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Second Life News for February 20, 2008

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From: NeuroScene Virtual Worlds & False Identities: Social Media or Social Pathology? Quote from the site - As communications technologies such as Second Life become more and more sensory and interactive, human beings are increasingly being forced to navigate environments that consistently blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

From: Wayne Porter on Attention Revenue Caledon & Second Life Preservation Quote from the site - I should focus on more relevant and perhaps interesting events like Second Life hitting G3 Phones, concepts of cross reality synchronization, the new viewer but I find myself drawn back to Steampunk- think Victorian fantasy hybrids? (For no good reason I want to think China Mieville however he is not Steampunk, but rather “New Weird”.)

From: eMediaWire Pontiac Empowers United Spinal Association with Car Culture Island in Second Life Quote from the site - Pontiac’s Motorati Island is getting a second life by making a very generous donation of the the successful 7-region car culture island in Second Life to United Spinal Association, a U.S. based national 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Jackson Heights, New York.

From: MMORPG Blog Second Life’s Dazzle hits First Look, reaches version Quote from the site - Dazzle, a Second Life User Interface change that’s currently under testing, has finally made it onto a separate First Look preview viewer under version Linden Lab’s Dazzle project serves to both improve the user interface for the virtual world, as well as improve the interfaces used to develop the existing UI.

From: eMediaWire Victorian Novel Wraps Up Successful Second Life Book Tour Quote from the site - “Silent in the Sanctuary”, the latest novel by acclaimed historical fiction author Deanna Raybourn, finishes a successful month-long Second Life promotional engagement. Thousands of avatars from around the world interacted with the author and recreations of the book’s setting through virtual world gatherings and special events.

From: Pittsburgh Post Gazette Greensburg woman gets Second Life Quote from the site - From a powerful computer on a small wooden desk in a corner of her master bedroom, Kim Robben becomes “Kim Seifert,” international singing star in Second Life.

From: The Story of My “Second Life” Live from Slovenia, it’s iAlja Writer! Quote from the site - One of the greatest things about Second Life is how it facilitates global connections. And, one of the greatest things about being the person responsible for the ISTE Second Life Speaker Series is that I get to find cool, interesting, innovative people from all over the world to give presentations about their work.

From: Dusan Writer’s Metaverse Second Life on 3G Phones Quote from the site - On the heels of the test client on iPhones comes this beta test of Second Life on 3G phones. As promised on their blog:

Vollee’s Second Life mobile service will enable access to the virtual world of Second Life for Residents to explore, interact and communicate on-line.

From: Information Week Startup Brings Second Life To Cell Phones Quote from the site - Startup Vollee this week unveiled plans to bring the popular Second Life online virtual world to mobile phones through its streaming mobile games service.

From: VintFalken.com SL2MV - Moving from Second Life to Multiverse Quote from the site - It’s not that I want to encourage anybody to do so - although having two virtual worlds can do no harm? - but this is one of the things that are ‘way beyond my cup of tea but highly fascinating to watch’. I suggest you IM Mike Sutton’s avie Lightninboy Snook with any questions.

From: Ambling in Second Life Company Island - A Work In Progress Quote from the site - This week I have not been quite as active in blogging interesting (or, indeed, not-so-interesting) sites in Second Life as I would normally be. Partly, this is due to a number of RL commitments that have reduced the time I’ve spent in Second Life, and partly it is due to my continuing work on the company island.

From: Discovery Educator Network It’s a Wrap - Camera Controls Quote from the site - What a night! Vicki Davis at the Discovery Webinar, DEN in SL Workshop w/ Celestia on camera controls and how to move the sun, popping outside on the deck to watch the progression of the lunar eclipse — next one not until 2010 (at least that’s what they said on NBC Nightly News)….so just popped in to write a quick post.

From: Second Life Blog [ALL CLEAR] Rollback on Multiple Regions at 7pm PST Tonight Quote from the site - A handful of regions (fewer than 20) did manage to trigger a poorly-timed rollback this evening. However, we see no out-of-synch mainland parcel transfers, and Concierge has already dealt with any island parcel troubles.

From: Massively Linden Lab asks residents in 521 regions to down-tools Quote from the site - Linden Lab advises that 521 simulators have been failing to save state since 3AM SLT (US Pacific) this-morning (that’s every simulator that was updated to version That means no changes to land or objects in those simulators is being remembered.

From: New World Notes The Trees of Kenroku: Leaves Change With RL Seasons Quote from the site - Iris Ophelia’s multi-language request for international fashion tips is turning up unexpected discoveries. Shortly after she posted it, someone sent me a landmark to Kenroku, an island of marvels, with a Japanese castle by the shore, and a park forest of deep shadow on the other side of a stone bridge.

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