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Second Life News for February 20, 2008

February 20th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog Dazzle is here to improve your interface! Quote from the site - Linden Lab continues to work on key areas of importance for our Residents, and alongside performance and stability is usability. We’re pleased to announce First Look: Dazzle, a “refresh” for the Second Life viewer’s appearance which makes the UI (User Interface) more accessible and pleasing.

From: Americas Network Telco monopolies get Second Life Quote from the site - One of the interesting things about Second Life is this: for a virtual world whose population includes flying bat-winged people who pay extra for genitalia, which is then invariably used to perform unnatural acts with pandas to the point where Linden Lab actually had to establish a policy banning such things, it has a tendency to mirror meatspace whether it wants to or not.

From: Second Life Presentation/Booklets/Conference Quote from the site - Things are shaping up for tomorrows conference on Digital Geography and Web 2.0 at the Barbican, Cinema 2, London. Our talk is not Powerpoint based but instead mainly running via IMovie with overlays timed to get across our points.

From: Foreign Policy Terrorists in Second Life Quote from the site - Last year, several bombs were detonated outside the retail stores of American Apparel and Reebok. No one knew who was behind the attacks until the perpetrators came forward—the Second Life Liberation Army.

From: Business Wire Blackboard Announces Ball State University as Inaugural Recipient of Blackboard Greenhouse Grant for Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Blackboard Inc., a leading provider of enterprise technology for the education industry, today announced Ball State University (BSU) Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts and Animation (IDIAA) Cinema Arts Program as the winner of the company’s first $25,000 Blackboard Greenhouse Grant for Virtual Worlds. By leveraging the interactive technology of Second Life with the Blackboard course management system, BSU’s program will extend instruction to an e-Learning community that would otherwise not have access to the expensive equipment and labs needed for the university’s standard course of study.

From: Oh Second Life IBM and Kaufman Foundation 3-D Internet for Learning Summit! Quote from the site - Just left the IBM/Conference Foundation “What’s New Here Forum” conference call, and boy are my ears tired. Held in IBM’s Active Worlds Center for Innovation, it featured several very smart and involved guys talking for nearly two hours.

From: 3G Mobile Phone Blog ‘Second Life’ on 3G Phones Quote from the site - The Second Lifeexperience is coming to mobile. The 3D virtual world platform, created by Linden Lab will soon be available on 3G handsets via Vollee’s streaming mobile games service.

From: Aydin Design Blogging and Tweeting in Second Life Quote from the site - Only test posts in there at the moment, so I wouldn’t bother looking at. Using an app called BlogHud which at the moment is appearing on a separate blog.

From: geek gestalt ‘Second Life’ coming to mobile devices? Quote from the site - For years now, the popular virtual world, Second Life has been available only for PCs, Macs, and Linux machines. There has always been talk about whether SL might ever make it onto consoles like the Xbox or PlayStation 3 and some scattered discussion about possible mobile phone implementations.

From: Mobile Content Bits Mobile Content Bits: Dorling Kindersley; Second Life; Virgin Mobile; Ad-Funded Games Quote from the site - 3D virtual world Second Life is going mobile. Two mobile technology firms are offering members software that gives members access to the online avatar community on their mobiles.

From: Digital Transformation ‘Second Life’ coming to mobile devices? Quote from the site - There has been talk that the poplar virtual world Second Life might be popping up on mobile devices in the near future. With technology getting better each day it is just a matter of time that something as popular as Second life would make it to mobile devices.

From: openPR euroSLEX offers new source of income to Second Life residents Quote from the site - The new “euroSLEX Partner Network” started today allows to make money in Second Life, even without being online.

From: gigaom Blue Mars: Second Life With Pro-Level Content Quote from the site - When you’re building a virtual world paradise, does it help to do so from an actual one? That was my first thought after reading about Avatar Reality, a startup based in Oahu, Hawaii (the pic is Honolulu’s Aloha Tower as seen from the founder’s office.)

From: Information Week Join Us For GridTalk On Friday With Wagner James Au, Author Of “The Making Of Second Life” Quote from the site - Join us in Second Life and on the Web for a conversation with Wagner James Au, author of the new book, The Making Of Second Life, a history of the virtual world, its creators, and residents. The book is a terrific chronicle of a four-year technological landmark and cultural phenomenon.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Server Software Updates (1.19.1) Quote from the site - Over the next several days we’ll be updating the servers comprising Second Life to our “1.19.1? version of the server code.

