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FFRC Seeking Proposals for Rich Content Project Funding

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Received on a notecard from Persephone Phoenix:

February 8, 2008 For Immediate Release

FFRC Seeking Proposals for Rich Content Project Funding

Do you have an idea for a project that would enrich the lives of Second Life Residents? Some event, interactive environment, game, cultural or artistic production that would make the landscape of the virtual world more interesting? Or some completely new idea that will engage and interest residents?

The Foundation for Rich Content is a funding organization here in SL that awards grants, seasonally, to makers of rich content. Past fundees have produced SL sports and performance events, classes, interactive museum displays, building contests, events for new residents and more.

If you believe you have an idea for a project that would enrich the lives of SL residents, consider completing our application form and submitting it by March 15. Proposals should be titled FFRC Spring 08 application (name of project). Proposals should be sent to Persephone Phoenix at FFRCOfficerPerse@gmail.com by midnight, March 15, 2008. Three grants will be awarded for a maximum of L$25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Linden Dollars) each. Someone interested in making a smaller project (say a weekend event) can ask for an appropriate level of funding, but the FFRC will not grant more than $25,000 for a single project in this round of funding.

For more information, contact Persephone Phoenix or Jamys Vuckovic, or check out the Google Groups page by Googling SL Foundation for Rich Content.

Here is a copy of the application form:

Dear applicant:
Thank you for your interest in the Foundation For Rich Content, and for your work in SL to enrich the lives of residents.

To apply, complete the application and return it named FFRC Application (name of your project) The first part of the form should be filled out to receive funding. The second part of the form should be filled out after receiving funding and should be sent back along with a photo (or several) and any testimonials about the project that was funded. This should be sent back in a folder called “FFRC Funding Follow-up (name of your project).

Part 1.

1. What is the name of the project and who is the contact person for the project?

2. Describe the project including location, people involved, and what the project will do to enrich the lives of SL residents?

3. How do you plan to use the (up to $25,000 LINDEN dollars) grant? (i.e. staffing costs? uploads? equipment? etc.)

4. Do you agree to place an FFRC sponsorship sign at the site if you are funded and to complete and return part 2 of the application?

5. When and for how long will the project occur?

6. Will the content be suitable for all audiences or geared for specific audiences? Is the locale for the content on a PG sim or a mature sim?

7. I understand that the grant is in Linden Dollars (up to L$25,000) and not in any other currency.

8. I would be interested in receiving a land grant in Orange’s Create program on Orange Island for up to 3 months to use for this project.
___Yes ____No


Please return along with picture(s) of the project and any participant testimonials that might convey a sense of what happened with the project.

1. I found the assistance received by the FFRC to be
a. essential to my project
b. very helpful to my project
c. somewhat helpful to my project
d. validating recognition
e. not that important in the long run

2. FFRC Grants were spent on
a. staffing
b. downloads
c. materials
d. advertising
e. other (please type in what)

3. Please estimate the number of people who were able to access the project.

4. In your opinion, how did the project go? Did it work as you anticipated it working? Would you do anything differently next time?

5. How would you describe the collaboration with the FFRC? Was the application easy to understand? Is there something you’d like to see the FFRC work on that could have helped your project better succeed? What would you suggest to make this process more clear or useful?

6. We are thinking of inviting past fundees to become affiliates of the FFRC so that our work can help more people - are you interested in being a part of this program and would you be able to participate in one or more of the activities below?

Please check ALL that apply.
[ ] Helping the FFRC to spread the word about the Foundation, grant programs and events?
[ ] Host events at your site?
[ ] Host an officially designed FFRC Info/Donation box at your site?
[ ] Volunteer to assist with events and fundraising activities?

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