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Second Life News for March 20, 2008

March 20th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: New World Notes In The Club: Kromatic As Real World Nightclub Prototype Quote from the site - While nightclubs are numerous in Second Life, and many (like the sub-orbital Inspire) succeed as only-in-SL social spaces, I rarely come across clubs that might work in both realities.

From: UDaily Global Agenda series debuts in Second Life simulcast Quote from the site - The University of Delaware’s Global Agenda speaker series has gone where no UD speaker series has ever gone, with an appearance on Second Life, an Internet-based 3-D virtual world entirely created by its residents.

From: UK News UK Second Life ‘Island’ to Hold Grand Opening Quote from the site - The University of Kentucky Office of Undergraduate Education recently launched its own 3-D digital “island,” hosted by Second Life (SL), an Internet-based virtual world, and will celebrate its entrance into virtual life Thursday, March 20 from 1 to 5 p.m.

From: Silversprite Populating the Second Life world Quote from the site - One of the common criticisms hurled at Second Life is that it often appears to be deserted. “Ah, look”, cries the sceptic or luddite as they see a screenshot or fly into an island. “No other people, so hardly anyone uses Second Life.” The reality is, however, quite different.

From: A Sexual Health SIM in Second Life HTML-on-a-prim Sexual Health Web Content browser test Quote from the site - How to use it: While standing close to the new UOP logo panel at, click the Movie/ Web Content Play (>) button to start.

From: Forbes How To Spark Remote Learning Quote from the site - “Second Life,” the online world that brings players together from across the globe to socialize, shop and even fly, is developing a second career as a hot spot for learning English as a second language (ESL).

From: News Release Wire Letter re ISTE’s Second Life and Media Interest Quote from the site - Over the past two years the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE(r)) has developed a pioneering presence in Second Life, including a full schedule of professional development, leadership, and social events for educators from around the globe.

From: Cybergrrl Oh Recent Events on Athena Isle Quote from the site - I’ve been holding weekly events on Athena Isle for several months now. I do this entirely as a volunteer thing - looking to bring experts and authors into Second Life to provide valuable information and contacts for SL residents. And I love playing hostess.

From: How Do Corporation Pop to develop Second Life presence for Manchester Business School Quote from the site - Design and new media agency Corporation Pop has been commissioned to develop a Second Life island for Manchester Business School. The team has only just collected the brief, but did take time out to reveal to How-Do some of the details behind the project.

From: Second Life Blog 559 Havok4 Early Adopter regions updated with 11 fixes - RC1 of the new Second Life Simulator Quote from the site - The Havok4-based Second Life simulator v1.19.1.82411 has been deployed 559 Early Adopter regions. This version resolves a set of 11 issues listed in the March 14th post describing the recent Havok4 Beta Preview Update. Due to the nature of these fixes, we wanted to allow for some extra test time on the Beta Preview.

From: Discovery Educator Network Big Day On EduIsland II This Saturday! Quote from the site - EduIsland II will be hosting their first annual “Open Day” this Saturday, March 22. Here’s the press release:

“Squirrelverse, the operator of the leading Second Life educational islands EduIsland II and Eduisland 5, is pleased to announce today that on Saturday 22 March 2008 the islands will be hosting their Annual Open Day.

From: SLGA: Linden Lab releases Capabilities Server as Open Source (technical) Quote from the site - Linden Lab released their capabilities server under an MIT license yesterday. It is written in Python and available as part of the mulib package (trac view here) which was released as Open Source earlier.

From: Your 2nd Place Lights go out, walls come tumbling down Quote from the site - An article in The Economist points out that walled gardens get to the stage where walls need to come tumbling down. Drawing parallels between the mid nineties and the internet boom and services such as Second Life and Facebook they point to how proprietary services such as AOL and Compuserve were swept aside.

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More Free Starax Goldfish

Free Starax Goldfish

Found another spot to grab some free Starax Goldfish, three different kinds here, including a two tone goldfish that I don’t believe I had seen one before, here in Petronius near Primula Rasa.

Interesting shot of some sea life in Spell Caster.

Interesting Sea Life

Interesting Sea Life 2

Check out some of the other posts covering places to find Starax Stratosky art, Starax Stratosky Collections, More Starax Stratosky Sculptures, and Starax Giant Demon Statue, King Kong and More.

