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Primitive Island or Virtual Beachhead?

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What happens when a well known, experienced and multi-talented Second Life avatar squares off against a well known real-world security and e-commerce guru whose connections go all the way to film? Something is brewing in SpellCaster next to Primula Rasa, first mentioned here. “Tensions mount as Federated Funds are cutoff. Techno Wizards, Spell Casters, and Magicians collide, cast and spread their fiery magic, armed with the arcane tools, runes, relics and stones thought long forgotten.” Are you ready to choose sides?

Spell Caster

Spell Caster Dark

And it is getting bigger and bigger. From a cryptic notecard…

You have been selected, if you so choose, to participate, as much as you wish, in an epic experiment and you will be asked to make a selection…choosing either the side of science (Prototypers- lead by Timeless Prototype or the Chevalians- lead by Corwin Chevalier)- these are actual avatars who also serve as character archetypes. The experience is ongoing and will span four sims or more during an unknown length of time.

The project is still under beta build status now. At this point you need take no action, but if you choose just let either individual General or their aids of your interest. This is a primarily non-violent simulation, in real-time, using symbols, song, art and immersion to model different ways educators and businesses can utilize 3D worlds. Goals are to study system dynamics, micro transactions and other immersive aspects of 3D media.

The Back Story

The Prototypers and the Chevaliens have traveled to this world (Delphic) to study the evolution of knowledge as it occurs in “less advanced” people capable of developing “functional” intelligence, in an effort to further their own understanding of how the “great civilizations” of the universe came to be.

In essence, they seek to discover clues as to “how” and “why” they have advanced to such a high stage in evolution, while so many others remain nothing more than what some would consider primitives…or animals at best. A ruling was put forth by the Council of the Galactic Consortium of Lemnus in order to end the rivalry that, based on Seldone Entropical Theory, could cause serious unrest and economic upheaval.

This task, upon completion, would determine which of the two schools of thought would be next in line to lead all advanced life of the known metaverse and access to the rare and precious Genetadox vaccine. The Consortium power structure, by law, must change hands once a millennium. These laws were enacted through the passing of the Genetic Longevity Caste Act due to the much longer life spans granted after genome mapping was completed and stem cell mining was legalized leading to the creation of Genetadox.

Also, perhaps, in the process, solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

(Pragulus Rex, the prolific philosopher, interjects that as human, we must often wonder and debate as to how we have developed our self proclaimed intellectual superiority over that of other life forms. It might be reasonable to believe that species more advanced than our own, e.g. intellectually, would be even further removed from this knowledge as it pertains to their own species.)

As the two competing power houses via for control of the next 100 years, the Chevaliens and Prototypers are well known for their sometimes greatly opposing viewpoints as to what the true determining aspects of knowledge may be. Not to mention the winning party would gain access to the rare Genetadox vaccine granting that group an abnormally long life span.

Well known for their unsurpassed technological advancements, the Protoypers, archetypical scientists, eagerly hypothesize that it is the advancement of logic and scientific deduction that comprise the true semblance of knowledge. Long have they held to the theory of the Great Algorithm of the Universe, and believe that this research will bring them leaps and bounds closer to writing the final proofs needed to explain it all.

The Chevaliens are believers and crusaders…in every essence of the word. Their faith and mystical approach to the universe has led them to uncover secrets that cannot be imagined or understood by outsiders. It is supposedly drawn from the lore of Earth’s ancient Sumer and a deity named Tiamiat. Tiamiat is a dragon and one of their primary power symbols. In their eyes the mind is more than a collection of neurons and cranial fluid capable of incredible calculation, but perhaps the vessel for things less tangible and supernatural. They believe that while science is worthy a chivalric “moral code” and
spreading of this code is more important above all else. Not even one’s death should stop its replication and some say that the code can be modified to ensure it can survive.

For both, a singularity exists. Every answer often uncovers twice as many questions…whether the means to such answers are those of science or mysticism.

And so, the two parties sought out a primitive place of proper potential- Project Primula Rasa in the far flung Delphic System. Working hand in hand with one another, yet competing all the same…as they via to be the one party who could discover the answers to the origins of knowledge would gain control over the consortium and therefore the funding and political power of the entire metaverse as a whole and longevity.

Small, pink and vaguely simian were their candidates- or so believed. Simple tool users- still living in caves, or huts, spear fishing, and having just discovered the basic secrets of fire…a perfect specimen with which to begin their study over the evolution of knowledge. Yet life on Primula Rasa wasn’t quite that simple…

Corwin and Timeless have promised more on my questions and Corwin said to expect an even more detailed story background on his “typists” personal blog tonight. (Corwin maintains that the existence of a human typist behind his avatar is merely a myth.)

To be quite frank Stone we weren’t ready for the immense rush of people and curiosity, and we have been hampered by a few SL bugs (hint to Linden Labs) that are keeping a lead contractor out of the development cycle. Thankfully we have had some volunteer help, and I am working on some cross split revenue deals for labor too. I am firm believer in shared risk. I promise more information shortly on the questions you sent me.

I will say that yes, Monolith 8 was my own project, the eerie Monolith provided by Timeless, to help raise questions in people’s minds about issues of authenticity, security, validity, DNA, genetics and memetics. If you look at the backdrop above the “Genetadox vaccine” jumps out and you start to get a feel for themes, or look at Tiamiat which is an obvious corruption of Tiamat from Babylonian mythology representing primordial chaos. (Think Sumer) In the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian epic of creation, she gives birth to the first generation of gods. You may have heard certain e-commerce pundits like Sam Harrelson and Wayne Porter discuss the Enuma Elish off and on, the question would be WHY?

The Monolith was intentionally very obscure, but it was interesting the lengths that some thinkers would go to crack into the riddle. The purpose of that build was several fold but one purpose I can give quite openly, to see how minds worked and what caliber of people would be attracted to such an obscure simulation. Objective achieved.

The Enuma Elish does ring a bell from some non SL postings and Sumer from an article in Revenue Magazine Get a Second Life that Wayne Porter wrote over a year ago and he later pointed out the parts that really mattered are the book mentions and he even said to pay attention, literally, to those books in this post, Paying Attention, Earning Attention.

Then Sam Harrelson on Assyrian translation in this post, Assyrian, Babylonian, Sumerian Translator Created or Google archiving in this post, Google and The Quest for Information Archiving. I also checked and the glyphs on Wayne Porter’s Twitter page seem to be cuneiform script, the earliest known form of written expression, created by the Sumerians from ca. 3000 BC. Start googling those two and certain keywords and a trend definitely pops up, with Snowcrash, the book being one of them.

Sometimes I wonder just how far ahead these guys plan these campaigns and how many messages or clues are out there that I might miss, if one assumes that I am on the correct scent at all, and rumor has it more items have appeared on the next sim over…

Of course, I may not be on the side you think, and everything, or some of it, is here to mislead and confuse.

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Are you ready to choose sides?

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Stone Culdesac has chosen.

Stone Has Chosen

Or has he?

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