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Second Life News for February 23, 2008

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From: Wired Blogs Ray Kurzweil Looks Into the Future of Gaming Quote from the site - If you want to see into the future, says inventor, futurist, and author Ray Kurzweil, keep your eye on the development of videogames.

From: Snacks4theBrain! Snacks 68–Science Sites in Second Life! Quote from the site - Hello and welcome to S4theB episode 68! This episode steps out of the box and into the virtual world of Second Life. I’m going to take you, dear listener, into the metaverse.

From: Educause Connect Reaching Students Through Facebook, YouTube, Digital Storytelling and Second Life (Discussion Session) Quote from the site - Rice University has undertaken an initiative to start using the things that their students are already using. Students indicated that they don’t use email (email is for old people). They use their social networking tools. Watch this video.

From: I’m Just an Avatar This week’s SecondLife rolling restarts get moved to straddle the weekend Quote from the site - On Tuesday I posted that Linden Labs has released a test version of their new Dazzle UI upgrade. I also included a schedule for rolling restarts to push some new code out to all the servers, but in what is becoming more frequent lately they found some serious problems in the code only after they started pushing out the updates.

From: PRLog SLCN.TV Debuts New Second Life Based Business Television Show Quote from the site - A new half-hour television show filmed entirely in Second Life debuts on SLCN. REAL BIZ in SL is part talk show, part tour featuring real world companies and organizations with a presence in the 3-dimensional virtual world of Second Life.

From: too many topics, too little time. things progress in second life Quote from the site - After spending 1/2 hour or so this afternoon discussing his projects and ideas with Hackshaven of NOAA, I went downtown and met with Suzanne Seggerman of Games for change to talk about having some games for change in Second Life.

From: GamesIndustry.biz Creative director hits out at “garish” and “hardcore” online experiences Quote from the site - Talking on a recent trip to Monaco for the Imagina conference, Ron Festejo explained his feeling that other virtual worlds, such as Second Life, were garish, while other online experiences were simply too hardcore for most people.

This is another of those BIG news posts, read the rest after the break.

From: Louisiana Discovery Educator Network Ever wanted to have a “Second Life”…Check it out… Quote from the site - Ever thought you were to old to play video games? Well… “Second Life” is a virtual community that is similar to a video game but has great value in joining. You can download it and begin by creating your avatar.

From: Information Week Turning Work Into Play Is No Game Quote from the site - It sounds like techno-utopian silliness to say that businesses need to learn from online games how to make tedious knowledge-work more enjoyable. But many knowledge-work jobs are so deadly dull that the typical worker lasts just nine months — in call centers, for example.

From: Technically Speaking Microsoft TechNet Briefings in Second Life Quote from the site - Some Microsofties are starting to offer TechNet Briefings in Second Life at the Microsoft Ampitheatre. Michael Murphy has the straight scoop at his blog. Personally, I would like to see more of this type of thing. It add an interesting twist to keep the community engaged over the typical mass-Live Meeting webinar.

From: View From the Edge Elron Priestman performs in Second Life Quote from the site - When I first started in the stand up comedy thing, the world was a different place. The time was 1991, and very few average people even had cell phones.

From: Dusan Writer’s Metaverse Over-Hyped Blue Mars Still Raises Benchmark for Second Life Quote from the site - In 2008 it’s a virtual world a day, most of them for kids, but some contenders for the Second Life audience and purpose. Now comes Blue Mars, which has observers drooling because of the brilliance of its graphics.

From: ‘Second Life’ graveyard for fallen soldiers Quote from the site - Soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have been paying their respects to fallen comrades in arms in an online military graveyard. There are memorials to approximately 250 British servicemen killed in the two conflicts on Tribute Island, part of the virtual world Second Life.

From: FIT Tech Development Team FIT in Second Life — the Community Grows Quote from the site - Brian wants to mount an exhibition of senior BFA Photography student work on the island where we have FIT’s campus (our campus is on Learning 2 — a New Media Consortium island, where we can use the really lovely “common” spaces — a gallery, classroom and meeting space). We’ll have an opening, and hopefully some videos and slide shows up as well.

From: Second Life Blog Linden Department of Public Works Update Quote from the site - Work has begun on Bay City, home of the “Fighting Moles” also known as The City by the Void. LDPW is getting in touch with, and getting signed contracts from, our first set of resident builders and we expect to have our first team meeting in the upcoming week to discuss allocation of tasks, share reference materials, and hand out trowels & grout bags.

From: Second Life Blog New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.0 RC3 Available Quote from the site - We’ve updated the 1.19.0 Release Candidate Viewer with fixes based on issues reported in RC0, RC1 and RC2.

From: Second Life Blog Key Economic Metrics through January 2008 Quote from the site - I have published our monthly key metrics in excel, open document, and google doc formats. Links to these current versions are updated on our Economy page.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #17: Oh Where O Where did my group go? Quote from the site - Last week Jeremy gave you tips about partnering, and today we’ll sift through Knowledge Base Article of the Week: Why was my group disbanded?

From: Second Life Blog Tip of the Week #23: Using SLURLs for easy travel Quote from the site - Questions about “How do I explore/navigate/travel/find my way around Second Life” never cease to be hot. I reckon we can do a lot to improve usability, but until more intuitive changes come to light…

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