Mar 5

Second Life Quick Tips by Torley Linden

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Torley Linden, famous for his video tutorials on how to do various things in Second Life, has posted a bunch of new, short video tutorials he is calling quick tips. He says he kept getting requests for shorter videos, and videos covering the simpler stuff, so he has created 13 short videos to do just that.

This first one I had no idea you could do this, I guess I need to actually explore the menus in Second Life a little more. Someone showed me how to use the camera controls and that is what I have always used, but this zoom in sure looks like what I want, as, sometimes you really have to work the controls to get a look at stuff up close that’s in front of you. Thanks again Torley.

Introducing Second Life QUICKTIPS! Micro Video Tutorials with macro loveliness, giving you the info you want + need in 2 minutes or less! Source: 13 *FRESH* Video Tutorials for your enjoyment!

Here are the rest of the videos that have been posted to our video site.

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