tech Digest Lancia to launch its Delta car in Second Life before real world Quote from the site - The hype around virtual world Second Life has died down a bit in recent months, and some companies have shut down their branded zones within it after visitor numbers didn’t match up to the press column inches when they launched. However, by contrast other brands are coming into Second Life.

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Second Life FAQ’s

January 24th, 2008 | Category: FAQ, Second Life Tips

Here is the list of FAQ’s that are available from the Second Life Knowledge Base, if you know of any more or have created one yourself, let me know and I will post it here. There are quite a few Land FAQ’s, see my opinion on owning land here. Note: You will have to login to see them.

Category: Estates and Private Regions Estate and Private Region FAQ
This article answers some general frequently asked questions about Estates and Private Regions. Perhaps you have an idea for a huge project that you want to realize and you need a lot of open space to build. Maybe you and a group of friends and colleagues are looking…

Category: Land and the Linden Dollar (L$) Economy Land Management FAQ
I just need a land question answered, where can I find information? This Knowledge Base has many searchable topics. Friends and other Residents are often ready to share a wealth of knowledge and advice. How do I address a concern with Linden-owned land?…

Category: Trademark Guidelines Trademark FAQ
The following are some frequently asked questions about Linden Lab trademarks and their usage, including answers. 1. What’s the purpose of these FAQs? This document sets out to answer the common questions which arise about the use of the Linden Trademarks and Logos. Wh…

Category: Policies Wagering Games FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Second Life’s Wagering Games Policy : Does this policy mean that all simulated gambling in Second Life© is illegal? Have I broken the law by gambling in Second Life? Our policy is not designed to provide you with legal advice regarding…

Category: Land and the Linden Dollar (L$) Economy Land Auction FAQ
Frequently asked questions (and their answers) about buying land at auction are answered by the Second Life Land Auction FAQ .

Category: Land and the Linden Dollar (L$) Economy Land FAQ
1. Why would I want to own land? Residents use their land to build homes and businesses, hold events, create attractions like zoos and carnival rides, build multi-leveled games — basically anything they can imagine. Also, if you own land and other residents hang out there, you can earn…

Category: I’m having account problems Email Scam (Phishing) FAQ
What is “phishing”? Many Internet fraudsters have adopted the practice of “phishing”: Farming the internet for unsuspecting people who can be tricked into giving away personal information, such as passwords, credit card information, etc. The most popular methods involve…

Category: Textures and Snapshots Design and Textures FAQ
I bought some clothes and put them on and now I have a box on my head. What can I do? Method 1: Right-click the box on your head, select edit from the pie menu, then select the contents tab in the editor dialog. You should see the clothing listed in the contents….

Category: Estates and Private Regions Estate and Private Region Billing
This article answers some frequently asked questions about purchasing Estates and Private Regions. How much does an Estate cost? An initial US$1,675 setup charge to create the Estate. When the Estate is ordered you will be billed that initial…

Category: Land and the Linden Dollar (L$) Economy How do I buy land?
After you have found the land you want, it’s time to buy it. Buying land in Second Life is easy: Right-click the parcel you want to purchase. Choose About Land . Click the Buy Land button. Of course, it’s best to know what you’re getting into, …

Category: Linden Dollars (L$) How do I get Linden Dollars?
In general, there are two ways to get Linden Dollars: Make Something Residents can trade both goods and services. With a little work and ingenuity, you can be Second Life’s next big fashion designer, jet pack inventor, or real estate developer. For example, y…

Category: Permissions Next-owner permissions FAQ
Permissions are a fundamental part of the Second Life experience. As you may have seen, understanding how they work is key to the content creation and distribution process. Learn more about setting permissions , and you can read the ” Permissions explained “…
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Can I Get Some More Prims, Please?

January 24th, 2008 | Category: How To, Land Issues, Prims

Anybody who owns land, rents land, etc, knows you always need more prims, you almost never have enough for what you really want, so you usually end up doing without, or with less attractive items than what you REALLY wanted. The latest knowledge base article covers just this situation.