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Second Life News for March 19, 2008

March 19th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Information Week One-On-One With Second Life Creator Philip Rosedale Quote from the site - Rosedale, who announced last week that he’s stepping aside as CEO of Linden Lab, describes the challenges of continuing Second Life growth while preserving the crazy culture that made it popular.

From: Prime Newswire Global Kids to Open International Justice Center in Second Life With Address by the ICC Prosecutor Quote from the site - Global Kids, the foremost nonprofit in virtual world education, is set to launch the International Justice Center within Second Life on March 20 at 3PM EST. The inaugural event will feature a presentation and discussion by Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Later that same day, the center will host a simulcast of an address by Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary General.

From: The Press Association University’s ‘virtual’ open day Quote from the site - A British university is claiming a first with plans to hold an open day in the virtual reality world of Second Life. Liverpool Hope University aims to attract students from across the world with the online scheme to open the doors of its virtual campus.

From: Christopher Scott Rice UK Second Life Island Grand Opening Thursday Quote from the site - Just wanted to post this invitation to UK’s Grand Opening for its Second Life Island on Thursday afternoon. I’ll be giving a brief talk as part of a panel at 2pm at the WT Young Library Auditorium.

From: Career networking in Second Life Quote from the site - Arriving for the first time in Second Life can be compared to visiting a large shopping mall in a distant city. Everything looks vaguely familiar, but chances are you don’t know anyone. Yet for many IT professionals this brave new world offers unique opportunities for networking, job searches and even interviews.

From: Emerald City World Water Day gets a concert in Second Life Quote from the site - How do you get people involved in big issues that are enormously important but also dauntingly huge in scope — and seemingly very removed from the realities of the people you’re trying to reach? You’ve probably heard about how many people around the world don’t have access to clean drinking water.

From: Fleetwood Weekly News University to hold ‘open day in Second Life’ Quote from the site - Liverpool Hope University is claiming a first with plans to hold an open day in the virtual reality world of Second Life. The university aims to attract students from across the world with the online scheme to open the doors of its virtual campus. The open day has been planned as part of a six month project by third year BA Media students.

From: Web Worker Daily Just Another Day in Second Life Quote from the site - I’m a serial entrepreneur in a virtual world. How did a nice girl like me end up being such a geek? Was it because I read science fiction as a young girl while all my friends were reading romance novels? Did it happen when I played Space Invaders on a neighbor’s Atari?

From: BBC Uni open day held in Second Life Quote from the site - BA Media students at Liverpool Hope University have set up a virtual campus on the imaginary world website as part of a six-month project.

From: Orange Island Dorkbot session : a Mixed Reality Event, in Paris and Second Life Quote from the site - The Dorkbot session is a collaboration between Dorkbot SL and Dorkbot Paris, and will take shape as a Mixed Reality Event, in Paris and Second Life.

From: Economist Break down these walls Quote from the site - “THE farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” Apply Winston Churchill’s aphorism to the internet, and about the farthest back you can look is 1994, when the previously obscure computer network first became known to a wider public.

From: Second Life Blog I see gray people… and they walk around like they don’t know they are gray. Quote from the site - We are getting reports from some residents that there are regions where textures do not seem to be loading properly. The effect is everyone in the region appears gray to everyone else.

From: Ambling in Second Life Mercedes Drives Off Quote from the site - The virtual worlds marketing consultancy, Kzero, reports that Mercedes-Benz is closing its multi-sim presence in Second Life today. It is almost exactly 1 year since I posted about the opening of the site.

From: SL Reports WSE - World Stock Exchange - Delists, Delists, Delists Delists… Quote from the site - Hot in off the press, WSE delists seven (7) companies in one day. The message is brief to why the companies are delisted. WSE once the biggest stock exchange in Second Life has in the past month delisted twelve companies in total - some of which requested to be removed from the exchange due to shareholder concerns regarding the future of WSE.

From: Your 2nd Place Wandering Penguin: Looking For Land in All The Wrong Places Quote from the site - It’s time for Wandering Penguin to establish a Base of Penguinations, so this means doing the unthinkable.

From: New World Notes AjaxLife’s Killer App: Offline Deletion Of SL Inventory From The Web! Quote from the site - The latest version of AjaxLife, the web-based Second Life viewer from teen Second Lifer Katharine Berry, comes with a powerful new feature that should warm the heart of every Resident who’s been in-world for more than a few months.

