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Second Life News for March 28, 2008

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From: Linux Insider When Your Avatar Gets Sick: Hospitals in Second Life Quote from the site - Hospital visitors — or rather their avatars, who serve as virtual personas in Second Life — can tour the site, try out patient beds and test technology that industry professionals believe will be created in the future. For example, the operating room offers a glassed-off “cockpit” where surgeons sit and guide robotic arms through surgeries.

From: Video Game News Text And Phone From Second Life Quote from the site - The division between real and virtual worlds becomes thinner and thinner. Beginning today on a one-month trial, BT will let your avatar on Second Life make 10 free phone calls – each lasting up to an hour – and send 10 text messages to the real world using its Avatalk service.

From: beyond the beyond Spime Watch: Building Bacteria in Second Life Quote from the site - I don’t wanna come off all stiff-necked about this, because nobody’s happier than me to see weird design ideas getting attention, but, okay, look: strictly speaking, self-replicating software models of bacteria in Second Life are not “spimes.”

From: RW Online WGBH to Open ‘Studio’ in ‘Second Life’ Quote from the site - WGBH Radio Boston is going boldly where no public radio station has gone before, by opening a “virtual studio” on the Second Life Web site.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life news on Twitter and iTunes Quote from the site - Did you know…… we have an official Twitter presence? I know that with lots of social networks out there, you may love certain tools someone else doesn’t.

From: AP Lawsuit Over Online Sex Toys Settled Quote from the site - A dispute over sales of virtual sex toys has resulted in a real-life slap on the wrist for a Texas teenager. Eros LLC, a Tampa Bay-area company that creates virtual sex scripts in the online world “Second Life,” sued Robert Leatherwood, 19, last year claiming he copied, displayed or distributed Eros products without permission.

From: Excalibur Cybrary fields for education Quote from the site - On March 18, 2008, McMaster University liaison librarian Krista Godfrey visited York University, in the real world, to speak with students, teachers and librarians about the benefits of the virtual world.

From: United Spinal Association Fashion, Cars and Avatars Event in Second Life to Raise Awareness About Spinal Cord Injury Quote from the site - Cars! A passion, a hobby, and a culture. It all comes together for Second Life residents on Motorability Island in Second Life.

From: Gwyn’s Home Second Life Bloggers Require Clarification Quote from the site - Your recent change of policy regarding the usage of your trademarks — Second Life, Linden Lab, and others registered by Linden Research Inc. — will effectively prevent the operation of the very vibrant community of bloggers, forum posters, websites, community portals, and even 3rd party services, that have provided Linden Lab with links and driving traffic to your blog, and raising brand awareness for free for your product Second Life.

From: ars technica Second Life lawsuit over purloined naughty bits settled Quote from the site - Wouldn’t it be cool if, in real life, all you had to do in order to try out new, crazy, adventurous sex would be to buy a script from somebody and run it? Or if you weren’t happy with your genitalia, all you had to do was pay someone a few bucks to create a new one (or ones) for you?

From: Your 2nd Place The Request for Clarification from Second Life Bloggers: Blogger Strike? Quote from the site - In Second Life Bloggers Require Clarification, Gwyneth makes some valid points on stuff that many bloggers are up in arms about.

From: Broadband Finder Open Day in Second Life university Quote from the site - Students using their broadband connection to help decide their future could be interested in an open day being held on Second Life by Liverpool Hope University, reports the BBC.

From: Government Technology Virtual Worlds Help Public Safety Officials Practice for Real-Life Threats Quote from the site - In early 2006, a dozen staff members from the California Department of Health Services received extensive training on how to administer antibiotics from the Strategic National Stockpile in the event of an anthrax attack.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #21: Things that go bump (map) in the night Quote from the site - Hi everyone! Have you had a chance to explore our new and improved Support Portal? Now’s your chance; it’s KBAotW time!

From: Second Life Blog Havok 4 Beta Preview Update with 8 fixes (2008-03-27) - RC3 of the new Second Life Simulator Quote from the site - The Havok 4-based Second Life simulator v1.19.3.83444 has been deployed to the Beta Preview. If this version looks solid on the Beta Preview overnight and into tomorrow, then tomorrow (Friday) we will deploy this version to the Early Adopter regions.

From: Second Life Blog Support Metrics Updated Quote from the site - Two months ago, Cyn announced our new Customer Relations metrics page. I am back on the blog to let all of you know that the metrics are now updated through the end of February.

From: Second Life Blog Introducing the New International L$ Marketplace Quote from the site - It’s astounding that with so many residents outside of the United States, we still only accept U.S. Dollars as payment. Localizing payment systems and maintaining the highest level of security possible for our residents is no easy task.

From: Second Life Blog Tips to Improve Your Search Ranking Quote from the site - Since the launch of the new search, we’ve had lots of Residents ask for more tips and information on how to improve their search relevance and ranking within the Search All results.

From: The New Modernist Farnsworth House in Second Life Quote from the site - Well-rendered, well-detailed. The landscape is not at all accurate, but haven’t you always wanted to see the Farnsworth in various sites? Via computer that is. To see it in “Second Life” your computer will need to be able to access this address.

From: Fleep’s Deep Thoughts Second LifeSecond Life for Dummies Party Quote from the site - JoannaTrail Blazer and AngryBeth Shortbread below my fabulous party hat to celebrate the Second Life for Dummies book written by Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins and Mark “Typewriter” Bell.

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