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Second Life News for March 20, 2008

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From: New World Notes In The Club: Kromatic As Real World Nightclub Prototype Quote from the site - While nightclubs are numerous in Second Life, and many (like the sub-orbital Inspire) succeed as only-in-SL social spaces, I rarely come across clubs that might work in both realities.

From: UDaily Global Agenda series debuts in Second Life simulcast Quote from the site - The University of Delaware’s Global Agenda speaker series has gone where no UD speaker series has ever gone, with an appearance on Second Life, an Internet-based 3-D virtual world entirely created by its residents.

From: UK News UK Second Life ‘Island’ to Hold Grand Opening Quote from the site - The University of Kentucky Office of Undergraduate Education recently launched its own 3-D digital “island,” hosted by Second Life (SL), an Internet-based virtual world, and will celebrate its entrance into virtual life Thursday, March 20 from 1 to 5 p.m.

From: Silversprite Populating the Second Life world Quote from the site - One of the common criticisms hurled at Second Life is that it often appears to be deserted. “Ah, look”, cries the sceptic or luddite as they see a screenshot or fly into an island. “No other people, so hardly anyone uses Second Life.” The reality is, however, quite different.

From: A Sexual Health SIM in Second Life HTML-on-a-prim Sexual Health Web Content browser test Quote from the site - How to use it: While standing close to the new UOP logo panel at, click the Movie/ Web Content Play (>) button to start.

From: Forbes How To Spark Remote Learning Quote from the site - “Second Life,” the online world that brings players together from across the globe to socialize, shop and even fly, is developing a second career as a hot spot for learning English as a second language (ESL).

From: News Release Wire Letter re ISTE’s Second Life and Media Interest Quote from the site - Over the past two years the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE(r)) has developed a pioneering presence in Second Life, including a full schedule of professional development, leadership, and social events for educators from around the globe.

From: Cybergrrl Oh Recent Events on Athena Isle Quote from the site - I’ve been holding weekly events on Athena Isle for several months now. I do this entirely as a volunteer thing - looking to bring experts and authors into Second Life to provide valuable information and contacts for SL residents. And I love playing hostess.

From: How Do Corporation Pop to develop Second Life presence for Manchester Business School Quote from the site - Design and new media agency Corporation Pop has been commissioned to develop a Second Life island for Manchester Business School. The team has only just collected the brief, but did take time out to reveal to How-Do some of the details behind the project.

From: Second Life Blog 559 Havok4 Early Adopter regions updated with 11 fixes - RC1 of the new Second Life Simulator Quote from the site - The Havok4-based Second Life simulator v1.19.1.82411 has been deployed 559 Early Adopter regions. This version resolves a set of 11 issues listed in the March 14th post describing the recent Havok4 Beta Preview Update. Due to the nature of these fixes, we wanted to allow for some extra test time on the Beta Preview.

From: Discovery Educator Network Big Day On EduIsland II This Saturday! Quote from the site - EduIsland II will be hosting their first annual “Open Day” this Saturday, March 22. Here’s the press release:

“Squirrelverse, the operator of the leading Second Life educational islands EduIsland II and Eduisland 5, is pleased to announce today that on Saturday 22 March 2008 the islands will be hosting their Annual Open Day.

From: SLGA: Linden Lab releases Capabilities Server as Open Source (technical) Quote from the site - Linden Lab released their capabilities server under an MIT license yesterday. It is written in Python and available as part of the mulib package (trac view here) which was released as Open Source earlier.

From: Your 2nd Place Lights go out, walls come tumbling down Quote from the site - An article in The Economist points out that walled gardens get to the stage where walls need to come tumbling down. Drawing parallels between the mid nineties and the internet boom and services such as Second Life and Facebook they point to how proprietary services such as AOL and Compuserve were swept aside.

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