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Second Life News for March 30, 2008

March 30th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: PRNewswire International Fund for Animal Welfare Launches IFAW Island in Second Life Quote from the site - The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) announced today the launch of its new space, IFAW Island, in the virtual world called Second Life.

From: DIGITAL DOMAINS ONLINE: A second coming for virtual worlds Quote from the site - When online worlds such as Second Life began, they captured the public’s imagination. But the initial stampede of brands into ‘immersive spaces’ has slowed. Polly Devaney investigates.

From: NPIRL New Real Life - Second Life physical interface Quote from the site - Last night, musician and technologist Komuso Tokugawa attended a Second Life-related event at the bar BarTube in Tokyo. While there, he met with several people who are collaborating on a Havok 4 sim owned by Softbank (the company that acquired failing Vodafone and turned it around), to work with prototypes and try out new ideas.

From: Georgetown Independent Second Life: The Future of the Internet? Quote from the site - How often is the phrase “I need to get away” cried by the stressed out, the bored and the lonely? It is such a tempting thought: escaping from your reality-whatever it may be-and cultivate a fresh, new life.

From: iReport iReport: ‘Naughty Auties’ battle autism with virtual interaction Quote from the site - Walk into Naughty Auties, a virtual resource center for those with autism, and you’ll find palm trees swaying against a striking ocean sunset. Were it not for the pixelated graphics on the computer screen in front of you, you would swear you were looking at a tropical hideaway.

From: NPIRL Avatar puppeteering for Second Life in 2008? Quote from the site - Insofar as virtual worlds are concerned, puppeteering is the real-time, user-manipulated animation of avatar joints, and nope, it’s not available in-world yet, though Linden Lab and its Studio Shiny (an SL developmental lab) have indicated that they are behind it, or were behind it or…

From: The Social Networking Girl WC Second Life team updates Quote from the site - We have our island in Second Life and development has begun! Today we had our team meeting to discuss our recently Professional Development session that was held in SL in collaboration with Memorial University in Canada.

From: Mental Health Notes National Council Uses Second Life For Mental Health Advocacy Quote from the site - Are any of you familiar with Second Life? I know, I know, I can be really behind sometimes - I just discovered it a few months ago.

From: Newsweek The College Tour Goes High-Tech Quote from the site - How big a hall would you need to bring together some 50,000 students and their parents, as well as college admissions officers, guidance counselors and financial-aid experts? No room required: the crowd participated in CollegeWeekLive, a virtual two-day college fair held this week that built on a smaller “test” event held last fall.

From: VTOR Second Life (No Registration Mark) and Trademarks: Your Views Please Quote from the site - Linden Labs, owner of Second Life, has managed to create an uproar again by issuing guidelines governing use of the name and trademark. Others, mainly content creators and SL old-timers, have complained about the hamhanded approach and speculated that this move, coupled with the impending move by Philip Rosedale (aka Philip Linden) from the CEO chair back to the factory floor, might have something to do with a possible IPO.

From: Spindrift, in SciLands, Second Life John Zhaoying talks to SciEye: carbon, future trends, & advantages of running VR conferences Quote from the site - While at Life 2.0 Spring ‘08, SciEye was fascinated by John Zhaoying’s answers to a conf carbob footprint question on the last day. So Eye asked for those numbers again afterwards, and added a few followup questions for him.

From: IWR Blog Second Life vs Real Life Quote from the site - Two recent encounters brought Second Life and real life into sharp contrast. And, it has to be said, on this particular occasion I preferred Second Life.

From: Going gets real in virtual world Quote from the site - Shobha Menon, a Philadelphia-based artist, plans to build an art gallery on Second Life, one of the internet’s more successful virtual worlds.

From: Second Life Left Unity OPEN LETTER TO LINDEN LABS Quote from the site - We have been a group within your medium for 17 months. We are a political forum, essentially using the forum as a way to link with people of our political persuasion across the world. We felt this media would be a great way to do that and have managed to link people across the globe.