From: Massively GDC 08: Entertainment content convergence in online worlds Quote from the site - We spent most of Monday ensconced in the GDC Worlds in Motion summit track, which made “standing room only” seem extremely spacious — most of the sessions were packed to the gills and then some. It seems like more than a few industry types are interested in the intersections between gaming and virtual worlds.

From: Full Circle Associates Rockridge Second Life World Cafe Harvest Quote from the site - I did my first graphic recording gig in Second Life tonight for a Rockridge Institute gathering. It started with a telephone presentation by George Lakoff, then an hour of Q&A on the phone. After that about 20 of us did a virtual World Cafe in Second Life. This image is the recording of the harvest.

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ISTE Social: Movie Night - Screening Machinima

February 19th, 2008 | Category: Machinima

From a group notice:

We will be screening YOUR machinima at ISTE this Thursday, February 21 at 6 PM SLT. Have you been creating machinima that you would like to share with your ISTE colleagues? Send Corinne Fleury an im.

You will probably have to be in the group, but I’ve been wrong before.

ISTE Island

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Second Life News for February 19, 2008

February 19th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Torley Did you hear what David Lynch had to say about Second Life on the iPhone? Quote from the site - OMG, I’m flabbergasted.

From: Second Life Newspaper A Friend’s Special Valentine’s Day in Second Life Quote from the site - Sometimes Valentines Day is just a sad reminder of me not having found anyone, or as another avie put it, “Happy Stick It to Singles Day.” But for a friend of mine, the holiday turned out well.

From: Gwyn’s Home Snowcrashing Into The Diamond Age 2 (Part Two): An Essay By Extropia DaSilva Quote from the site - It’s time to give voice to Extropia DaSilva again — and she’s back with an earlier topic, which she has expanded quite neatly on this latest essay of hers. Enjoy!

From: UNI UNI wins award at the French Senate for protest in Second Life Quote from the site - Ten of the most exemplary and innovative web-related projects worldwide were given awards on February 14th during the first NetXplorateur Forum.

From: Avatars let cybersavvy show their inner selves Quote from the site - Bryan Mnemonic can fly. His suit never wrinkles, and his chiseled body never bruises, not even if he crashes into trees. Bryan Carter wishes he could afford Mnemonic’s diamond cufflinks. But a mouse click makes it possible for Carter — Mnemonic’s maker — to indulge in a little bling in the virtual world.

From: Info World Crackpot tech: Virtual worlds Quote from the site - The likelihood of Second Life having a long-term impact on the enterprise may appear virtually nonexistent, but consider this: Education, collaboration, and networking — three productivity mandates for today’s enterprise — are fast catching on in the virtual world.

From: Business Journal Vollee to bring Second Life to mobile devices Quote from the site - An Israel-based company backed by Silcion Valley venture firms said Monday it plans to bring Second Life’s virtual worlds to mobile devices.

From: Paymeny Industry Insider Second Life and Innovation Quote from the site - Second Life has gotten a pretty bad rap lately. First IBM bashes the concept of “my avatar on a virtual island” by asking if they had made any money on the island. “Virtual money or actual money?” our goateed, young innovator asks. “The point of innovation is to make actual money,” says the wise businessman.

From: Computer Weekly Security researchers activate Apple QuickTime heist in Second Life for Real Cash Quote from the site - Security researchers have demonstrated a multimedia security flaw in the Second Life virtual reality site, which allows attackers to steal money. Charlie Miller, a security analyst at Independent Security Evaluators, and security expert Dino Dai Zovi decided to investigate the security of online games.

From: SL I-Reports Haven for autistic people in SL Quote from the site - Dave Sparrow has a project, which involves people in real life getting help from Second Life. Strange way round? Well, it’s not once you know how much Second Life has helped Dave, who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, which is a form of Autism.

From: Virtual Bali, Second Life and Unpredictability Quote from the site - Considering the participants’ experience with Virtual Bali as a clue to what makes Second Life better, or at least different, from the web.