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CSI:NY Second SL Episode

March 19th, 2008 | Category: Media, Sims Worth Exploring, TV

Well, the time for the second episode of CSI:NY featuring Second Life has come and passed, as the writers strike put a stop to almost everything. I talked to Jason Mirvis of the Electric Sheep Company and they are not certain when it will be aired yet, he said he would let us know as soon as he knew. I just read that the new season will premiere on April 2nd, but can’t find anything about when the next Second Life episode will air on the official site.

Still all kinds of stuff going on as far as the CSI:NY sims are concerned, they now have a photo of the week contest, from the news page:

Photo of the Week Contest — This week’s theme is “Emerald” (for St. Patrick’s Day!).

Visit the vCSI:NY Flickr group to look at last week’s entries and to submit your own photo for this contest!

Don’t forget — check back here next Friday for the winner of the “Chaos” contest! Source: Virtual CSI:NY News

Don’t forget about the Mystery Games or the Murder by Zuiker games here.

Other Links:

Want to see the first episode again? Watch Down the Rabbit Hole online right now.

Virtual CSI: NY on flickr

Virtual CSI: NY news

video tutorials

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Second Life News for March 18, 2008

March 18th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: SL Attitude Gone Gitmo in Second Life: Oh Brother… Quote from the site - Go ahead, call me ‘heartless’. The whole Gitmo routine is really getting boring. But what cracks me up is how the ACLU (sometimes a great organization, sometimes hell incarnate) demands rights for terrorists.

From: Networked Performance Live Stage: Need [Second Life] Quote from the site - Ars Virtua presents Need, an emerging artists exhibition in collaboration with the ICAM program at the University of California San Diego on March 20, 2008; 7 pm SLT in Second Life.

From: Geeks Are Sexy First Life, Second Life, Third Life, more Quote from the site - My comedy and geek sides have been meshing a bit more lately. About a month ago, I popped into Second Life again, after trying it a couple of times a year or so ago and giving up on it. At the time I first signed up, the interface was very primitive, and truth be told, I was never able to quite “see the point” of the game.

From: Ambling in Second Life Second Oldham Quote from the site - Tonight’s flying visit was to a sim whose first life counterpart is (very approximately) in my neck of the woods: Second Oldham. This is a relatively new sim - and part of the small cluster of Manchester sims that also includes Urbis.

From: Jenny from the Farm Livin’ Large in Second Life Quote from the site - Tonight I decided to skip out on a friend’s St. Patrick’s Day party to stay home and work on some homework. However, when my homework turned to experiencing Second Life, I decided to go to a “virtual” St. Patrick’s Day party.

From: Second Sight Five Great Science Education Places in Second Life Quote from the site - I originally wrote this for Second Opinion, Linden Lab’s internal newsletter. It was going to appear as the “Fab Five”… in what turned out to be the issue after the last issue. Oops. Since it never saw light of day there, I figured I’d post it here.

From: innovations report Animation Aids Psychology in ‘Second Life’ Experiment Quote from the site - Bournemouth University’s computer animation experts have been awarded a major grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to support a three-year project linking animation to psychology.

From: The Metaverse Journal Telstra responds on first anniversary in Second Life Quote from the site - Today I was contacted by Craig Middleton, BigPond’s Group Manager, Corporate Affairs, after seeing our story on Telstra’s first anniversary in Second Life. He’s provided his list of Telstra BigPond’s achievements in Second Life…

From: The GAAPweb blog Do you have a Second Life? Quote from the site - I am getting used to CSI NY, and those once dreaded Sunday evenings have proved a steep learning curve. I’m now managing to avoid seeking refuge in a good (and crime-free) book at 9pm – at least during some of the less gruesome bits – and actually getting interested. A few weeks ago, an episode featured Second Life.

From: ValleyWag The 5 real blunders of Philip Rosedale’s virtual career Quote from the site - Despite a silver-tongued PR team capable of spinning any irrelevant Second Life happening into a New York Times story, former Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale couldn’t save himself from the downside of the virtual hype cycle.

From: New World Notes My Mixed Reality Interview With Philip Linden: Talking Developer Frustrations, Plateau Phase, And Why Silicon Vallley Should Still Care About Second Life Quote from the site - I did this mixed reality video interview for The GigaOM Show last Tuesday with GigaOM’s Chris Albrecht and Philip in San Francisco, and me in Austin– roughly 48 hours before he announced Philip’s imminent departure as CEO.