From: Vint Falken The Little Newbie, Second Life Music Video Quote from the site - If you heart Trance, you should have heard from the Alienhearts already. This France based trio creates awesome electronic dance music and can often be found performing in Second Life. They have now released their first Second Life Music Video, The Little Newbie.
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Second Life Tutorials and Quicktips

March 30th, 2008 | Category: How To, Second Life Tips, Second Life Videos

Torley has posted another video tip of the week and a few days ago, some more quicktips, this time involving voice chat, so, without further ado, here they are, and his posts from the Second Life Blog, *VIDEO* Tip of the Week #28: Particle editing magic! and Can you hear me now? 7 VOICE CHAT Video Tutorials!.

Even if this is your first day in Second Life — welcome! — you’ve prolly already experienced particles: from loud bling on jewelry, to environmental effects like fire and snow, to C-beams glittering in the dark…

there’s no shortage of special effects, and you can be more than a spectator and make your own particle awesomeness! In less than half an hour, I cover:

Opening a sample particle script
Copying contents from one script to another
Editing particle parameters
Adjusting particle visibility for time of day
Giving particles a texture (MY FAVE!)
Normalizing particle settings for a texture
Disabling particles in your objects
Backing up your particles
A few words of encouragement — I inspire the artist in you! Source: *VIDEO* Tip of the Week #28: Particle editing magic!

In another post, Torley has posted 7 voice chat tip video tutorials, which I have listed below.

VOICE CHAT: Getting started - Second Life Video Tutorial Voice Tips

VOICE CHAT: Etiquette - Second Life Video Tutorial Voice Tips

VOICE CHAT: Who’s speaking? - Second Life Video Tutorial Voice Tips

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Second Life News for March 28, 2008

March 28th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Linux Insider When Your Avatar Gets Sick: Hospitals in Second Life Quote from the site - Hospital visitors — or rather their avatars, who serve as virtual personas in Second Life — can tour the site, try out patient beds and test technology that industry professionals believe will be created in the future. For example, the operating room offers a glassed-off “cockpit” where surgeons sit and guide robotic arms through surgeries.

From: Video Game News Text And Phone From Second Life Quote from the site - The division between real and virtual worlds becomes thinner and thinner. Beginning today on a one-month trial, BT will let your avatar on Second Life make 10 free phone calls – each lasting up to an hour – and send 10 text messages to the real world using its Avatalk service.

From: beyond the beyond Spime Watch: Building Bacteria in Second Life Quote from the site - I don’t wanna come off all stiff-necked about this, because nobody’s happier than me to see weird design ideas getting attention, but, okay, look: strictly speaking, self-replicating software models of bacteria in Second Life are not “spimes.”

From: RW Online WGBH to Open ‘Studio’ in ‘Second Life’ Quote from the site - WGBH Radio Boston is going boldly where no public radio station has gone before, by opening a “virtual studio” on the Second Life Web site.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life news on Twitter and iTunes Quote from the site - Did you know…… we have an official Twitter presence? I know that with lots of social networks out there, you may love certain tools someone else doesn’t.

From: AP Lawsuit Over Online Sex Toys Settled Quote from the site - A dispute over sales of virtual sex toys has resulted in a real-life slap on the wrist for a Texas teenager. Eros LLC, a Tampa Bay-area company that creates virtual sex scripts in the online world “Second Life,” sued Robert Leatherwood, 19, last year claiming he copied, displayed or distributed Eros products without permission.

From: Excalibur Cybrary fields for education Quote from the site - On March 18, 2008, McMaster University liaison librarian Krista Godfrey visited York University, in the real world, to speak with students, teachers and librarians about the benefits of the virtual world.

From: United Spinal Association Fashion, Cars and Avatars Event in Second Life to Raise Awareness About Spinal Cord Injury Quote from the site - Cars! A passion, a hobby, and a culture. It all comes together for Second Life residents on Motorability Island in Second Life.

From: Gwyn’s Home Second Life Bloggers Require Clarification Quote from the site - Your recent change of policy regarding the usage of your trademarks — Second Life, Linden Lab, and others registered by Linden Research Inc. — will effectively prevent the operation of the very vibrant community of bloggers, forum posters, websites, community portals, and even 3rd party services, that have provided Linden Lab with links and driving traffic to your blog, and raising brand awareness for free for your product Second Life.

