Feb 16

More Starax Stratosky Sculptures

Category: Art, Starax Stratosky by Stone Culdesac

Found some more Starax sculptures, I mentioned in this post I would look around occasionally for some more Starax stuff and found one I hadn’t seen yet, at The Rockwell Ginsberg Gallery.

This one is called the Devil and the Angel.

Devil and the Angel by Starax

The Angel by Starax Stratosky

Devil by Starax Stratosky

Here is the Lion, which I saw at Blackwater Art Sculpture Gallery, but this one looks a little shinier, smoother than the one at Blackwater.

The Lion by Starax

Compare that one to this one.

Lion by Starax from Blackwater

I see they fixed the Starax sculpture Drowned at the Blackwater Gallery, when I posted here, someone had changed it to look like she was jumping into his arms.

Drowned by Starax

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