From: Your 2nd Place Is LukeConnell Vandeverre Just Trying To Dodge Australian Taxes? Quote from the site - In discussion regarding what someone who lost approximately $15,000 US Dollars in LukeConnell Vandeverre’s last tizzy-fit, the question was ‘what can be done?’

From: Second Life Blog Server Code Update Tue/Wed/Thu This Week Quote from the site - We’ll be updating the server code on the hosts that make up the Second Life service this week to server code version 1.19.2 (current version is 1.19.1). As has been the case for quite some time now, this will be done via a rolling restart spread over several days, and there will be no extended downtime or new viewer required.

From: Second Life Blog [STABILIZED] Reports of Stale Transactions Quote from the site - [9:17PM PST –teeple] A change to the database configuration, and transactions are flowing again. Thanks for your patience!

From: Gamasutra Opinion: ‘Second Skin: Intimate And Disturbing’ Quote from the site - The title, Second Skin, seemed to imply this film documentary would address Linden Lab’s Second Life and the general impact of virtual worlds on personal identity.

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Second Life News for March 17, 2008

March 17th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Vint Falken RL Hologram from a Second Life avatar Quote from the site - Really fun, what Christian Contini did: he took a Second Life avatar, and photographed this avatar under different angles. This photo source material ended up as a first life hologram.

From: West Karana Play2Train — Emergency Response Training in Second Life Quote from the site - In response to yesterday’s post about my return to Second Life, reader Deep Semaphore pointed me toward Play2Train, a simulation of various emergency scenarios done in Second Life, developed under the guidance of the Idaho Bioterrorism Awareness and Preparedness Program.

From: Jan Dawson Experiment in Second Life aids development of autonomous artificial agents Quote from the site - Researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are “engineering characters with the capacity to have beliefs and to reason about the beliefs of others.

From: ED C&I 831 Ken Meredith’s Blog Second Life - Opinion Quote from the site - I experienced a program called Second Life this week. There were a lot of people in our session. This added somewhat to the frustration of things not working so smoothly.

From: Second Arts We can’t let feelings like this be left on the JIRA, can we? Quote from the site - For those who don’t know the Linden Lab product improvement system, the JIRA… It’s the main system by which Linden Lab customers vote on the importance of improving different technical glitches in the Second Life software.

From: Financial Times Second Life listing moves nearer Quote from the site - Linden Lab, creator of the Second Life virtual world, is moving closer towards a listing and life as a public company with the replacement of its founder with a new chief executive.

From: SL Newspaper Who Can You Turn To? Quote from the site - I have been an SL resident for nine months now. In that time I’ve become aware of some of the emotional conflicts that can arise for residents. These can be negotiating the demands of both RL and SL on our time or, more commonly, trying to navigate between the strong emotional ties formed in SL and our RL commitments and expectations.

From: Save the Date! Building Bridges Between RL and SL Quote from the site - This week, our Wednesday Workshop will be Building Bridges Between RL and SL with none other than Steve Dembo (Demb Oh in SL).

From: Virtual Goods Insider Second Life Real Estate Development Goes Avant-Garde Quote from the site - According to the New York Times, Chinese experimental artist Cao Fei, known in Second Life as China Tracy, is creating the world’s first virtual art installation. RMB City is a virtual city in Second Life that is meant to be an artistic commentary on the rapid industrialization of China.

From: Computer World The Grill: Xerox innovation chief Sophie Vandebroek Quote from the site - Xerox innovation chief Sophie Vandebroek talks about the future of 3-D virtual work, the switch from ‘paperless office’ to reusable paper, and the hows and whys of a diverse workforce.

From: Looker Lumet Will Second Life change? Quote from the site - Is Second Life changing? Do we have to fear for our cozy situation? Or is it for the best?Are we now going to see the real progress in virtual world?

From: The Metaverse Journal Telstra in Second Life: one year on Quote from the site - It’s actually just past a year since Telstra launched its Second Life presence. The reason we haven’t covered the anniversary until now is due to having a request for a comment in to Telstra on the first anniversary. There’s been no response, so I’ll reply on my observations and hopefully your comments on Telstra in Second Life.