From: ars technica Second Life lawsuit over purloined naughty bits settled Quote from the site - Wouldn’t it be cool if, in real life, all you had to do in order to try out new, crazy, adventurous sex would be to buy a script from somebody and run it? Or if you weren’t happy with your genitalia, all you had to do was pay someone a few bucks to create a new one (or ones) for you?

From: Your 2nd Place The Request for Clarification from Second Life Bloggers: Blogger Strike? Quote from the site - In Second Life Bloggers Require Clarification, Gwyneth makes some valid points on stuff that many bloggers are up in arms about.

From: Broadband Finder Open Day in Second Life university Quote from the site - Students using their broadband connection to help decide their future could be interested in an open day being held on Second Life by Liverpool Hope University, reports the BBC.

From: Government Technology Virtual Worlds Help Public Safety Officials Practice for Real-Life Threats Quote from the site - In early 2006, a dozen staff members from the California Department of Health Services received extensive training on how to administer antibiotics from the Strategic National Stockpile in the event of an anthrax attack.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #21: Things that go bump (map) in the night Quote from the site - Hi everyone! Have you had a chance to explore our new and improved Support Portal? Now’s your chance; it’s KBAotW time!

From: Second Life Blog Havok 4 Beta Preview Update with 8 fixes (2008-03-27) - RC3 of the new Second Life Simulator Quote from the site - The Havok 4-based Second Life simulator v1.19.3.83444 has been deployed to the Beta Preview. If this version looks solid on the Beta Preview overnight and into tomorrow, then tomorrow (Friday) we will deploy this version to the Early Adopter regions.

From: Second Life Blog Support Metrics Updated Quote from the site - Two months ago, Cyn announced our new Customer Relations metrics page. I am back on the blog to let all of you know that the metrics are now updated through the end of February.

From: Second Life Blog Introducing the New International L$ Marketplace Quote from the site - It’s astounding that with so many residents outside of the United States, we still only accept U.S. Dollars as payment. Localizing payment systems and maintaining the highest level of security possible for our residents is no easy task.

From: Second Life Blog Tips to Improve Your Search Ranking Quote from the site - Since the launch of the new search, we’ve had lots of Residents ask for more tips and information on how to improve their search relevance and ranking within the Search All results.

From: The New Modernist Farnsworth House in Second Life Quote from the site - Well-rendered, well-detailed. The landscape is not at all accurate, but haven’t you always wanted to see the Farnsworth in various sites? Via computer that is. To see it in “Second Life” your computer will need to be able to access this address.

From: Fleep’s Deep Thoughts Second LifeSecond Life for Dummies Party Quote from the site - JoannaTrail Blazer and AngryBeth Shortbread below my fabulous party hat to celebrate the Second Life for Dummies book written by Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins and Mark “Typewriter” Bell.

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Hosoi Ichiba Machinima Awards 2008

March 28th, 2008 | Category: Awards, Contests, Machinima, Second Life Videos

Via Comment -

Hosoi Ichiba Machinima Awards 2008 - 50,000 L Award

We are looking for artists that can compose the Best Machinima Impression of our Hosoi Ichiba and surroundings on Virgin Island. Hosoi Ichiba is a Japanese style market enclosed by walls and watch towers, overlooking a beautiful landscape. Outside the walls you will find Hosoi Yu Ch’un, a typical Japanese fishing village and the farming village, “Hosoi Lung Ch’un” The sim is packed with romantic spots for you to build your story around.

