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Second Life News for March 13, 2008

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From: ocregister Second Life search engine gets expert help Quote from the site - I needed to shop for more stylish clothes, so I turned to UCI’s School of Information and Computer Sciences for help.

That’s not because I’m a big admirer of the fashion statements I see students and faculty making at Bren Hall on the Irvine campus. No, the reason for relying on UCI was that my shopping expedition would take me into the virtual world of Second Life.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #20: This Land is Our Land Quote from the site - While I’m probably more excited than any of you about the upcoming Support navigation changes (coming soon), I won’t let it get in the way of this week’s Knowledge Base Article of the Week, folks.

From: Second Life Blog Your chance for a Shop in Luna Oaks Galleria OR Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot Quote from the site - We’re pleased to announce your chance at a free 6-month lease in the shops in Luna Oaks Galleria and Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot! Please be aware that we have changed the historic method of distribution of parcels, read more below.

From: Second Life Blog [Update] Support Navigation Changes… Coming Later Today! Quote from the site - We rolled out the new Support Landing Page this morning, but are going to temporarily take it down again. The rollout included some unintended website changes due to a misunderstood code merge.

From: Plagiarism Today Content Theft and Second Life Quote from the site - If you play Second Life or remotely follow content theft issues on the Web, you are probably well aware that there has been a flood of talk regarding content theft issues in the virtual world.

From: Clear Night Sky Theater of Feeling: We Feel Fine in Second Life Quote from the site - One thing leads to another: I came back from the TED Conference inspired to write some software to find connections between the different TED speakers (something I do manually while listening to each speaker). While looking for concordance software, I stumbled upon DMDigest that led me to the We Feel Fine project.

From: Joe Peterson Bringing Second Life to Life Quote from the site - Today’s video games and online virtual worlds give users the freedom to create characters in the digital domain that look and seem more human than ever before. But despite having your hair, your height, and your hazel eyes, your avatar is still little more than just a pretty face.

From: BBC Virtual world for virtually Irish Quote from the site - Tourism Ireland is hosting a virtual St Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday in the internet world of Second Life (SL).

From: Nexeus Fatale Intel Sunflower in the Second Life world reaches 14k! Quote from the site - I went over to plant sunflowers at the Intel Sunflower Field in Second Life and was shocked! In just over a week, Intel has had 14,570+ Sunflowers planted in the virtual world.

From: Dot Earth Second Life and Real Life Quote from the site - More and more these days, I make video “visits” to colleges to talk about the environment and development, saving time and the environmental and financial costs of travel. But I hadn’t found my way into the completely synthetic universe of Second Life until Wednesday, when I made a real visit to the University of Delaware to talk about journalism, climate and sustainability.

From: Your 2nd Place Instructor’s Needed Quote from the site - I’d like to start offering classes in my Nerdy Sanchez Sandbox. Mainly building classes, but anything fun, slightly educational, and SL related is fine with me. So I am seeking out SL instructors.

From: Your 2nd Place Visitor List Script with Timed Listen/Web Profile Links Quote from the site - This is a modification of the existing Visitor List script that some people may be using - I don’t know who wrote the original, but I do know it has been making the rounds. All I have done is made the Listen a timed event, and added some functionality that allows the URL of the visitor’s web profile to be reported.

From: The Click Heard Round the World SAVE THE DATE: Global Kids’ International Justice Center being opened by ICC Prosecutor, address by Kofi Annan on March 20! Quote from the site - I am excited and honored to announce that on Thursday, March 20, at 3pm EST, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo will give a short welcome address to officially inaugurate the Global Kids’ International Justice Center in the virtual world of Second Life.

From: Artist Recreates Gandhi’s Salt March Protest in Second Life Quote from the site - When last we saw artist and professor Joseph DeLappe, he was protesting the Iraq war - and infuriating other players - by typing the names of dead U.S. miltary personnel into the multiplayer chat window of America’s Army.

From: Reuters Ageplay sim eyes new grid Quote from the site - Wonderland, a Second Life region dedicated to depictions of adult-child sex, is exploring setting up a sim off the Second Life Grid called

From: New World Notes The Problem With Protesting Content Theft In A World Without Mass Media Quote from the site - The naked campaign by top SL content creators continues to provoke thoughtful commentary throughout the blogosphere.

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