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Second Life News for March 18, 2008

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From: SL Attitude Gone Gitmo in Second Life: Oh Brother… Quote from the site - Go ahead, call me ‘heartless’. The whole Gitmo routine is really getting boring. But what cracks me up is how the ACLU (sometimes a great organization, sometimes hell incarnate) demands rights for terrorists.

From: Networked Performance Live Stage: Need [Second Life] Quote from the site - Ars Virtua presents Need, an emerging artists exhibition in collaboration with the ICAM program at the University of California San Diego on March 20, 2008; 7 pm SLT in Second Life.

From: Geeks Are Sexy First Life, Second Life, Third Life, more Quote from the site - My comedy and geek sides have been meshing a bit more lately. About a month ago, I popped into Second Life again, after trying it a couple of times a year or so ago and giving up on it. At the time I first signed up, the interface was very primitive, and truth be told, I was never able to quite “see the point” of the game.

From: Ambling in Second Life Second Oldham Quote from the site - Tonight’s flying visit was to a sim whose first life counterpart is (very approximately) in my neck of the woods: Second Oldham. This is a relatively new sim - and part of the small cluster of Manchester sims that also includes Urbis.

From: Jenny from the Farm Livin’ Large in Second Life Quote from the site - Tonight I decided to skip out on a friend’s St. Patrick’s Day party to stay home and work on some homework. However, when my homework turned to experiencing Second Life, I decided to go to a “virtual” St. Patrick’s Day party.

From: Second Sight Five Great Science Education Places in Second Life Quote from the site - I originally wrote this for Second Opinion, Linden Lab’s internal newsletter. It was going to appear as the “Fab Five”… in what turned out to be the issue after the last issue. Oops. Since it never saw light of day there, I figured I’d post it here.

From: innovations report Animation Aids Psychology in ‘Second Life’ Experiment Quote from the site - Bournemouth University’s computer animation experts have been awarded a major grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to support a three-year project linking animation to psychology.

From: The Metaverse Journal Telstra responds on first anniversary in Second Life Quote from the site - Today I was contacted by Craig Middleton, BigPond’s Group Manager, Corporate Affairs, after seeing our story on Telstra’s first anniversary in Second Life. He’s provided his list of Telstra BigPond’s achievements in Second Life…

From: The GAAPweb blog Do you have a Second Life? Quote from the site - I am getting used to CSI NY, and those once dreaded Sunday evenings have proved a steep learning curve. I’m now managing to avoid seeking refuge in a good (and crime-free) book at 9pm – at least during some of the less gruesome bits – and actually getting interested. A few weeks ago, an episode featured Second Life.

From: ValleyWag The 5 real blunders of Philip Rosedale’s virtual career Quote from the site - Despite a silver-tongued PR team capable of spinning any irrelevant Second Life happening into a New York Times story, former Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale couldn’t save himself from the downside of the virtual hype cycle.

From: New World Notes My Mixed Reality Interview With Philip Linden: Talking Developer Frustrations, Plateau Phase, And Why Silicon Vallley Should Still Care About Second Life Quote from the site - I did this mixed reality video interview for The GigaOM Show last Tuesday with GigaOM’s Chris Albrecht and Philip in San Francisco, and me in Austin– roughly 48 hours before he announced Philip’s imminent departure as CEO.

From: Your 2nd Place Is LukeConnell Vandeverre Just Trying To Dodge Australian Taxes? Quote from the site - In discussion regarding what someone who lost approximately $15,000 US Dollars in LukeConnell Vandeverre’s last tizzy-fit, the question was ‘what can be done?’

From: Second Life Blog Server Code Update Tue/Wed/Thu This Week Quote from the site - We’ll be updating the server code on the hosts that make up the Second Life service this week to server code version 1.19.2 (current version is 1.19.1). As has been the case for quite some time now, this will be done via a rolling restart spread over several days, and there will be no extended downtime or new viewer required.

From: Second Life Blog [STABILIZED] Reports of Stale Transactions Quote from the site - [9:17PM PST –teeple] A change to the database configuration, and transactions are flowing again. Thanks for your patience!

From: Gamasutra Opinion: ‘Second Skin: Intimate And Disturbing’ Quote from the site - The title, Second Skin, seemed to imply this film documentary would address Linden Lab’s Second Life and the general impact of virtual worlds on personal identity.

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