Your production must apply to the following conditions
- A good story line
- Use of Windlight
- Min. duration of 100 secs
- High quality video
- Published on Youtube
- Title should contain ‘Hosoi Ichiba’

If possible, use:
- Authentic Japanese avatars
- Background sound and or music

What are the rules?
This contest will take off at 15 April 2008.
Your contribution should be published before 15 June 2008
A qualified jury will vote for the winning production
The winning video will be published on our Hosoi Ichiba blog.
The winning artist will be rewarded with 50,000 L$ in cash.
IM Amiryu Hosoi with the URL to your production (youtube)

More information at:

Contributions can be viewed at:

Hosoi Ichiba, Japanese Gardens & Lifestyle Second Life URL

Good luck,

Amiryu Hosoi

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Second Life News for March 24, 2008

March 24th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: melanie mcbride online Getting educational in Second Life Quote from the site - Back in 2003, when Second Life arrived on the internets, I was not in a position to take part. My computer wasn’t fast enough and I didn’t have the time available. Since then, I resisted joining on the grounds that it seemed really materialistic and commercial.

From: Ambling in Second Life NGP2 Quote from the site - Why NGP2? I have (or rather, had) no idea, but that’s the name of the sim I want to tell you about tonight. It belongs to Telecom Italia, but is intended as a showcase for their many partners. A bit of rootling about on t’interweb reveals the meaning of NGP2: Next Generation Partnership Program.

From: Large and Lovely in Second Life Customer service and egg hunts Quote from the site - I don’t care if you’re the best designer in Second Life. I don’t care how long you’ve been inworld. I don’t care if you’re a model for a hot designer, either. I care if you’re able and willing to treat your customers with respect. This includes people going around on treasure hunts. Getting drunk?

From: Mal Burns Second Arts Second Life Musicians Collaborate | Sing a Song for Safety Quote from the site - Recently, many Second Life musicians collaborated in a project to build awareness to music in the virtual world. Djai Skjellerup penned a song called “Get It Together.” With the engineering and production magicianship of Toby Lancaster, the song came together with the talents of the many musicians participating.

From: The first days of Second Life Quote from the site - When executives from San Francisco-based Linden Lab built Second Life, they had a sense they were doing something historic. So, to keep tabs on their creation, they contracted their own journalist to chronicle the growth of the Internet’s first virtual world.

From: Linux Insider Where Art Imitates (Second) Life Quote from the site - What’s new here is this art exists in a space that’s accessible and interactively enabled worldwide. Second Life is a “sim,” otherwise known as a simulated environment, in which anything can be built using objects called “prims,” or primitives.

From: Creative Machinery Second Life Lipsync Viewer Quote from the site - Although SecondLife now has Voice Chat, avatars lips do not move. Instead, we see green waves above their heads to indicate who is speaking. And, although this helps pick out the speaker in a crowd, it really is not useful for machinima. Mm Alder has implemented a babble loop for voice visualization in Second Life, adding lipsync to Second Life!

From: SLentrepreneur Magazine Second Life Jobs? Work at SLENTRE.COM Quote from the site - SLentrepreneur Magazine is hiring for several Second Life Jobs such as writer/reporter, Public Relations personnel and Distribution Managers. All Second Life Job positions are paid based upon prior experience but all experience levels are welcome to join our international team.

From: The Mancunian Way Prize for bridging first and second life Quote from the site - A museum exhibit that bridges real-life with Second Life has won its two Manchester-based creators a trip to America as part of a major prize.

From: The Tech Development Team at FIT Why Second Life is So Compelling Quote from the site - I have been giving my Second Life talk to small, informal groups of faculty at FIT now for a few months. More and more I am grateful for the opportunity I had to devote some of my professional time to Second Life, building a community there for FIT, and helping introduce faculty to it.

From: SLWTF Ancient times Quote from the site - The possibilities in Second Life are endless. In it’s own immersive way it can take you to another place or reality… or time. Now, I’ve seen my share of Medieval roleplay regions, ancient Rome, and science fiction futures.

From: WSJ Companies Improve Career Sites To Lure Top Quality Candidates Quote from the site - Many companies are revamping their career Web sites to appeal to tech-savvy job seekers, particularly those coming out of college or graduate school.

From: Information Week CNN Creates Citizen Journalism Channels On Web, In Second Life Quote from the site - Budding Wolf Blitzers can bring their news reporting talents to the Web and Second Life using a citizen journalism program run by CNN. Reporters post video, photos, audio, and text reports to the beta iReport site, and have the news appear on the site unfiltered. The best contributions appear on CNN itself.