Knowledge Base Article of the Week time means I get to make a Mel Brooks reference for no reason! Or almost no reason. This week’s article should provide some much-needed context: How can I get more prims on my land? (click on the link to view the article directly, after providing your Second Life login or guest credentials) Astute readers will be able to guess at the article’s subject matter, but what you may not know is that it also discusses the Object Bonus setting for Private Regions. Now you do! Source: Knowledge Base Article of the Week #13: Spaceprims II — The Search For More Prims

The kb article covers owning more than one parcel in a region and combining them in one parcel, etc, the other method is by using the object bonus.

If you are the owner or Estate Manager of a Private Region, you can set a global Object Bonus for all parcels in the Region. You may want to do this if you plan on building heavily in small parcels while leaving large areas of your Region empty. Source: How can I get more prims on my land?

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Second Life News for January 24, 2008

January 24th, 2008 | Category: Finance, Second Life News

Note: I think this is the largest Second Life News post we’ve ever had, so, be sure to click the read more link at the bottom to see the whole post.

From: Intellectual Property Second Life Raises Novel IP Issues Quote from the site - Among them is whether use of a trademark exclusively in a virtual world can be ‘use in commerce.’ The adult entertainment industry is responsible for bringing many of the seminal cases that have shaped intellectual property law on the Internet, from Playboy Enterprises Inc. giving rise to the “initial interest confusion” test for trademark infringement, to Perfect 10 shaping the contours of search engine liability. And now a company named Eros LLC is seeking to join their ranks.

From: Daily Trojan ITP takes appropriate step going virtual Quote from the site - The scavenger hunt’s rules are undeniably simple: Solve three clues over three weeks and be entered into a lottery that pays out an iPod nano, an iPod shuffle and a $30 iTunes gift certificate. So what’s the catch? Participants will hunt for the clues in a virtual world.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life A Marketer’s Blindness: Avatars Don’t Lie Quote from the site - Having myself been quoted out of context and wishing I could die over it, I’m working very hard to give Mark Hughes (author of Buzz Marketing?) the benefit of the doubt.

From: No 7 on Second Life Weblog The Place of Alts in Second Life Quote from the site - There is a really fascinating, and challenging, piece on Dusan Writer’s Metaverse blog today about the rights and wrongs, good and bad things, about having an alternative avatar in Second Life and other virtual worlds.

From: Israel21c Second Life takes you on a virtual trip to the Holy Land [VIDEO] Quote from the site - Would you like to swim in the coral reef of Eilat or float in the Dead Sea? How about drinking coffee on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with the waves tickling your toes? Or perhaps a religious pilgrimage to the Old City of Jerusalem is more your thing?

From: Fairfax Digital Tennis bounces back to Second Life Quote from the site - Last year it was by invitation only, but this year IBM is inviting the public to inspect its virtual replica of Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena.

From: the Inquirer Bankers ruin things in Second Life Quote from the site - VIRTUAL BANKERS are throwing themselves off skyscrapers as a shutdown of the make-believe banking system is causing real-life havoc for thousands of people, reports the Wall Street Journal.

From: The Independent Cyberclinic: Virtual Populations Quote from the site - The number of people actively exploring an alternate existence in a virtual world just keeps on growing. With last year’s release of The Burning Crusade – an expansion pack for the online role playing game World Of Warcraft – the number of current users of the game has just topped 10 million; in terms of population, that puts World Of Warcraft somewhere between Serbia and Hungary.

From: Tech Daily Dose Duran Duran Inspired By Second Life? Quote from the site - On the way to work on Wednesday, I heard a radio interview with the British boppers who recently put out a new album called “Red Carpet Massacre.” In the XM Satellite Radio spot, they explain that the inspiration for their song “Zoom In” is the popular virtual world Second Life.

From: WhooshUp Second Life Meeting FAQ List Quote from the site - With the official kickoff of Second Life discussion group meetings coming up this Saturday January 26 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, let’s maintain a checklist of instructions, hints, warnings and frequently asked questions - FAQs.

From: The Changing Face of Media Second Life – Where’s George Bailey and The Bailey Building & Loan When You Need It? Quote from the site - If you didn’t catch The Wall Street Journal today… Robin Sidel did an excellent article on the current monetary/economic tragedy occurring in Second Life.