From: Telerik Watch Telerik supports successful C# Day 2 in Second Life Quote from the site - Building on the success of the first C# Day held back in December of 2007, the Second Life .NET User Group, Microsoft, and InnerWorkings organized another very successful C# Day this past Saturday. A C# Day is an interactive experience that challenges attendees to explore the C# language and teach each other how the language works.

From: This is amazing! Students building in Second Life Quote from the site - I am - as we say - gobsmacked. A few weeks ago our island in Second Life was a barren piece of virtual soil and sea. I am right this moment walking around the island with my avatar (deliberately walking, not flying) and all before my eyes are the most amazing and creative objects.

From: Ohmynews Second Life Connects With Dance and VJs Quote from the site - Arts organizations in the southwest of England have adopted Second Life (SL) as part of an animation festival and an aspect of dance, as performance art in Exeter and as a VJ event in Bristol on Feb. 23 both live and streamed.

From: Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog 7 tips for real-world businesses in Second Life Quote from the site - It has been a while since I’ve written a proper Second Life post but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been on my mind. After all, crayon still maintains a virtual headquarters there. One of the recurring topics at recent coffee With crayon gatherings (every Thursday at 9am EST/6am SLT on crayonville Island) has been a discussion about whether are marketers even interested in virtual worlds anymore.

From: Your 2nd Place What Happened To Linden Lab? Quote from the site - When Linden Lab instituted the banking ban within Second Life this year, I said it was 4 months late. Being critical of Linden Lab has been quite easy over the last year, with Linden Lab seeming to be very far removed from its very own reality.

From: New World Notes New Labor: International Union Organizing Via Second Life Quote from the site - Last week, representatives from the AFL-CIO and the UK-based Trades Union Congress gathered at Second Life’s Union Island to discuss strategies to combat union-busting moves. Most concerning, according to the island’s official blog, is how “US union-busting companies are increasingly crossing the pond to work for UK employers.”

From: Second Life Blog [Resolved] General network related issues Quote from the site - There are many regions down at the moment along with a collection of in world issues. If you are not able to login, please attempt login in a different region. Similarly with Teleporting. We have not yet pinpointed the source of these issues and will provide more information as soon as it is available.

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED] Inworld Services slowdown Quote from the site - Our Ops Team is currently investigating a problem with one of our databases, which might show itself as timed-out LindeX requests, slow or failing teleports, slow script responses and errors in map display.

From: Second Life Herald Why Griefing = Drama: Broken Immersion Quote from the site - “Griefing” takes many forms in Second Life, but the results are the same. There are dozens if not hundreds of “anti-griefing” groups, all devoted to filing abuse reports, I guess. Why does griefing and trolling ignite so much drama and controversy in online communities?

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Journey Rock Band Gets A Second Life

February 18th, 2008 | Category: Fun, Mozy Pera, Music, Places to Visit

Journey Rock Band Gets A Secondlife - By Mozy Pera

The Rock & Roll entertainment giants Journey have opened a new virtual island in Second life.

Journey Island

On February 1st the multi-platinum rockers held a grand opening party to celebrate their new virtual world sim called Journey Island. I got the news a couple weeks too late so I can’t say first hand how the event unfolded although I am sure it went well.

After hearing about the new Island, I teleported over to have a look around and was greeted by one of the Island welcome committee members and also a nice pre-recorded voice greeter. Journey fans were dropping in to my left and to my right. Many of the band’s fans are new to Second life and are signing up through the bands newly designed website – via the link to Second life.

The band is currently on the road doing a world tour to help promote their new album (due to release in 2008) and this virtual platform will allow them to stay connected with their fans while touring, as well as their off seasons.

Journey Island was built by, Journey’s long time web developer and features work by SL builders Farrokh Vavoom, Argus Collingwood, Jocelyn Sands and Adrian Harbinger. The Second life region is named Journey Rock Band.

I was fortunate that the two sim managers Farrokh Vavoom and Argus Collingwood were hanging out on the sim and shortly after meeting them; they offered me a tour of the island and an informal interview. They teleported me to a quiet little water world area under the grid where I was greeted by several friendly ocean critters including sharks and jellyfish. Whoa!

