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Second Life News for March 24, 2008

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From: melanie mcbride online Getting educational in Second Life Quote from the site - Back in 2003, when Second Life arrived on the internets, I was not in a position to take part. My computer wasn’t fast enough and I didn’t have the time available. Since then, I resisted joining on the grounds that it seemed really materialistic and commercial.

From: Ambling in Second Life NGP2 Quote from the site - Why NGP2? I have (or rather, had) no idea, but that’s the name of the sim I want to tell you about tonight. It belongs to Telecom Italia, but is intended as a showcase for their many partners. A bit of rootling about on t’interweb reveals the meaning of NGP2: Next Generation Partnership Program.

From: Large and Lovely in Second Life Customer service and egg hunts Quote from the site - I don’t care if you’re the best designer in Second Life. I don’t care how long you’ve been inworld. I don’t care if you’re a model for a hot designer, either. I care if you’re able and willing to treat your customers with respect. This includes people going around on treasure hunts. Getting drunk?

From: Mal Burns Second Arts Second Life Musicians Collaborate | Sing a Song for Safety Quote from the site - Recently, many Second Life musicians collaborated in a project to build awareness to music in the virtual world. Djai Skjellerup penned a song called “Get It Together.” With the engineering and production magicianship of Toby Lancaster, the song came together with the talents of the many musicians participating.

From: The first days of Second Life Quote from the site - When executives from San Francisco-based Linden Lab built Second Life, they had a sense they were doing something historic. So, to keep tabs on their creation, they contracted their own journalist to chronicle the growth of the Internet’s first virtual world.

From: Linux Insider Where Art Imitates (Second) Life Quote from the site - What’s new here is this art exists in a space that’s accessible and interactively enabled worldwide. Second Life is a “sim,” otherwise known as a simulated environment, in which anything can be built using objects called “prims,” or primitives.

From: Creative Machinery Second Life Lipsync Viewer Quote from the site - Although SecondLife now has Voice Chat, avatars lips do not move. Instead, we see green waves above their heads to indicate who is speaking. And, although this helps pick out the speaker in a crowd, it really is not useful for machinima. Mm Alder has implemented a babble loop for voice visualization in Second Life, adding lipsync to Second Life!

From: SLentrepreneur Magazine Second Life Jobs? Work at SLENTRE.COM Quote from the site - SLentrepreneur Magazine is hiring for several Second Life Jobs such as writer/reporter, Public Relations personnel and Distribution Managers. All Second Life Job positions are paid based upon prior experience but all experience levels are welcome to join our international team.

From: The Mancunian Way Prize for bridging first and second life Quote from the site - A museum exhibit that bridges real-life with Second Life has won its two Manchester-based creators a trip to America as part of a major prize.

From: The Tech Development Team at FIT Why Second Life is So Compelling Quote from the site - I have been giving my Second Life talk to small, informal groups of faculty at FIT now for a few months. More and more I am grateful for the opportunity I had to devote some of my professional time to Second Life, building a community there for FIT, and helping introduce faculty to it.

From: SLWTF Ancient times Quote from the site - The possibilities in Second Life are endless. In it’s own immersive way it can take you to another place or reality… or time. Now, I’ve seen my share of Medieval roleplay regions, ancient Rome, and science fiction futures.

From: WSJ Companies Improve Career Sites To Lure Top Quality Candidates Quote from the site - Many companies are revamping their career Web sites to appeal to tech-savvy job seekers, particularly those coming out of college or graduate school.

From: Information Week CNN Creates Citizen Journalism Channels On Web, In Second Life Quote from the site - Budding Wolf Blitzers can bring their news reporting talents to the Web and Second Life using a citizen journalism program run by CNN. Reporters post video, photos, audio, and text reports to the beta iReport site, and have the news appear on the site unfiltered. The best contributions appear on CNN itself.

From: eMediaWire Grand Opening of Car Culture Motorability Island in Second Life Announced Quote from the site - Cars! A passion, a hobby, and a culture. It all comes together for Second Life residents on Motorability Island in Second Life. United Spinal Association’s 7-sim Motorability Island, formerly Pontiac’s Motorati Island, is set for its grand opening on Saturday the 29th of March - however it’s open to the public now.

From: Vint Falken Second Life server system 3D, by Jopsy Pendragon Quote from the site - After the fear first kicked in and then the non-discussion started somewhat here on Wired Faerie’s Inventory System Changes - Take 2 and also a bit here where I listed Katarina’s outline I decided to check out Cala’s link.

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