From: BBC Second Life creator changes role Quote from the site - The man behind Second Life is stepping down from his role as head of the company that created the virtual world.

From: IEET David Pearce in Second Life on Utopian Neuroscience Quote from the site - David Pearce, co-founder of the WTA and creator of HedWeb (The Hedonistic Imperative), will give a talk and a Q/A session in Second Life on March 23, 10am SLT, on Utopian Neuroscience.

From: bavc Gone Gitmo: The ACLU In Second Life Quote from the site - On a recent trip to New York City, and thanks to my friend Rachel who works in media relations at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), I had the pleasure of meeting with Constance DeCherney, Media Relations Liaison at the ACLU, and the person who is behind the ACLU’s presence in Second Life.

From: Financial Times Schools borrow consumer trends Quote from the site - Technology is a vital ingredient in the delivery of distance learning but the vast majority of business schools would rather not be early adopters of some revolutionary new software package or web-based application.

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Second Life News for March 16, 2008

March 16th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Wall Street Journal Second Life Creator to Step Down
As CEO of Parent Linden Lab
Quote from the site - The man who led the creation of the popular online community Second Life plans to step down as chief executive officer of Linden Lab, the closely held company that manages the service.

From: Good Morning Silicon Valley Actually, for little Eddie here, this is First Life Quote from the site - In the virtual world of Second Life, no matter how strange the avatars you run into, you can be reasonably certain (unsettling as it sometimes may be) that there’s a real person behind the animation. That will not always be the case.

From: gigaom Second Life’s Second Phase Quote from the site - The Burning Man era of Second Life is over. According to Reuters and a personal announcement on the official blog of Linden Lab, the company behind the user-created online world, Philip Rosedale is stepping down as Linden’s CEO.

From: Ryan Flood First Experiences with Second Life Quote from the site - If you haven’t read Connie’s post about her experience with Second Life yet, you should, as she has written a rather thought-provoking criticism. (Connie, you are much too apologetic of your opinions, as you have raised some very valid concerns.) My experience with Second Life began last semester.

From: eGames Targets Tourism & Education Quote from the site - With e-Learning on the rise, the search is still very much on for the most effective way of delivering online courses, and encouraging interaction between participants at a distance. Second Life is the newest, hottest thing in the online teaching world suggests David Wortley, Director, Serious Games Institute, Coventry University and presenter at Knowledge Oasis Muscat’s (KOM) annual eGames Conference.

From: Glob Content Creation in Second Life Quote from the site - Creation lies at the heart of Second Life like all open and user created virtual worlds. To enable us to be world creators, virtual Gods of this new Universe called the Metaverse we need our world creation tools or build tools.

From: A Second Life Field Trip and Protein Music Quote from the site - Yesterday I took some of my students to Second Life to visit a wonderful genetics site called Genome island. Second Life is an on line world where users can build pretty much what ever they want.

From: Telegraph Virtual vogue: Second Life wardrobes Quote from the site - Who pays real money for unreal clothes? Enough people to make digital dressing-up big business. But is virtual fashion just another teenage craze or is it the end of clothes shopping as we know it? Alison Taylor investigates…

From: Carolyn’s blog Thinking about midwives in second life Quote from the site - I have just returned from a walk up the river with my dog. He is a Clumber Spaniel just in case you are wondering and he is called Buster.

From: Massively Robert Leatherwood is a loser, settles with Eros LLC Quote from the site - Texan teen, Robert Leatherwood, has settled the Second Life copyright violation lawsuit with Eros LLC, finally having admitted to also being Volkov Cattaneo - which he had previously repeatedly denied as Cattaneo, while simultaneously mocking the case against him and admitting wrongdoing and copyright violation.

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Want to Work for Linden Lab?

March 14th, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized

They are going to be looking for a new CEO as Philip Rosedale is sliding out of that position to become Chairman of the Board and focus himself on their product strategy and vision.

I feel that the most important contributions I have made and will continue to make to Second Life are related to building both the product and the company through my direct contributions to vision, strategy, and design. As we grow, the role of our CEO will increasingly be to hire and grow the right team - to lead and help the company scale - to thousands of people and tens of millions of users of Second Life. I believe that we can hire a fantastic person in that role, and also give me the ability to totally focus myself on the job that I do well. I bet this will be the most interesting job opening in the technology world.