From: Glass House When A Second Life Is Harder Than The First Quote from the site - I’ve been a skeptic of second life all along, not because I think the premise is wrong, but because the hype was out of control compared to the experience (Hello, media? World of Warcraft? More users? More community engagement?). One of the best lines though was someone who said: “Second Life? I don’t even have time for a first life.”

From: The Risk Factor Second Life Becomes Second Swipe Quote from the site - Linden Lab’s virtual world Second Life has had to crack down on virtual banking, giving them until yesterday to shut down their operations, according to the LA Times.

From: Government Executive NASA’s Second Life Quote from the site - NASA wants to do more than just seek new worlds, it wants to create one. The day after Valentine’s Day, the space agency hopes to receive a pile of five-page proposals detailing how it should go about creating a synthetic online world and a multiplayer game within it.

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Urban Underground Unloosed

January 24th, 2008 | Category: Aribella Lafleur, Places to Visit, Shopping

Urban Underground Unloosed by Aribella Lafleur

With all my haute couture lost to the desert winds and my fashionably-challenged Sherpa crew looking like dishevelled vagrants, it was high time for a shopping expedition. To my shame, I was forced to don an outfit that had been (gasp!) worn once before. My enthusiastic attendants displayed their excitement for intensive retail therapy with loud groans, accompanied by the occasional moan and sullen expression.

Amid much dragging of heels we headed to a questionable store proposed by one of my team and warily descended to its suspicious underground location. Upon entering the warehouse nothing seemed amiss. However, while browsing through the clothing I suddenly felt the prickling sensation of being observed by an unseen eye, or several. I looked around for hidden surveillance cameras or IRS agents, but could not spy the cause of my unease…

Big Bro is Watching

Shrugging off my apprehension, I rejoined my band of bored bargain hunters.

With our usual luck, we found ourselves strolling directly into a thrashing throng of outstretched limbs connected to the drooling, fang-filled oral cavities of a beast which had obviously never heard of dental hygiene. Whilst writhing in the grip of the malformed organism (frightfully close to its rank, decaying incisors), I noticed the slivers of bone and flesh caught between its teeth. Immediately, I unlaced my boot and began using the cord to floss the detritus from the monster’s closest maw. Giving a sigh of obvious relief, it dropped my crew and leaned towards my ministrations. Choking back bile, I continued, cleaning a total of five rancid orifices of their accumulated debris.

Oops we got et

After a stern lecture on oral care (to which the creature paid surprisingly rapt attention), we attempted to leave before the animal was reminded of his ravenous appetite. Our escape was foiled when he instead wished to share this new-found knowledge with his fellow mutants. As soon as he called out to the horde, we were rapidly surrounded by great numbers of eager misshapen entities.

The desire for shopping had been roundly quashed by the thoroughly unsettling experience with the monsters. We nervously feigned jovial faces as they took commemorative photos, then we made hasty excuses and fled without making any purchases, followed by echoes of pitiful pleadings for our return.

Me n ma homie

Copy and images (c) 2008, Aribella Lafleur. All Rights Reserved.
Produced with the editorial assistance of Must Packbiers.

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Second Life News for January 23, 2008

January 23rd, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog Class upgrades and class switching available February Quote from the site - We’re pleased to announce that from the 1st February we will be offering the following private island services via the concierge support team.

From: Living in the Metaverse Social Media Mega Project: Second Life Quote from the site - OK, I have to explain that title fast: It is a big group writing project. It covers 19 social media networks (you know, all the web 2.0 stuff) and second life. The main idea is to share knowledge and experiences about various social media and networks.

From: Reuters Reuters live from Davos in Second Life Quote from the site - As last year Reuters is bringing Davos to Second Life again this year in form of interviews. I liked them very much last year and I look forward to this year. In fact it will start tomorrow. The good thing about these interviews is that you can ask questions in Second Life which will get passed to them. And that’s the reason why I like it, live participation!

From: icWales Getting to know you Quote from the site - YEARS ago dating went something like this: boy meets girl, boy asks girl out, boy and girl get to know and like each other, boy and girl get married and live happily ever after.

But in the 21st Century dating, like pretty much everything else, has got a lot more complicated, not to mention technological.

