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Couple tips worth checking out on the Second Life Blog today, the first one was by Jeremy Linden regarding keeping your account safe.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Knowledge Base Article of the Week! This week, we’ll explore a few ways to safeguard your Second Life account and password against phishing and other forms of account hijacking. Just click the link and enter your Support login information to see the article.

Something as simple as using your Second Life password for an account on a third-party website can potentially compromise your Second Life account. Think carefully when choosing your passwords, and don’t give them out to anybody; Linden Lab will never ask you for your account password! Source: Knowledge Base Article of the Week #14: Safeguarding your account

The Second Life website has been having some problems, so the wiki article Safeguarding your account: Helpful tips MAY have trouble loading, it was kind of slow for me, but it eventually opened, you will have to login.

Torley says since he didn’t have a tip last week, you get two this week.

Since I didn’t have a video tutorial last week, I have TWO (2) for you today:

Text chat macros
YES, you can magically turn abbreviations into full sentences, or even paragraphs! Makes your commonly-used sayings easy! Try this one out with friends… lovely for parties. Source: Tips of the Week #19: Text chat macros & #20: QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker

QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker
And this is the promised follow-up to “How to report a bug” — searching the Issue Tracker to find what you care about is easier than you might think it is!

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