As to title, I will become chairman of the board. I will be 100% involved and fulltime at Linden Lab. Second Life is my life’s work, and I am not going anywhere! I will focus on product strategy and vision, continuing to design the right kind of company, and being an effective communicator and evangelist about Second Life. As a community member, you will probably see more of me in-world. Source: Changing my Job

This is typical of most companies, the person who starts out as CEO usually ends up in another position as they find someone better suited for that job in a growing company like Linden Lab. As Philip said, this is to help Second Life grow, no other reason. He also said we will see him inworld more often and to feel free to ask him about it.

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Second Life News for March 14, 2008

March 14th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: EdTech Rice Teaching With Technology Brown Bags Presents Second Life Quote from the site - On March 12, 2008, the Teaching with Technology Brown Bag Series, hosted in collaboration by Educational Technologies and Fondren Libraries Digital Media Center, presented invited Phil Montgomery to talk about Second Life.

From: Flexible Learning Shifting my focus - groupwork in Second Life and the idea of Self Quote from the site - I’ve only been able to tip into the wealth that is the interviews I have so far (more to come next week), the questionnaires and the learning logs that are part of the assignment, but I have to ay, this is truly fascinating.

From: The Briefing Australians lose interest in Second Life Quote from the site - Australian visits to the virtual world Second Life peaked mid last year. Just 10,885 Australians logged on in January, 2.2% up on December but well short of the 14,832 that visited in July 2007, reports The Australian Financial Review.

From: The Metaverse Journal The Telstra Experience Centre in Second Life Quote from the site - You may or may not be aware, but early to mid March marks two significant Australian anniversaries in Second Life: a year since the Telstra BigPond and ABC presences in Second Life launched.

From: The Brown Daily Herald Donahue ‘11 cashes in as virtual arms dealer Quote from the site - Before setting foot on Brown’s campus, Evan Donahue ‘11 made thousands of dollars creating weapons to summon damned souls and create rifts in space-time fabric to suck in adversaries. The weapons systems were for the virtual world of Second Life, a popular online role-playing game. But the money - more than $20,000 - was very real.

From: Daily Herald Amusing ‘Second Lives’ deserves a look Quote from the site - It’ll still be cool to visit New York City after we live almost entirely in online, virtual worlds, promises the chief executive of the company behind the virtual world called Second Life — “but in the same way that it’s cool to go see the Mayan ruins.”

From: EPIC Tip of the Week #26: Advanced attachment adjustment Quote from the site - I love to share practical knowledge that’s useful in your everyday Second Life — if you’ve ever wanted to learn any or all of the following and how they go together: What is a posing stand? Which attachments am I wearing? and many more….

From: Silversprite Cheaper Second Life hosting for UK academics Quote from the site - One of the “older” (in relative terms!) areas in Second Life is the Education UK Island. What’s it for? “ Their website says: “Education UK island is a not for profit educational island constructed in Second Life to provide a ‘safe’ location for U.K. virtual education.”

From: PRWeb Second Life - Monogram Virtua’s Cyber Convention Center Brings Together Automotive and Avionics Enthusiasts From Around the Globe in Cyberspace Quote from the site - Inside Second Life, Monogram Virtua Entertainment is proud to launch the Monogram Virtua Convention Center with its first annual Second Life Auto Show. Hundreds of auto enthusiasts from both cyber and real worlds are set to arrive in Second Life March 15-16 to see both the fantastic and the practical in cyberworld automotive and aeronautic innovation at what portends to be the largest auto and air show to date in cyberspace.

From: Dusan Writer’s Metaverse Plagiarism Today Weighs in on IP Theft in Second Life Quote from the site - A good overview from a neutral outside observer on the copybot issue in Second Life provides perspective on the issue over at Plagiarism Today.

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New Second Life Quick Video Tutorials

March 14th, 2008 | Category: How To, Machinima, Second Life Tips, Second Life Videos

Second Life News for March 13, 2008

March 13th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: ocregister Second Life search engine gets expert help Quote from the site - I needed to shop for more stylish clothes, so I turned to UCI’s School of Information and Computer Sciences for help.

That’s not because I’m a big admirer of the fashion statements I see students and faculty making at Bren Hall on the Irvine campus. No, the reason for relying on UCI was that my shopping expedition would take me into the virtual world of Second Life.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #20: This Land is Our Land Quote from the site - While I’m probably more excited than any of you about the upcoming Support navigation changes (coming soon), I won’t let it get in the way of this week’s Knowledge Base Article of the Week, folks.

