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Second Life News for March 7, 2008

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From: An Engine Fit For My Proceeding Inaction, deletion Quote from the site - With reference to my previous entry: an instance of a situation which has caused a significant person within SL to stop producing products has come to my attention.

From: Second Life Blog Parcel Media Changes in 1.19.1 Release Candidate Quote from the site - With the 1.19.1 Release Candidate, available today, we’ve made some changes to the overall way that media is played inworld which results in a more general approach to playing media and, more importantly, allows you to display various types of Web content on your parcel!

From: Second Life Blog New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.1 RC0 Available Quote from the site - Hot on the heels of Second Life 1.19.0 becoming the primary download, we’re making a new Release Candidate viewer available. Second Life 1.19.1 RC0 can now be downloaded from the test software page.

From: profy U.S. Government Thinks There Are Terrorists in Webkinz World Quote from the site - I may be exaggerating just a bit with my headline, but the U.S. Government is so determined to catch terrorists anywhere they are hiding out that they have plans to develop a system for identifying “abnormal” behavior in online virtual worlds like World of Warcraft.

From: Online world could bring twist to education, business Quote from the site - “Second Life,” an online communication tool and virtual representation of real life, could be bringing the future learning interface of education and business here to SMU.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #19: Hush, I’m speaking! Quote from the site - Hey everyone! Are you as excited as I am about the upcoming Support navigation changes? If you’re a regular Knowledge Base Article of the Week reader, I think you’ll love the improvements we’ve made. Make sure to read Maurice’s great blog post for details!

From: Content theft: SculptyPaint retires its free software temporarily Quote from the site - Well, way to go. I’m a long time user of SculptyPaint, one of the nicest free software around to make sculpties in a quick and dirty way. Of course as most free software developers, Cel Edman needs to sell other products, mainly sculpty packs.

From: Massively Second Life tool suspended, author blames Linden Lab’s DMCA procedures, mentor piracy Quote from the site - Cel Edman (aka Elout de Kok outside of Second Life) has withdrawn his popular, and free displacement map creation tool Sculptypaint for several days citing piracy of the packs of textures that he sells as the root cause, as well as slow and half-hearted response to DMCA notices by Linden Lab.

From: Second Life Blog Support Navigation Changes… Coming Soon! Quote from the site - It has been almost a year since we first announced the new Support Portal and we have received a lot of Resident feedback in that time. While a lot of the feedback has been varied, one message made it through loud and clear: make the Support Portal easier to use.

From: Nexeus Fatale Intel Sunflowers Quote from the site - The response to the Intel Sunflower campaign caught me by surprise. The level of response on the opening day reminds me of same level of response that the Relay For Life has. During the opening event, a two hour period, more than 400 sunflowers were planted (which means Intel will donate $400 to the Conservation International Foundation), and I’m told the final tally of day one was over 500!

From: Second Life Blog Tip of the Week #25: All about the Mini-Map Quote from the site - As promised following the ultradose of 13 QUICKTIPS, I’m back, and here to teach you what the Mini-Map is, and how to customize it! All so you can find your way around Second Life easier.

From: Cisco router comes with a water cooler Quote from the site - When Cisco Systems introduced its latest big line of routers on Tuesday, it threw in something that’s never come in a major platform from the company before: Fun.

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