From: eMediaWire Grand Opening of Car Culture Motorability Island in Second Life Announced Quote from the site - Cars! A passion, a hobby, and a culture. It all comes together for Second Life residents on Motorability Island in Second Life. United Spinal Association’s 7-sim Motorability Island, formerly Pontiac’s Motorati Island, is set for its grand opening on Saturday the 29th of March - however it’s open to the public now.

From: Vint Falken Second Life server system 3D, by Jopsy Pendragon Quote from the site - After the fear first kicked in and then the non-discussion started somewhat here on Wired Faerie’s Inventory System Changes - Take 2 and also a bit here where I listed Katarina’s outline I decided to check out Cala’s link.

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Second Life News for March 22, 2008

March 22nd, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: New World Notes Vested Interest: Is Undermining Content Theft By Undercutting Prices A Good Idea? Quote from the site - Someone apparently lifted the vest designs of fashionista Sioxie Legend, and she’s not happy. “I have the LAYERED PSD files to prove that I am in fact the creator,” she says on her blog.

From: Second Arts I complain because I love Quote from the site - Harper’s comment about the increasingly dour tone of this blog in recent weeks has had me reflecting on why I would be going in this direction. I think I’ve come up with a couple notions.

From: Intro to Networked Collaboration Second Life Experience Quote from the site - I had never been on Second Life so this experience was my first time. It was a lot of fun, though at times VERY frustrating. Everything was pretty well organized, however, I would find myself clicking buttons and then not being able to find my way back. For example, I took my shirt off to see what would happen.

From: LA Times ‘The Making of Second Life’ by Wagner James Au and ‘Second Lives’ Quote from the site - For a brief and extraordinarily peculiar 10 minutes, I was a member of Second Life. Like all newbies, after downloading the hefty software, I was directed to an orientation area, where I chose an “in-world” name and an avatar. Stumbling through a garden where everyone was speaking Italian, I came upon a male avatar, who introduced himself, then asked my age.

From: TBO Creator Of Virtual Sex Toy Settles Lawsuit In Theft Case Quote from the site - A lawsuit between made-up characters in a virtual online world has been settled in real-life federal court. The suit, brought by the maker of a virtual sex toy, was thought to be the first involving copyright and trademark laws in virtual reality.

From: Dusan Writer’s Metaverse 7 Days in Second Life: Highlights of the Week Quote from the site - Quick summary of how I saw Second Life this week. 7 days. 2 RL client meetings (each terminated mid-way). One class (canceled mid-way). Numerous attempts to support buyers of in-world houses.

From: Fox News Virtual Sex Toy Thefts Result In Real-Life Court Settlement Quote from the site - A federal judge accepted the settlement Thursday of a lawsuit filed last year against a Texas man accused of stealing sex toys developed for the online world, “Second Life.”

From: Dusan Writer’s Metaverse The Story Box: Second Life & Magic Quote from the site - The new CEO of Linden Labs will have no shortage of advice, but I’ve been struck with the notion recently that in all my thinking about content theft, lag and crashes, 3D cameras and other gizmos, that I’ve found myself saying one too many times “now, practically speaking”, which is a watch word for adult talk and serious nodding and probably the writing of a memo.

From: EDN First Life: Thankfully Funded By Microsoft Quote from the site - I was admittedly cynical in my recent Second Life coverage. To be abundantly clear, what I wrote fully represented my personal belief on the subject; I didn’t over-dramatize my opinions in order to drive blog traffic, or for any other reason. The core of my concern about virtual worlds, in case it wasn’t already clear to you after reading my thoughts, is the profound detachment from the real world that Second Life and its ilk encourage.

From: Ambling in Second Life Telstra Experience Centre Quote from the site - Now, for a bit of a change - an Australian sim. While exploring far out in the Western Oceans of Second Life, I espied this sim, and grabbed the opportunity for a visit. It is actually one of a pair, the other still being closed to visitors. Although, in my view, this sim is not really ready for visitors either. But more of that anon.

From: Educause Connect Authentic Critical Reflection: Critique_It in Second Life Quote from the site - Critique_It is an online virtual classroom critique system originally developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Croquet and ported to Second Life. The critique is a rudimentary instructional methodology in the arts that can be applied to most other disciplines.

