Mar 21

The Battle Grounds

Category: Sims Worth Exploring, Training, War, Weapons by Stone Culdesac

Looks like they have fleshed out the sandbox near Primula Rasa, it’s called Battle Grounds and I don’t think it’s for building stuff.

Weapons Drawn. The Battle Grounds erupt and guns blaze, soldiers, gladiators and warriors from the Grid’s far corners come to test their mettle and reclaim a shard of the crystal and fabled lore. Beware - Killing Fields.

The Battle Grounds

The Battle Grounds 2

The Battle Grounds 3

They look like they are ready for somebody to get hurt.

Emergency Services

Or someone already has. I wonder if that was a customer or a victim.

Victim or Customer?

Could the fight here in Primula Rasa have already begun?

Fight has already started

Sure looks like it.

Right in the middle

Big Bang

As always, there are some bad after affects.

The After affects

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