Mozy Pera

The entire sim has been setup very well and a lot of thought and planning went into the development, layout, design and function of it. Owning and designing sims myself, I can appreciate all the hard work they did there.
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Second Life News for February 18, 2008

February 18th, 2008 | Category: Second Life Learning

From: Wherein I Try to Balance My First and Second Lives PhotoHunt is back! Quote from the site - Very few people out there will remember my efforts to begin the PhotoHunt a little less than a year ago… the result was a bit of an unorganized and discouraging mess, but I’m glad to say that I’ve got my shit together this time around!

From: International Edubloggers Directory Chris Duke Quote from the site - Chris, aka Topher Zwiers in Second Life, is an an educational technologist and instructional designer primarily interested in educational application of emerging technologies, institutional technology integration, and distance learning; he currently works as Director of Training & Professional Development and as an adjunct instructor in Computer Information Technology for a two-year, community college in the Houston, Texas USA area.

From: BBC Singer’s Taff’s Bar virtual debut Quote from the site - A singer-songwriter will appear as her virtual self when she makes her online debut in parallel world Second Life.

From: The Diary of a Second Life Socialite Quote from the site - I am concerned. I am very … very … very concerned. Not only am I concerned, but I am a bit confused. It seems that I have greatly overestimated people in Second Life’s ability to formulate their own opinions and then to act accordingly. Furthermore, it seems that I have gravely underestimated the gravity of my words on my own blog.

From: Monterey County Herald MIIS to host lecture on virtual world Second Life Quote from the site - Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins, chief editor of the Second Life Education blog, will speak from 9-11 a.m. on Friday in the Irvine Auditorium at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Her lecture, titled “Virtual Worlds and Education: Embracing Tomorrow’s Technology to Engage Today’s Students,” is hosted by the institute’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative.

From: Ambling in Second Life metaLIFE’s metaHUD Quote from the site - Second Life is full of HUDs*. There are HUDs for improving communications, for looking cool, for managing your environment, for overriding default behaviours… in fact, for just about anything in Second Life. It is entirely possible to have so many HUDs active on your screen that you cannot actually see the 3D world whose use the HUDs are intended to support.

From: Grassroots Advocacy in Second Life: Namov Abramovic (Nick Dupree) Quote from the site - Last night, on the roof of the Accessibility Center, on Healthinfo Island, in Second Life, I was privileged to learn about the experiences of Namov Abramovic, a real life from-the-ground-up warrior for the rights of those with disabilities.

From: Rod Trent Do you use Second Life? Quote from the site - Are there any IT Pros out there that use Second Life for networking purposes, job searches, self-promotion, or community building?

From: San Diego Business Journal PPH to Showcase Hospital of the Future in a Virtual World Quote from the site - For the last few months, 10 Web developers have worked to re-create Palomar Pomerado Health’s hospital of the future in Second Life, the 3-D online world that hosts millions of residents.

From: Internet Entrepreneurship Second Life - a not so new idea Quote from the site - After watching the video that was posted, a few thoughts spring to mind. One being that while in one sense the development of a site like second life is a little scary, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. Even before the age of Web 2.0 and video games, people have enjoyed the idea of being someone else or having a life different from the one you actually have as a form of entertainment.

From: QuickTime ‘evil pink box’ flaw hits Second Life Quote from the site - Researchers Charlie Miller, of Independent Security Evaluators, and Dino Dai Zovi turned their attention to Second Life during a Saturday morning presentation at ShmooCon, an East Coast computer hacking conference. The researchers didn’t exploit a flaw within Linden Labs’ Second Life, but within QuickTime, showing how an attacker could make money stealing from innocent Second Life victims.

From: SL Men Free Expression: Pour Homme? by Giselle22 Bristol Quote from the site - Second life fashion has evolved throughout the years, when second life first started we went from bad textured clothes, bad fit and bad designers. In the year of 2008 second life fashion has fully evolved and came a long way from where it started but who has S.L fashion evolved for you search fashion and 99precent of the stores are either bad quality women’s clothing or high end well designed women’s clothing, where does this leave the men, searching hours upon hours for a good pair of shoes to keep up with the clock.

From: Digital Strawberry Girl Getting data into Second Life using .NET Quote from the site - I’ve been having fun getting objects in Second Life talking to a database on my dev server using .NET code, so I thought I’d share the magic with those of you who are interested. For the SecondLife bit, I’ll use the llHTTPRequest object to request data from my external source. The real-world bit is some ASP.NET code running on a development server.

