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Second Life News for March 2, 2008

Category: Second Life News by Stone Culdesac

From: Looker Lumlet Dinosaurs extincted on Second Life Quote from the site - I was witness of a great spectacle on the Liberty Sim last Thursday!
The Dino’s were going to be extincted, and was announced in all Rezzable media. So, I had to be there, but there was a small problem…I could not get there.

From: Discovery Educator Network Get Out the Calendars — March Workshops Quote from the site - Geared towards the new arrivals in Second Life, the workshop will cover basic SL interface such as Search, Inventory, and Maps. Don’t like the your default avatar look? Don’t worry.

From: Second Arts “A Clockwork Orange” - A Second Life Homage Quote from the site - The Muzik Hauz has gone through multiple changes while in Second Life, but has been around for a long time.

From: Vox More Second Life Classes Quote from the site - I took a Clothing Templates and Graphics class this morning in Second Life. It was good. It was mostly review for me, but I always need more practice and I take classes sometimes because that’s where you get some of the best little tips and tricks.

From: Mind, Music, and Technology Transcript: Music in Second Life: Past, Present, and Future - February 28th, 2008 Quote from the site - Jade Lily invited Kandi Valkyrie, Cylindrian Rutabega, Komuso Tokugawa and myself to speak about Music in Second Life - Past, Present, Future on Thursday morning.

From: Nexeus Fatale Event: Intel Sunflowers in the Second Life World Quote from the site - Here is an event I’m really excited to participate in! On March 3rd, 2008 and until April 13th, 2008, Intel will be holding the Intel Sunflowers in the Second Life World aimed at making the Earth greener. Intel is opening this event to all Second Life residents and is asking for everyone to plant a sunflower at Intel Island.

From: Occupational Therapy - educational issues A place for OT in Second Life? Quote from the site - Having been very quiet in the last couple of months on my blog, it’s not surprising I’ve also not had much time to keep exploring in Second Life either! But that’s about to change again as I join a meeting tonight (2100 New Zealand Time) of midwives and educators.

From: SLNN Project Gutenberg comes to la Bibliothèque Francophone Quote from the site - At a presentation this week at la Bibliothèque Francophone, Hugobiwan Zolnir introduced 25 visitors to their newly constructed access device to Project Gutenberg.

From: Courses in using Second Life to be offered for librarians and educators Quote from the site - Educators and librarians can look forward to more classes offered within Second Life dealing with utilizing a virtual world for teaching and learning. The University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) and the Illinois Alliance Library System are offering classes to begin in March.

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