Feb 27

Palomar West The Hospital of the Future

I just got back from the Hospital of the Future in Second Life, Palomar West, I think I am about a pound lighter after the experience. This place will be something else and if it is truly like this in rl, it will certainly draw people to the area looking for better healthcare. The virtual version has a GREAT walk through demo of what it will be like, taking you through the room, surgery and recovery, it is definitely worth checking out.

Palomar West Front

Palomar West Back

This is the main lobby, make sure you have updated your version of QuickTime to the latest, I had not upgraded mine when I first got there and couldn’t get the bracelet that you need to try it out.

Palomar West Lobby

I need to have my gall bladder removed, Oh Noes!

Palomar West Patient Room

This is my Doctor, Dr. ummm, I forget, I should try to remember that.

Palomar West My Doctor

Palomar West Scanner

Look my insides displayed on the wall.

Palomar West Scanning

Is it morning already?

Palomar West Surgery Room

Guess so!

Palomar West Surgery

Wow, a whole team of doctors, just for me?

Palomar West My Team of Doctors

Doesn’t this guy look like one of the criminals from the CSI: NY sim? Or is it that noob I keep running into at that sex exercise place?

Palomar West CSI Criminal?

Palomar West Surgery Time

Back in my room, optimized for recovery. In Palomar West you always have the same room, all to yourself, and they bring the equipment to you.

Palomar West Recovery Room

Ahh, the green grass and fresh air sure make you feel better, wait, I guess that’s the point.

Palomar West Green Recovery Room

They say, “Your comfort and care are our top priority”, well, I believe it if the real thing will be anything like the virtual version.

Here is a short video tour.

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  1. Liznwiz February 28th, 2008 7:03 pm

    Having had a rl gallbladder removed, I went off to see what this hospital had to offer the NHS doesn’t.

    Seems gallbladder problems are common in sl, I too had the same complaint. Operation was quick, easy and painless. Recovery time was super fast. But it was a fun experience.

    In my opinion rl hospitals have a long way to go to beat this one.

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