From: /swords Virtual Human Interaction Lab Quote from the site - Dr. Jeremy Bailenson of VHIL at Stanford just finished presenting at Metaverse U. You may have seen the recent NY Times article about mimicry and persuasion that covered some of their work.

From: Wayne Porter on Attention Revenue Relay for Life- Raising Funds- Advanced Concepts Quote from the site - Having a history analyzing data and metrics for real world charities I was very interested in how virtual worlds, in particular Second Life, have or are using lindens to do the same.

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Starax Giant Demon Statue, King Kong and More

February 17th, 2008 | Category: Art, Places to Visit, Starax Stratosky

Here is a little collection of Starax stuff I found on BlogHUD and Second Life search tonight, as I said I would look occasionally in this post, and I found quite a few things I had not seen yet.

Starax Giant Demon at Plum.

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon 2

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon 3

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon 4

This one below is called Imagoel doll by Starax on Utopia.
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Second Life Tips Videos

February 17th, 2008 | Category: Second Life Tips, Second Life Videos

Here are a bunch of videos by Torley Linden that he posted to Youtube this month, giving you the basics on how to do all kinds of stuff in Second Life. I have posted a widget below that will always show the latest Second Life videos on our video site, and links to the videos themselves below, definitely worth looking at if you are new to Second Life.

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Second Life News for February 17, 2008

February 17th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Fabulously Free in SL Ride THE BYCICLETTE at VANDEVERRE´s Emporium wearing a FLEUR Quote from the site - FLEUR (formerly Tete a Pied) gives out as a “Thank You Joining the Update Group” a gift card worth 500 Linden to buy one of the absolutely amazing skins. But hurry, it lasts only for 1 week! What`s to do….

From: Wayne Porter on Attention Revenue Association of Virtual Worlds Thoughts Quote from the site - The Association of Virtual Worlds believes that virtual worlds represent a major information and technological revolution in how we work, play and live per the site. I think any long-time user agrees, despite setbacks, these pocket universes are major market disrupters.

From: Ambling in Second Life IBM’s Power Up - The Game Quote from the site - Apparently IBM have opened a new virtual world, Power Up - an educational world aimed at teenagers, in which they will learn about environmental and energy issues affecting our own planet by exploring and working on the virtual plant of Helios in a bid to save it from ecological disaster.

From: My Infocalypse Justifying 3D is becoming difficult Quote from the site - Don’t think for a moment that I don’t fully grok the benefits of 3D presence, whether its in a virtual world or a video game. Like many things, context is key. However, over the past three or so years, I’ve found myself increasingly questioning the value of spatial and virtual 3D presence for uses not associated with 3D workflows.

From: Out to Pasture Metaverse DRM Part II Quote from the site - Markus Breuer picked up the conversation on IP rights and permissions systems on the Otherland blog. He conveys an attitude that I had in past, although as I noted the other day, I am increasingly influenced by the arguments for open client-side assets.

From: Lincoln comes alive online Quote from the site - In this world, Mary Todd Lincoln has an East Coast accent and librarian Kitty Pope has fantastic hair.

From: Brigham City Library Blog Second Life Quote from the site - Now you or your student can take a tour of a college without ever leaving your own home thanks to the first Virtual College Fair through Teen Second Life. Last Fall, 176 students meandered among 20 booths in Eye4You Alliance, an education “island” inside Teen Second Life.

From: D3f3ns3 in D3pth Exploiting QuickTime flaws in ‘Second Life’ Quote from the site - Researchers Charlie Miller of Independent Security Evaluators, and Dino Dai Zovi, turned their attention to Second Life during a Saturday morning presentation at ShmooCon, an East Coast computer hacking conference. The researchers didn’t exploit a flaw within Linden Labs’ Second Life, but within QuickTime. They showed how an attacker could make money stealing from innocent Second Life victims.

From: Massively Flexpetz purveys prim pooches Quote from the site - Flexpetz is a … well, let’s call it a timeshare club for dogs. Rent-a-pet, if you will. Face it, some of us like to have canine company, and just don’t have the time or the circumstances to own.

From: The Pitfalls Of Online Role-Playing Games Quote from the site - How would you change your life if you could simply flip a switch? If you could start it all over again, what would you do differently? Thousands of people are doing just that — in the virtual sense. Byork and Alyssa are young, attractive millionaires — married for less than a year.