From: LA Times Virtual bank’s Second Life scheme raises real concerns Quote from the site - Stephanie Roberts knew Second Life was just a computer game, but she couldn’t resist the virtual world’s promise of a real-world interest rate of more than 40%.

From: Nexeus Fatale DJing Tip & Trick: While DJing in Second Life, turn down or off EAX Quote from the site - Usually I DJ with two computer systems in Second Life, one system to run Second Life another to run my streaming software and play music. The system I used to DJ with was old, and I had to do the equivalent of euthanasia, sell it on craigslist. I’ve moved my operation to one system that would run both Second Life and Winamp at the same time, but an odd problem developed.

From: games Griefers demystified Quote from the site - They are the bane of online communities, the destroyer of online games. Griefers are pests to the highest degree, but, as Wired argues, an essential and important part of the gaming experience.

From: Really Engaging Accounting Accounting students in Second Life Quote from the site - A quick update on student usage of Second Life for my Financial Accounting course at University of Central Florida. If you recall I was a bit disappointed in the usage of Second Life during the Fall 2007 semester. I attributed this mainly to the horrendous orientation experience they had (for the most part) which led to the erroneous belief that SL was just too difficult.

From: Christian Science Monitor Can Web-based worlds teach us about the real one? Quote from the site - Researchers are eager to study millions of online gamers that live in ‘virtual’ communities such Second Life, hoping to gain insight into our ‘real world’ behaviors.

From: afp Second Life cracks down on virtual world banking Quote from the site - Second Life on Tuesday began cracking down on banking in the popular online virtual world to protect residents from unstable financial institutions and outright scams.

From: The Motley Fool Ad-dicted to EA Quote from the site - I don’t write ads for Electronic Arts, but there’s something about the news that EA wants to sell ad-supported games that brings me back to my marketing and PR days:

Ads. They’re in the game.

From: vsNews Invisible Threads: Sweatshop Jean Factory in Second Life Quote from the site - Invisible Threads is a collaboration between Eyebeam fellow Jeff Crouse and Stephanie Rothenberg. As Second Life becomes more “populated” the price of virtual land has increased exponentially and become the game’s idealized virtual commodity, further replicating real world economies.

From: Marketplace Second Life’s economy slows down, too Quote from the site - Second Life was supposed to be the next, great Internet space. But the virtual universe has been shrinking. It’s even suffered some big, virtual bank defaults. Janet Babin reports.

From: Dusan Writer’s Metaverse The Place of Alts in Virtual Worlds and Second Life: Possession or Expression Quote from the site - Is having an ‘alt’ in Second Life a moral failing? Where does “Your World, Your Imagination” begin, and “Our World, Our Imaginations” take over? In an environment with purposeful fluidity of identity construction, open-ended opportunities for exploration and immersion, and as many prims as your land can handle - does assuming a secondary identity constitute a moral failing, or is it maximizing the promise of the platform?

From: Networked Performance Georgia Tech Grad Adds Augmented Reality Feature to Second Life’s Open Source Client Quote from the site - How about a first-person shooter that you can play in the real world, or a filmmaker’s tool for displaying space ships and flying dragons out of thin air on a small budget?

From: Blob Linux Conference Australia and Second Life Quote from the site - I got an email about the Linux Conference being held in Melbourne later this month. There will be events also happening simultaneously in Second Life. The irc channel for the conference will be relayed in Second Life for participants to be able to take part via irc in world. See links with SLURL below.

From: INFO Project Blog Teaching Chemistry on Second Life Quote from the site - Open Notebook Science talk at 2008 NC Science Blogging Conference: An overview of the role of blogging in the dissemination of primary research data in the UsefulChem project, an open-source project in chemistry led by Drexel University’s Jean-Claude Bradley.

From: eightbar “The point of innovation is to make actual money…” Quote from the site - If you live in the US, you may have seen an IBM advert recently which has been raising a few eyebrows. People are saying things like “the company implies that virtual worlds are a fad and, as a result, a waste of both time and money” and even “The ad is an obvious dig at Second Life“.

From: Second Thoughts Protests Against Ad Farms Gathering Steam — and Steampunks Quote from the site - Various protests against the ugly and devaluing ad farms in Second Life are heating up.