From: Global Kids’ Digital Media Initiative ICC Prosecutor and Lloyd Axworthy discuss how to use Second Life to mobilize people for global justice Quote from the site - Our friends at provided some great coverage of the launch of the International Justice Center yesterday, featuring a dynamic dialogue between the ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo and former foreign minister of Canada Lloyd Axworthy.

From: Second Life Blog Loading Issues Quote from the site - There are currently issues with in-world transactions, teleporting and related activity. We are working to address the issues as quickly as possible. Please refrain from transactions as necessary and keep an eye on this blog for further information.

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED] Short Region Outages Planned Quote from the site - Further to the work carried out in late February to move some of our simulator nodes to new IP addresses, we now need to change the IP addresses for parts of our network infrastructure.

From: Fabulously Free in SL First Post from Fab Belle: Cover Girl and ETD Quote from the site - I’m the newest member of the Fab Free gang - FAB BELLE - better known in world as Belle Lefavre. Here are a few freebies (since I know that’s what you really want) and if you hang around I’ll tell you a little about myself too!

From: Torley Second Life: Simple answers to curious remarks Quote from the site - “Get a life!”

I have two.

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The Battle Grounds

March 21st, 2008 | Category: Sims Worth Exploring, Training, War, Weapons

Looks like they have fleshed out the sandbox near Primula Rasa, it’s called Battle Grounds and I don’t think it’s for building stuff.

Weapons Drawn. The Battle Grounds erupt and guns blaze, soldiers, gladiators and warriors from the Grid’s far corners come to test their mettle and reclaim a shard of the crystal and fabled lore. Beware - Killing Fields.

The Battle Grounds

The Battle Grounds 2

The Battle Grounds 3

They look like they are ready for somebody to get hurt.

Emergency Services
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Second Life Shakespeare Company Open Auditions

March 21st, 2008 | Category: Acting, Art, Entertainment, Theatre

Via Pixeltheatre

The SL Shakespeare Company will be holding a round of open auditions for our upcoming Hamlet productions, the earliest of which opens on 4/23, with rehearsals beginning in early April. (In addition, we may also be performing a non-Hamlet scene in May. More details to come.)

Play: Hamlet

Time: Sunday, 3/30 at high noon SLT

Order: on a “first come, first act” basis.

(Location: Globe Theatre: SLURL) first mentioned here as part of the Top Sims in SL article.

Directions: Please be prepared to read a passage of your choice of the character you wish to perform, a passage of our choice of the same character, and possibly, an unrelated scene of our choice. (In addition, you may also show us a passage from another Shakespearean play.)

Criteria: Quality, availability, and SL Voice/mic clarity (sorry!). Evidence that you’ve practiced your lines a bit and are familiar enough with your character to do well on our “pop quiz” may help ;-).

Technical Help: Please arrive an hour early (11 AM, SL Time) if you need help setting up, tweaking, or configuring your microphone for SL voice performances.

Also: Please email with your availability for rehearsals beginning in early April. We will automatically add you to our repertory cast list, but that does not necessarily mean you get a role. (For those on the repertory cast, we will contact you prior to each production.)

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Second Life News for March 21, 2008

March 21st, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Flexible Learning Second Life Heriot-Watt island still open Quote from the site - For anyone interested in having a look round the student work on the island, it is still open…

From: Second Effects The Economics of Second Life Clubs, Part 1 Quote from the site - We’ve all been to them: those great clubs with dazzling dance floors, animation balls, fun people, and if I’m lucky some particle effects too. They can be a lot of fun to visit. And then suddenly, they disappear! Why does this happen?

From: Forbes Building The Feds’ Virtual War Room Quote from the site - Leave it to the U.S. government to suck the fun out of innovative technology. As the inhabitants of virtual worlds like “Second Life” and “World of Warcraft” fulfill fantasies of flying between islands and fighting armies of blood elves, the feds are looking into using the virtual realm for far more mundane–if more practical–activities: sitting around a conference table, watching PowerPoint presentations and attempting to track down terrorists.