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More Starax Stratosky Sculptures

February 16th, 2008 | Category: Art, Starax Stratosky

Found some more Starax sculptures, I mentioned in this post I would look around occasionally for some more Starax stuff and found one I hadn’t seen yet, at The Rockwell Ginsberg Gallery.

This one is called the Devil and the Angel.

Devil and the Angel by Starax

The Angel by Starax Stratosky

Devil by Starax Stratosky

Here is the Lion, which I saw at Blackwater Art Sculpture Gallery, but this one looks a little shinier, smoother than the one at Blackwater.
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Best Bug Competition on Adventure Island

February 16th, 2008 | Category: Building, Competition, Design

From the notecard:

Adventure Island is holding a competition for the best bugs, insects, and creepy crawlies. Fire up your prims and win 50,000 Lindens! Second Life URL.

Bug Design Contest

Here are the rules:

  • Use your imagination to create insects or bugs that would fit into a jungle environment. The environment tends towards realistic but whimsical, fanciful, crazy and creepy submissions are welcome.

  • You MUST join the Adventure Island group to enter the contest. This is for the purposes of communicating with those who enter.
  • Bugs should measure no more than .2 meters in any direction and should have no more than 25 prims. Submissions may be scripted or animated but see the point system below - scripting and animation is not a major criteria for judging, although may be eligible for bonus points.
  • Send a full perm copy to Dusan Writer before 12:00 noon SL time on February 22nd, 2008.
  • Judging will take place no later than February 28th. A date and time for judging will be announced by February 22nd and contestants will have the opportunity to attend.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries, but you will only be eligible to receive one cash prize.

Nice Sculpture

Prizes are as follows:
First place 50,000 Lindens
Second place 20,000 Lindens
Third place 10,000 Lindens
Fourth place to 25th place 1,000 Lindens each

  • A panel of judges will score the entries. Judges will be asked NOT to view the creator names during the judging process. Each judge will separately score the entries. The entries will then be tabulated by both Dusan Writer and an independent party.

  • Scoring will be in the following categories, each worth 1 to 5 points:
    Prim work (including, though not required, use of tiny prims, sculpts, or highly detailed work)
    Texture or color
    Appropriateness for “jungle” theme

  • Up to 3 bonus points may be awarded at the discretion of the judge for scripting, animation, or unique features.

Nice Building

Your Work:
By submitting your entry you are also agreeing to allow Dusan Writer and/or his appointees to use your creation for the purposes of display, promotion, and as part of environments, sims, and other purposes. You are providing an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive license for this use and also agree that Dusan Writer can modify and copy without restriction.

You will RETAIN the full rights to your creation including the right to sell it, copy it, or give it away.

Dusan Writer agrees not to sell your creation or give it away without your express consent and binds his employees and delegates to same.

If you have any questions, please do NOT IM…because of IM limitations, please submit questions in a notecard to Dusan Writer.

Thanks and have fun with the prims!

Adventure Island 2008

Babe Painting

Second Life URL.

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Second Life News for February 16, 2008

February 16th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Terra Nova Virtual Trademarks Quote from the site - About a year and a half ago, I pointed out some commentary on trademark law in virtual worlds. In the past year, there have been many developments on this front, including the Eros lawsuits in Second Life and more attention from legal practitioners (see this from WIPO).

From: SFGate Review: ‘Second Lives’ makes the virtual real Quote from the site - Not long ago, the British writer Tim Guest had the great pleasure of meeting the king of the universe. For those readers who are unfamiliar with his galactic majesty, a powerful warrior called Archirus, here’s a quick primer: He rules over vast lands, with the power to tax his millions of subjects and change laws at will.

From: Terra Nova Organising Virtual Events Quote from the site - On the 18th December 2007 Twofour Learning and the Beyond Distance Research Alliance at the University of Leicester launched the Second Life Media Zoo project.

From: Ambling in Second Life Avatarc Quote from the site - Phew! In my last post I basically arrived a few months too early for the island in question, whereas this time I have arrived a few months too late. I’m just back from my first visit - the first of many, I suspect - to the Avatarc sim. The name, as far as I can make out, is a melding of “avatar” and “architecture” and is closely bound with a website of the same name.

