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Second Life News for March 21, 2008

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From: Flexible Learning Second Life Heriot-Watt island still open Quote from the site - For anyone interested in having a look round the student work on the island, it is still open…

From: Second Effects The Economics of Second Life Clubs, Part 1 Quote from the site - We’ve all been to them: those great clubs with dazzling dance floors, animation balls, fun people, and if I’m lucky some particle effects too. They can be a lot of fun to visit. And then suddenly, they disappear! Why does this happen?

From: Forbes Building The Feds’ Virtual War Room Quote from the site - Leave it to the U.S. government to suck the fun out of innovative technology. As the inhabitants of virtual worlds like “Second Life” and “World of Warcraft” fulfill fantasies of flying between islands and fighting armies of blood elves, the feds are looking into using the virtual realm for far more mundane–if more practical–activities: sitting around a conference table, watching PowerPoint presentations and attempting to track down terrorists.

From: Second Life, First Person A Sense of Place Quote from the site - In the comments to a recent post, Argent Bury, whose intelligence and insight into the Metaverse I have come to admire greatly, made the following remark: Watching you gradually wake up to the power and the possibility of this place always puts a smile on my face.

From: New York - Tokyo AI Expands Further Within Second Life Quote from the site - A recent article sheds light on the current advances in artificial intelligence. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has developed, with the help of hardware manufacturers like IBM, “Eddie” a virtual being with child-like aptitude at intellectual reasoning and thought.

From: Philanthropy Re-Wired Getting Up to Speed on Nonprofits in Second Life Quote from the site - Today I planned to attend my first nonprofit event in Second Life as Infinity Kane (my virtual alter ego), but my plans were thwarted by outdated video card drivers. Until I figure out what that means and how to fix it, I’ll have to satisfy my ”SL” curiosity through the experience of others, as chronicled online.

From: Architecture + The Second Life user experiance is a failure because they left it to their customers to pick up the trash Quote from the site - I found this and felt I should clip it/reblog it/steal it, in total it is so good and relevant to Second Life . This is a post the Lindens should read.

The Disney Rules Of Marketing….

From: Second Life Blog New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.1 RC2 Available Quote from the site - A new 1.19.1 Release Candidate Viewer (RC2) is now available with fixes based on issues reported in RC0 and RC1.

From: Fabulously Free in SL Clothing Fair Sim by Sim - Summer Sim Quote from the site - Please be sure to look at all the items listed at the Fair for Relay for Life. Don’t forget the lag saving tips noted here. Here are more specific instructions to go with the earlier list…

From: New World Notes If CopyBot Comes Back, Should Anyone Care? Quote from the site - “Have a scoop for you,” someone messaged me yesterday, writing it out like it was a headline already: “CopyBot 2.0 Hits Second Life, Lindens cover it up as they have no idea how to stop it.”

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