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Second Life News for March 16, 2008

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From: Wall Street Journal Second Life Creator to Step Down
As CEO of Parent Linden Lab
Quote from the site - The man who led the creation of the popular online community Second Life plans to step down as chief executive officer of Linden Lab, the closely held company that manages the service.

From: Good Morning Silicon Valley Actually, for little Eddie here, this is First Life Quote from the site - In the virtual world of Second Life, no matter how strange the avatars you run into, you can be reasonably certain (unsettling as it sometimes may be) that there’s a real person behind the animation. That will not always be the case.

From: gigaom Second Life’s Second Phase Quote from the site - The Burning Man era of Second Life is over. According to Reuters and a personal announcement on the official blog of Linden Lab, the company behind the user-created online world, Philip Rosedale is stepping down as Linden’s CEO.

From: Ryan Flood First Experiences with Second Life Quote from the site - If you haven’t read Connie’s post about her experience with Second Life yet, you should, as she has written a rather thought-provoking criticism. (Connie, you are much too apologetic of your opinions, as you have raised some very valid concerns.) My experience with Second Life began last semester.

From: eGames Targets Tourism & Education Quote from the site - With e-Learning on the rise, the search is still very much on for the most effective way of delivering online courses, and encouraging interaction between participants at a distance. Second Life is the newest, hottest thing in the online teaching world suggests David Wortley, Director, Serious Games Institute, Coventry University and presenter at Knowledge Oasis Muscat’s (KOM) annual eGames Conference.

From: Glob Content Creation in Second Life Quote from the site - Creation lies at the heart of Second Life like all open and user created virtual worlds. To enable us to be world creators, virtual Gods of this new Universe called the Metaverse we need our world creation tools or build tools.

From: A Second Life Field Trip and Protein Music Quote from the site - Yesterday I took some of my students to Second Life to visit a wonderful genetics site called Genome island. Second Life is an on line world where users can build pretty much what ever they want.

From: Telegraph Virtual vogue: Second Life wardrobes Quote from the site - Who pays real money for unreal clothes? Enough people to make digital dressing-up big business. But is virtual fashion just another teenage craze or is it the end of clothes shopping as we know it? Alison Taylor investigates…

From: Carolyn’s blog Thinking about midwives in second life Quote from the site - I have just returned from a walk up the river with my dog. He is a Clumber Spaniel just in case you are wondering and he is called Buster.

From: Massively Robert Leatherwood is a loser, settles with Eros LLC Quote from the site - Texan teen, Robert Leatherwood, has settled the Second Life copyright violation lawsuit with Eros LLC, finally having admitted to also being Volkov Cattaneo - which he had previously repeatedly denied as Cattaneo, while simultaneously mocking the case against him and admitting wrongdoing and copyright violation.

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