From: Second Life, First Person A Sense of Place Quote from the site - In the comments to a recent post, Argent Bury, whose intelligence and insight into the Metaverse I have come to admire greatly, made the following remark: Watching you gradually wake up to the power and the possibility of this place always puts a smile on my face.

From: New York - Tokyo AI Expands Further Within Second Life Quote from the site - A recent article sheds light on the current advances in artificial intelligence. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has developed, with the help of hardware manufacturers like IBM, “Eddie” a virtual being with child-like aptitude at intellectual reasoning and thought.

From: Philanthropy Re-Wired Getting Up to Speed on Nonprofits in Second Life Quote from the site - Today I planned to attend my first nonprofit event in Second Life as Infinity Kane (my virtual alter ego), but my plans were thwarted by outdated video card drivers. Until I figure out what that means and how to fix it, I’ll have to satisfy my ”SL” curiosity through the experience of others, as chronicled online.

From: Architecture + The Second Life user experiance is a failure because they left it to their customers to pick up the trash Quote from the site - I found this and felt I should clip it/reblog it/steal it, in total it is so good and relevant to Second Life . This is a post the Lindens should read.

The Disney Rules Of Marketing….

From: Second Life Blog New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.1 RC2 Available Quote from the site - A new 1.19.1 Release Candidate Viewer (RC2) is now available with fixes based on issues reported in RC0 and RC1.

From: Fabulously Free in SL Clothing Fair Sim by Sim - Summer Sim Quote from the site - Please be sure to look at all the items listed at the Fair for Relay for Life. Don’t forget the lag saving tips noted here. Here are more specific instructions to go with the earlier list…

From: New World Notes If CopyBot Comes Back, Should Anyone Care? Quote from the site - “Have a scoop for you,” someone messaged me yesterday, writing it out like it was a headline already: “CopyBot 2.0 Hits Second Life, Lindens cover it up as they have no idea how to stop it.”

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More SL Quicktips from Torley Linden

March 20th, 2008 | Category: Machinima, Second Life Tips, Second Life Videos

Not sure how he does it, but, Torley must love what he’s doing, because he is cranking out video tutorial after video tutorial, this week, he has released 22 more of the quicktips, those 2 minute or less videos that cover the little small things you may have missed, and the little pieces of knowledge that aren’t always passed around from avatar to avatar. Read his post on the Second Life Blog here.

This first one requires no lawyers whatsoever, Adding & divorcing a Partner.

Building materials explained

Changing the time of day

Changing your login location

Hiding the Search panel in the menu bar

Hiding online friend notifications

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Virtual Conference Explores New Frontiers in Language Learning

March 20th, 2008 | Category: Conferences, Education, Languages, Teaching

Received via email:

Barcelona, Spain, 20 March 2008 - - SLanguages 2008 is a 24-hour multilingual conference to celebrate and investigate the use of 3D virtual worlds for language education. The event will be held in Second Life on 23-24 May 2008…

SLanguages 2008 is a 24 hour multilingual conference to celebrate and investigate the use of 3D virtual worlds for language education. The conference will be held within Second Life allowing the participants to exchange ideas and share experiences simultaneously around the world. The online conference is free to attend and includes talks, workshops, discussions and posters on language education using virtual worlds such as Second Life. The events will cover methodologies, teaching tools and experiences.

Second Life is a 3D virtual world that has attracted over 12 million residents worldwide and has become a mainstream phenomenon for education, business and entertainment. Throughout 2007 Second Life has become an important tool for language learning with many universities using the 3D world for language tuition, including Michigan State University and the University of Southampton. “Interest in using Second Life for education has increased exponentially over the last year” says Second Life educational consultant Gavin Dudeney, author of The Internet and the Language Classroom, Longman 2007.

The event is an opportunity for those new to virtual language teaching to learn about the opportunities virtual worlds offer. The conference also allows experienced language educators to share experiences and ideas. “3D virtual worlds such as Second Life offer a unique form of immersive learning not found elsewhere. The SLanguages 2008 conference is the perfect opportunity to see the recent developments in this area and to meet those involved in truly innovative educational projects” says Graham Stanley, who has established the British Council’s ‘Learn English Second Life for Teens’.