Steampunk Genius Ordinal Malaprop revived her Flickr group against grief-builds, and spotlighted the nasty Cytherea Eagle — who I tangled with in the past as you can read about here.

From: New World Notes Intellectual Property and Public Virtual Spaces Quote from the site - If you’re a photojournalist reporting on the news in New York’s Time Square, you don’t need to get the permission of every business owner whose logo and trademarks will surely show up in the published photo. That’s because there’s already an established legal precedent of fair use.

From: Ordinal Malaprop Further Offensive Advertising Behaviour Quote from the site - I did not really wish to make a fuss, or give the person concerned any more publicity than she deserves, but I think that it is reasonable to mention in the context of my previous entry regarding the Griefbuild Digest Flickr group that I have now been the victim of what is known as a “DMCA Takedown Notice” regarding some pictures of advertising builds by a Ms Cytherea Eagle.

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Second Life News for January 22, 2008

January 22nd, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Business Communicators of Second Life Revisiting the Media’s Second Life Hype Cycle Quote from the site - Now that 2007 has passed, we may be stepping into the “slope of enlightenment” on the Gartner Hype Cycle as far as Second Life – indeed virtual worlds – is concerned.

From: SearchEngineWatch StumbleUpon Death Threats in eBay Social Network Quote from the site - Search marketers can enrage diehard members of social communities who want to keep marketers at bay. The result? Death threats, cyberterrorism, obscene language, cyberharassment, and calls for suicide.

From: New World Notes International Unions Organize in Second Life Quote from the site - Last September, a thousand-plus international union members converged on IBM’s Second Life campus, protesting a wage cut affecting Big Blue’s Italian employees, garnering widespread media coverage.

From: PRWeb Will Someone Please Pass Me the Crystal Ball? Marketing Predictions of the Coming Year Quote from the site - In 2007, retailers began to face the tough decisions about their media mix in an environment where consumers were using technology and legislation to skip the holiday commercials. Without doubt, the retailers that fell behind in this trend would have suffered poor sales performance in 2007, and will continue to do so in 2008.”

From: Tech Shout NASA developing Online Learning MMO Game Quote from the site - NASA is reportedly in the midst of creating a virtual world aimed at students- one which simulates real NASA engineering and science missions. NASA Learning Technologies’ Project has announced that it is developing an educational MMO game that will offer insight into the fields of science, technology, engineering and even mathematics.

From: Newswire Today Ridha Plays Live Before a Worldwide Audience Quote from the site - The Tunisian born guitar and keyboardist treated listeners to his unique brand of cover tunes that enhance and invigorate many selections already familiar the world over. Ridha along with Italian Swina Allen form the musical duo Jammin Mood and together they serenaded an international audience of ardent followers and new fans alike.

From: Duncans Thoughts Second Life Hoax Quote from the site - Yesterday I received this note in second life: If someone by the name of Mark Genesis Gallardo (rugbylegend) wants to add you to their list, don’t accept it. It’s a virus. Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them you will get it, too.

From: No 7 on Second Life Weblog Bringing the real world to (virtual) life, and vice versa Quote from the site - Two bits of news caught my eye today, which act as good pointers to the possibilities from real and virtual worlds.

From: Second Life and Education [Feedback] So You Want to Teach in Second Life: Five Tips to Get Started Quote from the site - Educators in Second Life are one of the fastest growing communities on the grid. With over four thousand people on the SLED mailing list alone, Educators (especially in higher ed) are getting excited over the possibilities for learning innovation that worlds like Second Life offer. But how do you get started?

From: WhooshUp Discussion: The Seamy Side of Second Life Quote from the site - One member of the circle emailed me some of the problems he is facing getting around in Second Life, and one of those problems hit a sensitive nerve, and I wanted to share these thoughts with everyone, and invite further discussion.

From: A View From Another Life Second Life on a MacBook Pro Quote from the site - A few months ago I decided it was finally time to ditch Microsoft, and I purchased a MacBook Pro. It’s excellent, and I can’t say that I’ve regretted it in any way. Except… There is one application which has caused me some problems, and that is Second Life. What a surprise.

