Feb 17

Starax Giant Demon Statue, King Kong and More

Category: Art, Places to Visit, Starax Stratosky by Stone Culdesac

Here is a little collection of Starax stuff I found on BlogHUD and Second Life search tonight, as I said I would look occasionally in this post, and I found quite a few things I had not seen yet.

Starax Giant Demon at Plum.

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon 2

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon 3

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon 4

This one below is called Imagoel doll by Starax on Utopia.

Imagoel doll by Starax

Imagoel doll 2

Double Hand Stand statues on Apollo.

Double Hand Stand Starax Statues

King Kong on Mauve.

King Kong by Starax

Starax Statue of King Kong

Starax King Kong Overhead

Gestalt’s This N That Market has a small collection of Starax stuff.

Starax Collection at Gestalt

Those cats certainly don’t look as good as his later work at Greenies Home Rezzable as Light Waves.

Starax Cats at Gestalt

They even have the Thing in a Crate.

Thing in a Crate by Starax

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