SLanguages 2008 will be hosted within Second Life on the tropical “EduNation” islands owned by The Consultants-E. The conference starts 10am (PST) Friday 23 May and ends 10am (PST) Saturday 24 May. The seminars will continue to also reach a much wider audience through archives of the event on the website.

To register for the conference or for further information, please contact Gavin Dudeney of The Consultants-E or visit the website

The Consultants-E is an educational consultancy company specialising in online education, offering tailored consultancy in technology for education. Their consultants assist companies and educational institutions to integrate innovative technologies into their teaching practices. The company also offers courses in e-learning tools such as Second Life, wikis, podcasts and Moodle. The Consultants-E own and run three private islands in Second Life that foster education and training.

Gavin Dudeney
The Consultants-E
c/ Cerámica 54
08035 Barcelona
Dudeney Ge (Avatar in Second Life)

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Privateer Space: Scourge of the Red Planet

March 20th, 2008 | Category: Aribella Lafleur, Sims Worth Exploring, Space

Privateer Space: Scourge of the Red Planet by Aribella Lafleur

Diving rapidly through the shimmering, folded moonlight towards certain death, I braced for the inevitable crash. Absorbed by my panic, I missed the spectacular view of the planet beneath; a rugged brocade, stained with the ochre-blood of the land. Jagged rust-tipped outcroppings interspersed between the gently sculpted plains broke the monotony of the dusty scene, which merged seamlessly into the birth of a coppery sunrise.

My head jerked alarmingly as the freighter clipped house-sized boulders like a frog evading the cleaver of a French chef. The impact left chunks of the container ship, akin to a breadcrumb trail, strewn across the planetscape, its cargo of EVA suits scattered like the clothing of young lovers.

Grinding to a halt amidst clouds of choking red dust, the remains of the ship teetered on the brink of a precipice. A held breath (one I had feared would be my final gasp) escaped my lungs as I checked myself over for compound fractures, broken nails and tears in my dress. Apart from whiplash and a skinned knee I had survived virtually unscathed. Had I been a cat, I would have been down to my ninth life…. Not feeling particularly feline, I considered buying a lottery ticket but discarded the idea since I had already used up a triple-helping of good fortune.

The Twister

My luck held out long enough for the entire crew to drag themselves from the wreckage moments before the crumpled shell lurched and tipped over the rim to slide down the cliff, finally exploding in a ball of flames. We peered over the edge, watching in awe a scene which rivalled the special effects of a Hollywood cinematic experience.

The restless world, alive with distant deep rumblings, dragged us back from our silent gaping. We fled the onslaught of dust storms and twisters, giving a wide berth to abandoned vessels and space junk in which the local wildlife (human-sized reptilian creatures and giant goggle-eyed slug beasts) had taken up residence.

Tripping over each other as we scurried across the uneven ground, my comrades and I distractedly tumbled into a valley which housed a remote weather station. The commotion drew the attention of a sanitation droid who was busy washing clothes. For a nominal fee the robot cleaned my discoloured dress and gave us directions to the major mining outpost on the planet.


The droid also offered us fresh vegetables from his crop, but cautioned us against using the station’s vending machine which had not been restocked in the last decade. In true vandal style, my team set to tilting and rocking the machine until it yielded up an assortment of comestibles including a sludge-filled foam cup (smelling vaguely of coffee) and two suspiciously pulsating burritos which were instantly devoured by the ravenous horde.

Don’t Buy the Burrito

I opted to sample some fresh hydroponically grown produce from the greenhouse as much to escape the burrito-induced methane expulsions of my lackeys as from any desire to dine.


We continued walking, the crunching of pebbles underfoot covering the sound (if not the disturbing odour) of my fellows as we marched towards the harsh afternoon sun. As the sun sank into bronzed twilight, drawing with it our depleted spirits, the fractious band of stranded pirates began throwing rocks. A challenge to pitch the farthest distance ensued, with boasts far exceeding the skill of the participants.
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