Mar 20

More SL Quicktips from Torley Linden

Category: Machinima, Second Life Tips, Second Life Videos by Stone Culdesac

Not sure how he does it, but, Torley must love what he’s doing, because he is cranking out video tutorial after video tutorial, this week, he has released 22 more of the quicktips, those 2 minute or less videos that cover the little small things you may have missed, and the little pieces of knowledge that aren’t always passed around from avatar to avatar. Read his post on the Second Life Blog here.

This first one requires no lawyers whatsoever, Adding & divorcing a Partner.

Building materials explained

Changing the time of day

Changing your login location

Hiding the Search panel in the menu bar

Hiding online friend notifications

Friends permissions

Freezing stuff for snapshots

Finding your chat logs

Finding stuff buried in the ground

Driving a vehicle

Cheesy red tracking beacon

Chat bubbles

World Map

What is a sandbox?

What are particles?

Turning off object selection glow

Stretching prim sides & textures

Muting jerks & objects

Increasing font size for better readability

How high can you fly?

Hover Tips

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