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Second Life News for February 26, 2008

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From: play Sony impressed by Home Quote from the site - Of course, the Sony Director could be somewhat biased, although he draws viable comparisons with Second Life, which is apparently inferior because it needs to cater for too many system specifications.

From: Ambling in Second Life Patrick Hufschmid Guitars Quote from the site - Following my recent post, it seems like Gibson Guitars have taken my(?) advice, and closed access to Gibson Island until it is in a better state of readiness. So having piqued your interest, it seems you will now need to wait a few months before you can go and pay your respects and perhaps blag a virtual copy of one of their iconic guitars.

From: MixedRealities Second Life en route to 30.000 sims? Quote from the site - Virtual Worlds are covered a lot in the media, in blogs, wire services, audiovisual media, newsletters and in the dead tree press. Some mainstream media have established journalists inworld, most famous is Reuters and since some time there is also a high profile CNN citizen journalism project.

From: John Connell Cisco (Non-)Tech Chat in Second Life Quote from the site - I have been asked by Cisco to deliver a talk in Second Life on ‘Learning 2.0?, as part of their series of Tech Chats. The date to remember is 13th March, and the time is Noon Pacific time (8.00pm GMT).

From: Professor VJ My So-Called Second Life Quote from the site - The coordinators of Dagby, part of the ReadMe collective based out of Switzerland, have invited me to make a virtual appearance in their Second Life “House of Literature” where I will give a short reading from some of my work on Thursday (14:00 EST, 12:00 MST, 09:00 HST).

From: Hamptonroads.com Who will your avatar look like? Quote from the site - Bryan Mnemonic can fly. His suit never wrinkles, and his chiseled body never bruises, not even if he crashes into trees.

From: OneClimate.net What is the CO2 footprint of a Second Life user? Quote from the site - We had a good, engaging gathering of people from all over in the new meeting space at OneClimate Islands in Second Life this past Thursday. The conversation got quite dense (only way I know to describe the interesting “layering” of conversations which seems to happen in SL chats, unlike any other chats I have been in) with a lot of topics.

From: Salon.com Osama bin Laden’s “Second Life” Quote from the site - Lately there has been some rather bizarre hype about the potential threat from terrorists in cyberspace. Security specialists have been expressing increasing concern about the potential for mischief with Web 2.0.

From: CNN Money IBM Opens New 3D Virtual Healthcare Island on Second Life Quote from the site - IBM debuted at HIMSS08 its newest island in Second Life: IBM Virtual Healthcare Island. The island is a unique, three-dimensional representation of the challenges facing today’s healthcare industry and the role information technology will play in transforming global healthcare delivery to meet patient needs.

From: Union Leader Temple man’s store for Second Life shoppers Quote from the site - THE LINE between fantasy and reality is growing fuzzier every day — and that’s a good thing for New Hampshire native James Maynard, who just opened a make-believe business in a make-believe world that could turn a real profit.

From: Information Week Join Us For InformationWeek Live Tuesday With Clay Shirky Quote from the site - Our guest, New York University’s Clay Shirky, will discuss his new book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power Of Organizing Without Organizations, which describes how social networks like MySpace and Digg are allowing new kinds of collaborative action.

From: Federal Times Spice up your next meeting: Wear wings Quote from the site - On Tuesday afternoons, NASA holds a weekly meeting with contractors and space enthusiasts. For the uninitiated, it’s a pretty strange event. The meetings are held in an online virtual world called Second Life. Avatars — animated characters that represent real people — do all the interacting.

From: CNN Money Cisco Helps Palomar Pomerado Health Open “Hospital of the Future” Three Years Ahead of Schedule… in “Second Life” Quote from the site - Cisco and Palomar Pomerado Health today cut the ribbon on a new hospital in the online virtual world “Second Life.” The virtual hospital, a simulation of a real-world hospital campus due to open in 2011, gives visitors the opportunity to tour the hospital years before its doors actually open.

From: SciLands Virtual Continent Second Life Eco-Tour Quote from the site - If you have never been in a virtual world, here is your chance to visit one of the most popular, Second Life, and see how people are using this online environment to address real world environmental issues ranging from tackling climate change to fostering more sustainable consumption patterns.

From: SL I-Reports Science and Art Quote from the site - SciArt Media, a Temple, New Hampshire, based web design and publishing company, is opening a new office and more today, January 18th. What is unusual is the location of the new office: it is nowhere in the real world – it is entirely virtual – located in the realm of Second Life. The entire complex will be known as the SciArt Media Center.

From: Machiniplex3 Machinima Meeting in Second Life Quote from the site - I’ve been attending the monthly machinima meetings hosted by Phil Rice (Overman) and every one has been informative and enjoyable. Since I don’t spend any time at forums anymore, this is an excellent way to hook up with folks in the community and chat about machinima, games and just about anything in-between.

From: Information Week Hospital Takes Its Grand Opening To Second Life Quote from the site - A new state-of-the art medical center due to open in San Diego in 2011 had its virtual grand opening three years early on the Internet-based Second Life. Palomar Pomerado Health and its technology partner Cisco Systems on Monday cut the ribbon on Second Life for the simulated version of the real-life Palomar West Medical Campus, which is under construction and isn’t slated to open for about three years.

From: Second Sight Live Theater in Second Life : Hamlet I, i Quote from the site - The Second Life Shakespeare Company has the ambitious goal of putting on a live production of Hamlet in-world, using voice and either actors controlling their avatars, or (they hope) their own bot technology for doing more sophisticated movement.

From: Second Life Blog Fix for Clickthrough Stats on Classifieds (Public JIRA VWR-3200) Quote from the site - Operations is currently pushing a fix to all regions which will repair summary statistics for classified ad clickthroughs.

From: New World Notes Greenies Gets 100K Visitors, L’Oreal Sponsorship Quote from the site - Recently UK studio Rezzable sent out word that Greenies, their universally acclaimed Second Life funhouse of adorable aliens in a giant house, had just counted its 100,000th unique visitor– fairly impressive and steady traffic for a region that opened last July. Of those who visited, Rezzable CEO RightAsRain Rimbaud estimates about 5,000 have purchased Greenies items.

From: Your2ndPlace WSE’s Live Announcement Redux. Quote from the site - For the first part of the live discussion, LukeConnell Vandeverre said the following things (taken as notes during the audio; analysis to follow)..

From: Out to Pasture Zooming out to zoom in Quote from the site - I am finding it increasingly difficult to write about virtual worlds with generalities. My views of “feature requirements” are shaped so much by industry and the customer need. Some businesses are focused on virtual worlds as a product/service to their customers, others are focused on leveraging these technologies for marketing/advertising purposes, and others are focused on internal uses such as education or collaboration.

From: Dusan Writer’s Metaverse Education Second Life’s Killer App? Not so fast Quote from the site - A shot across the bow at Second Life from the largest group representing educators in Second Life - the New Media Consortium, which has announced a collaboration with Sun Microsystems to launch an Open Worlds project whose characteristics take aim at issues with Second Life.

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