From: Tech News World Kaneva Mixes Social Networks, Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Once you have the software, entering the world is either done by double-clicking the Kaneva icon, or by clicking a button on someone’s Kaneva web page, which teleports you into their front room. Bizarrely, this encourages you to visit people’s homes uninvited and the owner can see you there.

From: openPR Second Life: euroSLEX is main sponsor of the European Hockey League - 100.000 L$ prize money Quote from the site - On the 1st of February 2008, Second Life’s “European Hockey League” (EHL) will start its first season with a big event. 6 multi-national teams will compete for the “euroSLEX Cup”, which is worth 100.000 L$ of prize money.

From: The Greg Brady Project Hello Second Life Quote from the site - ‘Greg or Barry?’ That’s me or both of us getting ready for a conversation in Second Life. If you can, join me today at 4:00 EST.

From: Frontier’s Horizon The Paradox Experiment, Issue Three Quote from the site - (This continues an ongoing series of articles about an experiment in MMO role-playing and collaborative storytelling.)

Their names were Terry Killganon and Zgon. Terry looked like a cowboy with a dragonfly on his shirt and Zgon appeared to be a spaceman… or an alien.

From: Ambling in Second Life Belgian Recruitment Quote from the site - Tonight, in a stroke of complete coincidence, I am back again among the industrious folk of Benelux. This time, though, it is Belgium that has caught my eye. I daresay tonight’s sim has been around for a while - but it is in a part of the grid that I’ve not frequented in quite some time.

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Second Life Statue of Liberties

January 22nd, 2008 | Category: Places to Visit

Was browsing through the new sim list and noticed one called the Statue of Liberty, so I thought I would pop in, take a few pics and head on out. But, after a quick search there was already a Statue of Liberty in Second Life, this one created in 2005.

The newest one certainly looks more realistic and like the real life one, while the other has more of a Second Life Art look to it? Which one do you like best?

Here is the one from 2005 by Liberty Tesla.

The Statue of Liberty at Carnforth

The Statue of Liberty at Carnforth 2

‘The Statue of Liberty at Carnforth 3

‘The Statue of Liberty at Carnforth Upshot

Here is the latest one created by Talin Sands.
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Second Life News for January 21, 2008

January 21st, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: The Wichita Eagle Is your husband’s avatar faithful? Quote from the site - Online infidelity was once limited to chat rooms and dating sites. But there is rising concern that virtual worlds such as Second Life and Kaneva and role-playing games like “EverQuest” can escalate the potential for and extent of infidelity.

From: New World Notes Speaking in Light: Parsec Technology Merges Voice to Second Life Interactivity Quote from the site - VOIP communication has been integrated into Second Life for nearly a year, but only a minority of the community has embraced it. For most, hearing real voices in the world feels like an artificial, external intrusion. Parsec– both an open source project and a kind of immersive musical instrument– may change Second Life forever.

From: Dedric Mauriac Havok 4 Reaches the Main Grid Quote from the site - Back in April, the Lindens (Joe Miller specifically) announced that they were upgrading Havok from version 1 all the way to version 4. Havok is the physics engine that lets objects move and collide. It allows you to stand on the second floor of a large mall without falling through the floor.

From: Out to Pasture More on Retail & Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Reuters covered the National Retail Federation conference today, leading with “Virtual worlds, mobile coupons and bar-code readers on cell phones are the next technology wave that U.S. chain stores must ride if they hope to stay competitive in the fast-changing world of global retail.”

From: DAily Breeze My virtual adventures as the cyborg Jubilation P. Lockjaw Quote from the site - We ran a feature last week that used as its prime example a 35-year-old businessman and husband-to-be who leads an alternate existence in an online computer game called Second Life, where he is known as the cyborg Lugh Dragonash.

From: Business sLife Even More on Virtual Worlds and Second Life Business Benefits Quote from the site - Second life and virtual worlds in general offer a lot of potential business benefits so Pete Dunkley and I have been idling through our Sunday pulling a few out. Here’s one that captures the business benefits of Second Life for real estate, particularly high value real estate.

