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Second Life News for February 6, 2008

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From: Second Life Blog Rolling Restart this week Wednesday or Thursday (Feb 6-7) Quote from the site - Update 2007-02-06 12:30 : The rolling restart will be this afternoon, starting at or sometime shortly after 2PM.

From: Washington Post Spies’ Battleground Turns Virtual Quote from the site - U.S. intelligence officials are cautioning that popular Internet services that enable computer users to adopt cartoon-like personas in three-dimensional online spaces also are creating security vulnerabilities by opening novel ways for terrorists and criminals to move money, organize and conduct corporate espionage.

From: Online Law for Online Marketing Legal Interest Heats Up In Second Life Quote from the site - Virtual worlds are emerging as a popular new legal topic. They create a host of interesting opportunities as tools for legal practice, and at the same time are a medium that needs to be reconciled to laws from the physical world.

From: Networked Performance Mixed Realities: An International Networked Art Exhibition and Symposium Quote from the site - Mixed Realities is an exhibition and symposium that explores the convergence—through cyberspace—of real and synthetic places made possible by computers and networks.

From: netsquared Best Practices for Nonprofits in Second Life: February 8 Quote from the site - Friday, February 8, from 8:30-9:30AM PST, there will be a presentation and discussion on, “Best Practices for Nonprofits in Second Life,” in the Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater in Second Life.

From: Amazon Web Services Blog Second Life Developer Chat Schedule for February 2008 Quote from the site - Here’s the Second Life chat schedule for February. All of the chats will take place at 10 AM PST on the Amazon Developers Islands in Second Life.

From: Sarah’s Musings Midwives in Second Life Quote from the site - Carilyn’s plans for a midwifery meeting in Second Life are coming along. I think she is planning it to be about 24/25th February.

From: Digital Transformation Second Life Interviews Quote from the site - As I proceeded to read through this article I found how useful second life can be. This article goes on to describe how SL is being used to conduct job interview now. They are holding career fairs, job interview, meeting with clients, etc….

From: First Showing SXSW: Second Skin Documentary Trailer Quote from the site - We just posted the full list of films showing at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas in March, and now we have a trailer for one of them. Second Skin is premiering at SXSW and was mentioned as one of the few that I’m very interested in. It’s a documentary described as “an intimate look at people whose lives have become transformed by the virtual worlds in online games such as World of Warcraft, Everquest and Second Life.”

From: training zone View to a Kill: Training in Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Learning and training are likely to be the ‘killer application’ for computer-generated 3D worlds such as Second Life, delegates heard at the Learning Technologies event in London last week.

From: Learning From Social Worlds Researching Second Life Quote from the site - Researching Second Life is a half-day seminar RL discussion on topics relating to the researching of ‘learning, teaching and culture’ in Second Life. To allow for discussion, participant numbers will be limited.

From: eJewish Philanthropy Nonprofits and Second Life Quote from the site - The year 2007 was a remarkable year for charitable and civil society activity in Second Life — from the launch of the 32-office Plush Nonprofit Commons to the record US$100,000 raised by the SL Relay for Life.

From: Shepherd’s PI Ominous Look at Second Life Quote from the site - Robert O’Harrow Jr. of the Washington Post has a solid story today on the IC’s attitude towards Second Life and similar virtual worlds. I myself would say “attitudes” because there is a broader and more creative range of thinking than is reflected in the story.

From: Beat Blogging Reporting in SecondLife: Burning the Virtual Shoe-leather Quote from the site - Eric Krangel is known as EricReuters on Second Life, which has been his beat for Reuters over the last year. For those in the know, Second Life is a virtual world - where people live out entire lives, spend real money, conduct real protests and converse with friends.

From: Second Style Fashionista Hands on with Haver Quote from the site - I have been trying to get this out of my mind, trying to translate what I think a modern day Russian princess would look like. This all stems from the fact that I have been reading all these young adult fiction books..

From: SLNN Review: Visions Gallery provides more than feasts for the eyes Quote from the site - At ground level, the Vision Gallery appears to be your everyday, ordinary Second Life two dimensional gallery with works by different artists. In fact, there are currently eleven international first life and Second Life artists exhibiting in the Vision Gallery.

From: eightbar March 5th Conference - Metaverse Evangelizing in a Web 2.0 world Quote from the site - Whilst Roo is off at SXSW doing his thing on March 5th/6th I will be at the Web 2.0 and Beyond: Applying Social and Collaborative Tools for Business Problems(this is the upcoming.org link) conference here in the UK explaining all things metaverse and also the use of Web 2.0 to move a corporation into action as we have done with eightbar and our various other creative outlets.

From: Second Life Blog Governance Team inworld office hours Quote from the site - Just wanted to remind everyone that members of the Governance Team will be holding office hours on Wednesdays at 10am PST and Saturdays at 12pm (noon) PST on the island in the Kremer region.

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