From: Science Library Pad Science Friday in Second Life Quote from the site - thanks to Ira Flatow doing Science Friday on the radio and in Second Life.

From: Koreshan Pointe Squid-o-Grams Quote from the site - I saw this on the forums and I knew I had to go there immediately and buy them for everyone I knew in SL. Cuddlefish Junction Kissing Squidogram!

From: Wayne Porter on Attention Revenue Bugs and Lindens Quote from the site - Dusan- why not pay each bug or creature creator a US Dollar bounty, let them retain full rights, a credit on the work, and make the bugs actively purchasable on the SIM (or in a shop on sim)? This is one blend of commerce I am doing at the “Primula Rasa” experiment…let people purchase parts they like, to help sustain the sim, gauge interest, and also gather information on engagement and sustainability.

From: Second Life Blog New (Small Update) WindLight Viewer (80042) Quote from the site - Hey all. This is a smallish update with only a few fixes- most importantly, we’re getting it out to incorporate a number of important fixes from Release Candidate

From: Out to Pasture Value propositions Quote from the site - We study virtual worlds over here — what they are good at, what they are weak at, how they should be designed, which business models work, and what technology building blocks are most useful depending on the goals.

From: Wayne Porter on Attention Revenue Twitter, Trust and Nature Quote from the site - Two divergent yet similar posts came in (one from skype, one via e-mail) both from trusted sources and sources I follow and interact with on twitter and have in Second Life- odd overlaps.

From: Reuters Linden Lab bans extortionate “ad farms” Quote from the site - Linden Lab has banned “ad farms,” the small plots of land with gaudy advertisements that are designed to extort neighboring landowners.

From: Wayne Porter on Attention Revenue Association of Virtual Worlds Launch Quote from the site - I caught this from Dave Elchoness’ linkedin profile and checked it out- have not pinged him yet. I met David very early on in his foray into the Second Life grid, and without revealing his old profession, I asked him what would make him leave the comforts of a hard won corporate ladder climb to enter into the wild and ever-changing high velocity ride of virtual worlds- Second Life in particular.

From: Second Life Blog The Department of Public Works needs YOU Quote from the site - We’ve had lots of great feedback on the Department of Public Works project, and as we still need a few more builders for the first team, it’s time to explain how you apply..

From: Gwyn’s Home Sex, Lies, and Reality Quote from the site - This is the actual title of a white paper released by Proximity London, a well-known creative marketing agency in the UK.

From: Dusan Writer’s Metaverse 50,000L Bug/Insect Making Competition Quote from the site - I’m looking for bugs. Insects, spiders, creepy crawlys, little flying things. I figured instead of shopping, though, that I’d open up a little competition for friends and then figured why shouldn’t everyone have a chance to earn some Lindens.

From: The Metaverse Journal Enterprise 2.0 forum - Luna Park’s the perfect venue Quote from the site - On Tuesday 19th February, Luna Park will play host to the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum. Hosted by Ross Dawson’s Future Exploration Network, this is a forum where Australian business will hear about the innovations occurring with Web 2.0 and virtual worlds like Second Life.
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Isle of View - Valentines Sim Event from Linden Labs

February 15th, 2008 | Category: Lindens, Meet and Greet, Mozy Pera, Valentines Day

Isle of View - Valentines Sim Event from Linden Labs by Mozy Pera

Okay so today is Valentine’s Day 2008 and I spent my day in a Virtual Valentine’s Hugs & Kisses sim created by Linden Labs, a great way to kick off my first report for thegridlive and I couldn’t have had a better time!

Valentine’s Day Sim

I arrived to a huge heart shaped sim colored red with heart prims everywhere and many Lindens were there giving out lots of Linden hugs and kisses and free gifts. This place was crazy, there were so many people attending that I felt like I was attending the arrival of a president or celebrity. Everyone eagerly awaited their turn to get a hug from a Linden, and there were even hugs and kisses booths set up at the outer perimeters of the sim. People were so cheerful and shouts were belted out from every angle. Many SL Mentors were also on hand to spread the love for anyone seeking that special V-Day cheer.

Mozy gets a kiss from a Mentor

Linden Kisses

While it was exciting and great fun to be there, I did encounter many times of sheer panic, all of a sudden the server would not or could not process my snapshots and walking was almost impossible. The sim was packed!
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