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Second Life News for March 30, 2008

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From: PRNewswire International Fund for Animal Welfare Launches IFAW Island in Second Life Quote from the site - The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) announced today the launch of its new space, IFAW Island, in the virtual world called Second Life.

From: DIGITAL DOMAINS ONLINE: A second coming for virtual worlds Quote from the site - When online worlds such as Second Life began, they captured the public’s imagination. But the initial stampede of brands into ‘immersive spaces’ has slowed. Polly Devaney investigates.

From: NPIRL New Real Life - Second Life physical interface Quote from the site - Last night, musician and technologist Komuso Tokugawa attended a Second Life-related event at the bar BarTube in Tokyo. While there, he met with several people who are collaborating on a Havok 4 sim owned by Softbank (the company that acquired failing Vodafone and turned it around), to work with prototypes and try out new ideas.

From: Georgetown Independent Second Life: The Future of the Internet? Quote from the site - How often is the phrase “I need to get away” cried by the stressed out, the bored and the lonely? It is such a tempting thought: escaping from your reality-whatever it may be-and cultivate a fresh, new life.

From: iReport iReport: ‘Naughty Auties’ battle autism with virtual interaction Quote from the site - Walk into Naughty Auties, a virtual resource center for those with autism, and you’ll find palm trees swaying against a striking ocean sunset. Were it not for the pixelated graphics on the computer screen in front of you, you would swear you were looking at a tropical hideaway.

From: NPIRL Avatar puppeteering for Second Life in 2008? Quote from the site - Insofar as virtual worlds are concerned, puppeteering is the real-time, user-manipulated animation of avatar joints, and nope, it’s not available in-world yet, though Linden Lab and its Studio Shiny (an SL developmental lab) have indicated that they are behind it, or were behind it or…

From: The Social Networking Girl WC Second Life team updates Quote from the site - We have our island in Second Life and development has begun! Today we had our team meeting to discuss our recently Professional Development session that was held in SL in collaboration with Memorial University in Canada.

From: Mental Health Notes National Council Uses Second Life For Mental Health Advocacy Quote from the site - Are any of you familiar with Second Life? I know, I know, I can be really behind sometimes - I just discovered it a few months ago.

From: Newsweek The College Tour Goes High-Tech Quote from the site - How big a hall would you need to bring together some 50,000 students and their parents, as well as college admissions officers, guidance counselors and financial-aid experts? No room required: the crowd participated in CollegeWeekLive, a virtual two-day college fair held this week that built on a smaller “test” event held last fall.

From: VTOR Second Life (No Registration Mark) and Trademarks: Your Views Please Quote from the site - Linden Labs, owner of Second Life, has managed to create an uproar again by issuing guidelines governing use of the name and trademark. Others, mainly content creators and SL old-timers, have complained about the hamhanded approach and speculated that this move, coupled with the impending move by Philip Rosedale (aka Philip Linden) from the CEO chair back to the factory floor, might have something to do with a possible IPO.

From: Spindrift, in SciLands, Second Life John Zhaoying talks to SciEye: carbon, future trends, & advantages of running VR conferences Quote from the site - While at Life 2.0 Spring ‘08, SciEye was fascinated by John Zhaoying’s answers to a conf carbob footprint question on the last day. So Eye asked for those numbers again afterwards, and added a few followup questions for him.

From: IWR Blog Second Life vs Real Life Quote from the site - Two recent encounters brought Second Life and real life into sharp contrast. And, it has to be said, on this particular occasion I preferred Second Life.

From: Going gets real in virtual world Quote from the site - Shobha Menon, a Philadelphia-based artist, plans to build an art gallery on Second Life, one of the internet’s more successful virtual worlds.

From: Second Life Left Unity OPEN LETTER TO LINDEN LABS Quote from the site - We have been a group within your medium for 17 months. We are a political forum, essentially using the forum as a way to link with people of our political persuasion across the world. We felt this media would be a great way to do that and have managed to link people across the globe.

From: Vint Falken The Little Newbie, Second Life Music Video Quote from the site - If you heart Trance, you should have heard from the Alienhearts already. This France based trio creates awesome electronic dance music and can often be found performing in Second Life. They have now released their first Second Life Music Video, The Little Newbie.

From: Kotaku Second Life and ESL Instruction Quote from the site - A while back, we mentioned a journal article on using MMOs to aid second language acquisition. Now Forbes has a piece discussing the same issue, only with Second Life.

From: Second Life Blog [Re-Opened] Transactions Timing Out Quote from the site - At this time we are asking that you do not conduct transactions for L$, land or object transfer. We are receiving reports of failed transactions and are looking into the possible cause. I will update here with information and an all clear when this issue is resolved.

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED] Inworld Money Transactions Problematic at the Moment Quote from the site - [RESOLVED 6:33pm PDT] These issues have been resolved and you should now be able to perform in-world transactions as normal. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

From: Second Life Blog The I-World Team and I-World Island Quote from the site - Part of our support structure here at Linden Lab is a dedicated customer team called I-World. This team answers support tickets and live chats from residents who are experiencing some difficulties or looking for guidance with in-world issues.

From: Second Life Blog A new, improved stability Second Life simulator is on the way to your region! Quote from the site - As part of our continued effort to increase the stability and reliability of Second Life, we are happy to announce a new simulator that significantly reduces region crashes. This release is the result of the Havok 4 project, a project that updated the physics engine used to determine all movement of objects in Second Life.

From: Second Life Blog New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.1 RC4 Available Quote from the site - A new 1.19.1 Release Candidate Viewer (RC4) is now available for download from the test software page.

Changes and fixes new in 1.19.1 RC4 since RC3…

From: Mixed Realities Upcoming Event: Metanomics invites accountants Quote from the site - Metanomics will have a panel discussion on Monday and announces: Start: 03/31/2008 - 11:00 End: 03/31/2008 - 12:00.

From: 2nd Sex LL to Sue Sierra Leone Quote from the site - [Note this is a parody.] Today Linden Labs announced that it had sent Cease and Desist letters to the United Nations, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, and the Republic of Sierra Leone for infringing on their trademark of “SL.”

From: Clickable Culture Google Spreadsheet As Virtual World Quote from the site - Probably someone out there’s already mentioned this, but the Google Docs spreadsheet application shares a few features with virtual worlds. I’ve been using the Google Docs quite a bit lately to work with my distributed team, and the spreadsheet seems to really shine in terms of worldy potential.

From: New World Notes Second Life(tm) Trademark Turmoil Continues– And Gwyneth Lays Down The Gauntlet (Updated) Quote from the site - “® is the new black!”, fashionista Kit Meredith announces sweetly, then hands me the latest must-have accessory for the metaverse: Intellectual property symbols converted into giant ear rings. Kit created them on a lark for friends, she tells me, but Crap Mariner has been passing out copies across the grid, so you’re likely to see them dangling from fashionable heads around Second Life.

From: New World Notes Two Lawyers Puzzle Over Second Life®’s Trademark Policies Quote from the site - Under Second Life’s new branding and trademark rules, do I now need to put an ® symbol on this blog’s top banner? I don’t know, Gwyneth Llewellyn doesn’t know, and curiously, two intellectual property lawyers who are active commentators and Residents of Second Life don’t quite agree on that question’s answer, either.

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