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Second Life News for February 29, 2008

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From: Adweek Second Thoughts on Second Life Quote from the site - When I first stepped into Second Life, I felt like Dorothy stepping out of her crashed house into Oz. I was blown away. The graphics, the architecture, the wild and sexy avatars, the locations to visit, the flying — it was all cool and amazing, and I looked forward to each future visit. “This could be addicting,” I even thought. Fast-forward just a few short weeks and I’m pleased to report that I’m having no worries about the need for SL Addicts Anonymous.

From: Information Week Don’t Discount The Threat Of Web 2.0 Terror Quote from the site - We’ve recently seen silly articles hyping the threat of terrorists using virtual worlds and other Web 2.0 sites for recruitment, planning, and training. And we’ve seen equally silly articles ridiculing the idea. The truth is that Web 2.0 tools are great for terrorism, for the same reasons they’re great for legitimate projects.

From: mrtopf.de TopfCast #003: SXSW, the Second Life backlash and FOSDEM 2008 Quote from the site - TopfCast #003: SXSW, the Second Life backlash and FOSDEM 2008

From: Warcry Network GDC 08 Round-Up: Nokia, Vivox, CDC and PlayXpert Quote from the site - Some of the most impressive and innovative developers at GDC do not directly make MMOs, but instead operate behind the scenes to make games better. Every year, these companies seem to fill two booths for every one that has a game in it. This year, we took the time to see a few of these companies and present a round-up of some of the more noteworthy stories we heard.

From: Rockford Register Star RVC exploring Second Life as educational tool Quote from the site - A few weeks ago, I wrote about Second Life, a three-dimensional virtual world available via the Internet where users spend real time living parallel lives with virtual families they created and socializing with other “avatars” who also visit the virtual world.

From: MIT Technology Review Historical Maps in Second Life Quote from the site - A new installation inside Second Life is bringing alive one of the world’s largest collections of antique maps. Called the David Rumsey Maps Island (registration required), the Second Life site is San Francisco map collector David Rumsey’s latest high-technology plan to share his collection with as large an audience as possible.

From: DesMoines Register ISU journalism director challenges cyber trend Quote from the site - When Iowa State University journalism school Director Michael Bugeja asked a group of Simpson College students what inspires awe in them, he was greeted with deafening silence.

From: Computers, creativity and learning Plagiarism in Second Life Quote from the site - It had to happen. My Second Life was running along smoothly (meaning that I have had fewer whiney emails from students saying that their friends have been stealing their toy bricks). And then the fearsome spectre of plagiarism loomed large over my lab session.

From: Reader Services UCD Second Life - Library Ireland Week Quote from the site - UCD Library’s Second Life Branch is the location for the virtual venues strand of the Library Ireland Week 2008 festivities.

From: informIT Virtually Bored? Entertainment Options in Second Life Quote from the site - In Second Life, you can do just about anything you do in first life (and many things you never could). With freedom like this, you get a wealth of options for entertainment, many of which include social activities like dancing and games with new friends. So get ready to have some fun as we explore some of the best virtual entertainment available.

From: Ambling in Second Life A Tale of Orders and Invoices Quote from the site - Taking a break from my more usual blogging activities, I wanted to get down my experiences of corporate virtual land purchase so that I could find out from you where I went wrong, and how I can make things better next time. If, by some chance, I did not go wrong, then let this stand as a salutary lesson for us all – and poke in the direction of Linden Lab to sort out their B2B procedures.

From: Flexible Learning Peer review/feedback (not) in Second Life Quote from the site - Today’s lab was all about giving and receiving peer feedback for an aspect of the students’ assignments. Some chose to have their tutorial reviewed (for the marking scheme, check out the lecturer’s blog), others to have their building in Second Life reviewed.

From: everyday second life Questions for the journalist - part I Quote from the site - Last Wednesday, I was invited by Cybergrrl Oh to her Athena Isle to talk about my work as a journalist in Second Life. Weekly meetings are part of her Second Life Writers’ Club. Luckily, I wasn’t expected to hold a speech – just introduce myself and answer people’s questions as well as I could.

From: Second Life Blog Database issues - Transaction Histories not available Quote from the site - There are issues currently affecting the database which may result in the inability to view Transaction History. It is being addressed and should be resolved shortly. Please keep an eye on this blog for more information as it becomes available.

From: Second Life Blog Update from 1.19.0(4) to 1.19.0(5) viewer required (earlier still allowed) Quote from the site - A security issue was discovered in the Second Life 1.19.0(4) viewer released yesterday. Although we have no information indicating that it is being exploited, residents who downloaded the optional 1.19.0(4) viewer should update to 1.19.0(5). Earlier supported versions - 1.18.5(3), 1.18.4(3), 1.18.3(5) and 1.18.2(1) are unaffected and may still be used.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #18: Beyond the Veil Quote from the site - This week’s Knowledge Base Article of the Week is actually two articles on a somewhat unusual topic: Death and other “First Life” Worries and How do I bequeath my Second Life account and assets to another Resident if I die in real life?

From: Wayne Porter Virtual is Real | Second Life Not Second Quote from the site - Well only for a few perhaps, and we are far from it, but let’s look to the future through the eye’s of a futurist… Virtual reality and reality to merge says Ray Kurzweil. “Computers the size of blood cells will create fully immersive virtual realities by 2033,” leading inventor Ray Kurzweil has predicted. If so this sucks for me. I am to late. Death = phail.

From: BBC Virtuality and reality ‘to merge’ Quote from the site - Computers the size of blood cells will create fully immersive virtual realities by 2033, leading inventor Ray Kurzweil has predicted.

From: New World Notes Aging Effects: Are Second Life’s New Users Consuming Less? Quote from the site - ArminasX Saiman recently crunched the demographic numbers of customers of his particle effects store, Electric Pixels, and noticed an odd phenomenon…

From: SL Reports Burma clarification on BNT Financial lawsuit Quote from the site - In response to a bit of my own sharp criticism about the proposed BNT Financial lawsuit, Mr. Arthur Burma has been kind enough to provide a response clarifying a few of his intentions with regard to possible upcoming proceedings.

From: SL Reports New CTO at CapEx Quote from the site - The SL Capital Exchange has selected Chango Kanto as its new Chief Technology Officer, according to an announcement at the exchange website last night. In compensation for his efforts, Kanto has received 19,000,000 shares of the exchange – roughly 25% ownership of the organization.

From: Dedric Mauriac JVA Second Life Bot now has stats Quote from the site - Each time a new version of this JVA multi-purpose bot comes out, I start snooping around the program looking at what is new. This time I noticed that there are now a few statistical graphs.

From: Metaverse journal Virtual Sydney CBD slowly taking shape Quote from the site - As we’ve previously mentioned, SydSim is Telstra’s replica Sydney CBD that started development in November 2007. In December I was critical of the build’s nature.

From: Your 2nd Place Simon Walsh Presentation At “Using Virtual Worlds and Emerging Technologies for People with Disabilities” Quote from the site - The Using Virtual Worlds and Emerging Technologies for People with Disabilities event was kicked off by none other than Simon Walsh, and was very well attended.

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