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Second Life News for February 13, 2008

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From: New World Notes Muslims and the Metaverse: Can Second Life Improve US-Islamic Relations? Quote from the site - One day in Second Life, Eureka Dejavu met a Muslim woman lingering in an SL-based synagogue, and wondered why she was there. “She had wanted to attend services at a synagogue all of her life but feared prosecution or upsetting other people,” Eureka tells me.

From: Digital Transformation Second Life becomes arena for promotion of education Quote from the site - Second Life offers virtual classrooms for major colleges and universities, including the University of Florida, Princeton, Rice University, University of Derby (UK), Vassar College, the Open University (UK), Harvard, INSEAD, VU university of Amsterdam (Holland), TU Delft (Holland) came recently on Second life.

From: Media Theory for the 21st Century CSI: NY & Second Life Quote from the site - My presentation will focus on a recent CSI: NY episode, “Down the Rabbit Hole.” In the episode, Detective Mac Taylor, the leader of the team, must explore the virtual world of Second Life in order to track down a killer.

From: Expert Click Celebrity Chef -Maria Liberati to be guest on Second Life Property Quote from the site - Celebrity Chef Maria Liberati will be a special guest of the Second Life Writers Club in an interactive 3-D event on the popular virtual world Second Life on February 13th at 3pm EST, 1 PM PST.

From: Times Online In the City: February 12 Quote from the site - I only make that suggestion because, frankly, lawyers get everywhere. Or at least everywhere that crime and corruption can be found. So it hasn’t taken too long for PCB Litigation, one of the country’s leading fraud firms, to open a virtual office in Second Life, the internet-based virtual world.

From: Second Life Newspaper 9 Questions to … Josina Burgess Quote from the site - Pelton: I would like to start by thanking you so very much for letting me having this interview.

From: mobile shop NEC phone in Second Life Quote from the site - Mobile phones continue to invade video games, now, with a story from The Register. Hands up how many people use Second Life. Or have used Second Life. Or have heard of Second Life and fancy trying it.

From: ScienceRoll Everything about Second Life and Medical Education Quote from the site - I’ve always wanted to post these links, so here is the time. I, among others, see a great potential in educating medicine in Second Life, the virtual world. But of course, just under some certain circumstances. I’ll tell you more about it when I make my new slideshow public this weekend.

From: Nexeus Fatale H&R Block Returns to Second Life for the 2008 Tax Season Quote from the site - The 2008 Tax Season has begun and H&R Block is providing tax advice in Second Life once again. H&R Block will have advisor’s in Second Life taking any of your tax questions, for free (take a look at my experience last year.) This year BCreative Wilde and I will be taking over Tuesday’s and Thursday’s with parties at the H&R Block Island in Second Life throughout February and April.

From: M is for Myg Second Life is good for…meeting people! Quote from the site - And here we are folks, with another post extolling the good things in Second Life. Today we have social stuff.

From: educause connect ELI In Conversation: Second Life and Virtual Worlds - An Approach to Active Learning Quote from the site - In this 31 minute podcast we feature a conversation from the ELI 2008 Annual Meeting. The topic is Second Life and virtual worlds. How can virtual world participation help students become active learners? How can instructors approach virtual worlds with an eye toward their own curriculum.

From: Media Theory for the 21st Century More thoughts on Second Life Quote from the site - Independently of Renee, I have also come to consider Second Life in response to this week’s reading—particularly the chapters by Hansen and Prof. Hayles. Neither explicitly references Second Life—sensibly, as the Hayles chapter predates it by 4 years, and it had existed only a year when Hansen’s book was published—but both discuss virtual reality, respectively in terms of feedback loops between machine and body, and the emptying out of physical space versus the totality of representational space.

From: silicon.com Second Life tackles virtual nuisances Quote from the site - Second Life creator Linden Lab admits it has been forced to increase security and change some of its policies to stamp out illegal and nuisance behaviour in the virtual world.

From: Linux Insider The Digital Future: More Than Fun and Games in Second Life Quote from the site - I don’t usually have a martini glass in my hand at 9 a.m. on a work day — particularly not when attending a public forum. But then standing on the bar is also just a tad out of character. I blame Vicki Jaxxon.

From: TechDigest MWC 2008: Second Life now runs on… an iPhone?! Quote from the site - No, your eyes aren’t kidding you. That really is the processor-shredding Second Life virtual world running on an iPhone. But how? And why is it so slow? Well, the answer is that it’s a concept demo produced by mobile technology firm Comverse.

From: Second Life and Education An Amazing New Place to Go!!!! Quote from the site - Need a new place to take your students that is interactive, fun, meaningful, and FREE?

Healing Hands Hospice is one of those places that LITERALLY has everything. Designed as a place for the terminally ill and homebound to visit and connect with others, the HHH offers all sorts of fun and educational activities geared to every taste and passion.

From: The Metaverse Journal Interview - Sakai Openlife (Openlife founder) Quote from the site - As we reported earlier this week, Openlife is a promising new alternative grid to Second Life. Its founder, Sakai Openlife (RL: Steve Sima) is based in Brisbane and we caught up with him via Openlife’s Live Chat for a discussion on everything Openlife.

From: SLNN Recruiters find success in Second Life Quote from the site - In May, 2007, TMP Worldwide held its first in world job fair. Today recruiting is expanding in several different ways, including a job fair run by the State of Missouri and virtual recruiting arranged by CareerBuilders.

From: Second Life Blog New WindLight Viewer (79674) Quote from the site - Hey all. Firstly, if you’re using a Mac, please make sure you’ve updated to Leopard 10.5.2! Do this process at least twice to ensure you get the latest GL drivers!

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