From: Massively James Bond stuntman releases martial arts animations in Second Life Quote from the site - The headline is true, Marcus Shakesheff, a stuntman on Die Another Day among other films, has had a range of his martial arts moves recorded by motion capture, converted into animations in Second Life and they will be available to buy and, it appears, as part of a game within Second Life.

From: Interaction Culture Wearable Computing: Automation and Fashion in Second Life Quote from the site - Holy transcoding, Lev! One of the interesting recent developments in Second Life fashion is the increasing extent to which programming and automation are a part of virtual dress-up. An interesting example of this is a line of clothing from one of Second Life’s greatest and oldest design houses: PixelDolls.

From: Platform Second Life The first public performance of Parsec Quote from the site - One of the things I love most about my job of teaching people how to do new things and seeing what they do with that knowledge. That’s what this book is about: giving people the skills to create the applications that will make Second Life and other virtual worlds the indispensable tools I know they will one day be.

From: Educause Connect Podcast: Do I Need a Second Life? (ELI ‘08 Poster) Quote from the site - Attached is a very brief overview of a project to be presented in a poster session at the ELI 2008 Annual Meeting. If you would like more information after listening, please see the poster session page, visit the home page of Notre Dame’s faculty learning community on virtual worlds. or go to the island of Sophia in Second Lfe.

From: Times Online Some of my best friends are cyberpenguins Quote from the site - One of the most valuable, yet bewildering, facets of parenthood is that it often makes you feel as if you have pressed an existential “fast forward” button. Everything seems to happen so quickly. Personally, I feel as if I am still learning to breathe my way through that first contraction, but no.

From: AccountingWeb One day all taxation will be like this Quote from the site - A few years ago I wrote a chapter on taxation for a book on e-commerce. At much the same time tax authorities the world over were setting up committees to advise them on its implications. But it turned out that questions about eBay and distance selling could be answered under the existing rules, and those committees faded away. So did the e-commerce book.

From: ABC News International cyber crime experts meet Quote from the site - The forensics conference will bring together more than 60 cyber crime experts from around the world.

From: Virtually Blind Ginko Financial Selling Server on eBay Quote from the site - According to the official site, Second Life’s Ginko Financial is selling a rackmount Xeon 5160 server on eBay. The opening bid is $3200. The auction is listed by a user with the name “Hinoserm,” which matches up to the former Ginko employee who blogs here.

From: Second Life Blog Phone Support Issue Quote from the site - Second Life Phone Support is currently experiencing an issue that may result in inability to connect or dropped calls on the Concierge line. We are working on resolving this as soon as possible.

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Second Life News for January 20, 2008

January 20th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: The Columbus Dispatch Ohio U. to entertain virtual visitors Quote from the site - High-school students from across the globe will fly or drive flashy sports cars to Ohio University today for a strategy session on taking the SAT college-admissions exam.

From: Developerworks The problem of making money ON Second Life Quote from the site - It most of my discussions of seeking return on investment I’ve said little about making money on Second Life. One of the unique things about Second Life is that the in-world currency is convertible to and from real-world currency. This opens up the possibility of creating situations inside of the environment where you accept in-world currency for services and thus make real-world money. Sounds like a great idea. (Although the tax implications might make your accountant’s eyes cross.) It has one fatal flaw.

From: Your2ndPlace Parystec: Second Life on Your Mobile Phone Quote from the site - Being a bit bored last night, I decided to do some event hopping and came across an event that was about Second Life on a mobile phone. Interesting. I expected a crowd, but when I got there I had the run of the place - as I did most places that I went to last night.

From: Second Life Art News 4 must sees! Quote from the site - I’ve been out of town, and AFK for almost a month, and I come back to find all sorts of amazing things waiting for me! These are four (count them *four*) MUST see places!

From: WhooshUp Report: Second Life Trial Discussion Quote from the site - We conducted a proof of concept discussion group meeting on Second Life tonight. A few others managed to get all the technology worked out and we met with Bert Dreyfus and had a chat. I encourage the others to give their comments on the meeting, and general impressions, under this post.

