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Second Life News for February 24, 2008

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From: Second Life Blog [Resolved] Region Data Corruption / Loss Problem Quote from the site - This problem was tracked down to an Internet networking hardware problem between our data centers at one of our service providers and resolved. Unfortunately, it is back now, albeit on a much smaller scale.

From: Dedric Mauriac: A second life from the first Backup and restore your inventory Quote from the site - It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to do it. Angelo Biondi has created software (Second Inventory) that allows you to pick and choose what items in your inventory you want to save to your local hard drive.

From: Vint Falken Learning Chinese in Second Life Quote from the site - 3jLife - now this is how the Chinese get in Second Life? - does not only provide Second Life accounts, an L$ exchange service and a Chinese SL community, no together with 3immersions, an SL developing company, they also offer to teach you Mandarin Chinese using Second Life as a virtual classroom.

From: Open Source Is open source giving Second Life a second life? Quote from the site - Linden Labs, whose Second Life is so cool yet so lacking in profits it’s been lampooned in an IBM ad, sent out an e-mail alert this week boasting that open source is giving the company, well, a second life.

From: Stick It To Ya Thing 15: Second Life Quote from the site - I joined Second Life on January 10, 2007 after hearing Michael Stephen’s presentation at HCL. I was fascinated and intrigued for about a month, I adored my alter ego, and had some “playmates” that I enjoyed.

From: Your 2nd Place WSE Live Speaks, 47 days After ‘Closing For A Month’, Promises to Speak Later Quote from the site - Today makes 48 days since the WSE closed, citing upgrades, and saying it would be closed for a month. Perhaps LukeConnell Vandeverre should have specified which month. Yesterday, a message came from on high - LIVE VIDEO ADDRESS TO THE MARKET:

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