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Starax Stratosky Collections

January 19th, 2008 | Category: Art, Starax Stratosky

This will be the first post in what I am sure will be a large number of Second Life art collections, reviews, etc. The first one is going to be about one of the most famous Second Life artists, Starax Stratosky and some wonderful things he has created, statues, fish, animals and more. If you have any of his art and would like me to showcase it contact me at eubeenhadd at I would love some shots and some stories about the wand as well. ;) I took a lot of pics and will be uploading them to flickr later.

There are a few collections of Starax art that I have found so far, the first is the Open Air Starax Collection.

Open Air Starax Collection

This one is called Drowned.

Drowned by Starax

This is Samson and is available free inworld.

Samson by Starax

This is Angel Trap.

Starax Angel Trap

The second is the Blackwater Art Sculpture Gallery.
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Second Life News for January 19, 2008

January 19th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Wired Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses: Put the Blame on Griefers Quote from the site - The Albion Park section of Second Life is generally a quiet place, a haven of whispering fir trees and babbling brooks set aside for those who “need to be alone to think, or want to chat privately.” But shortly after 5 pm Eastern time on November 16, an avatar appeared in the 3-D-graphical skies above this online sanctuary and proceeded to unleash a mass of undiluted digital jackassery.

From: The Best of Second Life ZeroG Sky Dancers Quote from the site - I have not attended this performance yet, and it is not a landmark of the day because you cannot just “go” there. You do need to acquire tickets to this truly remarkable event: DanCoyote Antonelli ’s ZeroG Sky Dancers Third Production, “Second Spring”.

From: oh, what a world A Second Life job? Quote from the site - I recently got myself a “job” on Second Life, for whatever reason. I found it while browsing the SL Classifieds one day and Googling the name of the company. It turned out to be a great project to be a part of; it’s much more than a job, it’s a performance. The project/job is called Double Happiness Manufacturing, also known as “Invisible Threads: Sweatshop Jean Factory in Second Life“.

From: The Logan Daily News Students can take OU tour in virtual world, attend SAT strategy Quote from the site - A campus visit often seals a prospective student’s college choice. These days, a first visit may take on a different dimension - a virtual one.

Two days this month - this Saturday and Jan. 31, high school students from around the globe can visit Ohio University’s Second Life virtual campus and attend SAT strategy sessions sponsored by The Princeton Review.

From: SLNN Research on Asperger’s Syndrome done in Second Life shows early promise Quote from the site - There is a place in Second Life that is magical, educational and appears daily instead of once every hundred years. Welcome to Brigadoon in SL.

From: openPR STABILO steps up its virtual commitment Quote from the site - Following its surprising promotions in “real” life, STABILO will now also be stepping up its virtual commitment over the next few months. STABILO is the first company in the writing instruments sector to venture entering the virtual world of “Second Life” (SL).

From: Baseline Halo 3 Meets Second Life Quote from the site - Video games and military training are a natural fit. Any exercise that can sharpen physical reflexes and shooting skills has obvious applications for soldiers preparing for war.

From: Massively The Second Life 48 Hour Film Project winner announced [UPDATED] Quote from the site - First covered here, the winners of the Second Life 48 Hour Film Project, in which entrants are given only 48 hours to create a machinima featuring certain elements only disclosed at a certain time and date, have been announced.

From: VSTE Podcast Edge Second Life Quote from the site - Have you thought about how you might teach in your Second Life? In this edition of the VSTE Podcast Edge, I interview Ross Perkins, who is a familiar face and personality to many within the Virginia Society for Technology in Education.

From: Ambling in Second Life Itau Quote from the site - Brazil, as you may be aware, was the first country to get a Second Life Grid Global Provider, in the form of Kaizen Games. There was an expectation that this locally-supported service would see Brazillians flocking into Second Life, but I’m not sure it has really done so.

From: New World Notes Second Life Grows Beyond Its Map Quote from the site - This is the world of Second Life’s grid as it exists now– 26.5 million acres*, with three major land masses to the Southeast, surrounded by a veritable galaxy of disparate islands.

From: Second Life Blog Announcing the Havok4 Early Adopter Program Quote from the site - Several months ago public beta testing of “the project you thought would never ever get finished” was announced - the project to update Second Life with the Havok4 physics engine. For more information about the Havok4 project, please see the Havok4 Beta Wiki.

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