From: Second Life Blog Your chance for a Shop in Luna Oaks Galleria OR Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot Quote from the site - We’re pleased to announce your chance at a free 6-month lease in the shops in Luna Oaks Galleria and Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot! Please be aware that we have changed the historic method of distribution of parcels, read more below.

From: Second Life Blog [Update] Support Navigation Changes… Coming Later Today! Quote from the site - We rolled out the new Support Landing Page this morning, but are going to temporarily take it down again. The rollout included some unintended website changes due to a misunderstood code merge.

From: Plagiarism Today Content Theft and Second Life Quote from the site - If you play Second Life or remotely follow content theft issues on the Web, you are probably well aware that there has been a flood of talk regarding content theft issues in the virtual world.

From: Clear Night Sky Theater of Feeling: We Feel Fine in Second Life Quote from the site - One thing leads to another: I came back from the TED Conference inspired to write some software to find connections between the different TED speakers (something I do manually while listening to each speaker). While looking for concordance software, I stumbled upon DMDigest that led me to the We Feel Fine project.

From: Joe Peterson Bringing Second Life to Life Quote from the site - Today’s video games and online virtual worlds give users the freedom to create characters in the digital domain that look and seem more human than ever before. But despite having your hair, your height, and your hazel eyes, your avatar is still little more than just a pretty face.

From: BBC Virtual world for virtually Irish Quote from the site - Tourism Ireland is hosting a virtual St Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday in the internet world of Second Life (SL).

From: Nexeus Fatale Intel Sunflower in the Second Life world reaches 14k! Quote from the site - I went over to plant sunflowers at the Intel Sunflower Field in Second Life and was shocked! In just over a week, Intel has had 14,570+ Sunflowers planted in the virtual world.

From: Dot Earth Second Life and Real Life Quote from the site - More and more these days, I make video “visits” to colleges to talk about the environment and development, saving time and the environmental and financial costs of travel. But I hadn’t found my way into the completely synthetic universe of Second Life until Wednesday, when I made a real visit to the University of Delaware to talk about journalism, climate and sustainability.

From: Your 2nd Place Instructor’s Needed Quote from the site - I’d like to start offering classes in my Nerdy Sanchez Sandbox. Mainly building classes, but anything fun, slightly educational, and SL related is fine with me. So I am seeking out SL instructors.

From: Your 2nd Place Visitor List Script with Timed Listen/Web Profile Links Quote from the site - This is a modification of the existing Visitor List script that some people may be using - I don’t know who wrote the original, but I do know it has been making the rounds. All I have done is made the Listen a timed event, and added some functionality that allows the URL of the visitor’s web profile to be reported.

From: The Click Heard Round the World SAVE THE DATE: Global Kids’ International Justice Center being opened by ICC Prosecutor, address by Kofi Annan on March 20! Quote from the site - I am excited and honored to announce that on Thursday, March 20, at 3pm EST, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo will give a short welcome address to officially inaugurate the Global Kids’ International Justice Center in the virtual world of Second Life.

From: Artist Recreates Gandhi’s Salt March Protest in Second Life Quote from the site - When last we saw artist and professor Joseph DeLappe, he was protesting the Iraq war - and infuriating other players - by typing the names of dead U.S. miltary personnel into the multiplayer chat window of America’s Army.

From: Reuters Ageplay sim eyes new grid Quote from the site - Wonderland, a Second Life region dedicated to depictions of adult-child sex, is exploring setting up a sim off the Second Life Grid called

From: New World Notes The Problem With Protesting Content Theft In A World Without Mass Media Quote from the site - The naked campaign by top SL content creators continues to provoke thoughtful commentary throughout the blogosphere.

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4th Annual Satellite Exhibition

March 13th, 2008 | Category: Exhibit, Exploration, Places to Visit, Space, timeless prototype

Coming March 22nd, 2008 - 4th Annual Satellite Exhibition. Learn more about science, space and innovative scripted creations in Second Life.

Looks pretty neat.

4th Annual Satellite Exhibition

4th Annual Satellite Exhibition 2

From the group information:
4th Annual Satellite Exhibition
This year’s event is in March 2008

The exhibition seeks to demonstrate the various autonomous, moving, scripted projects that Second Life residents have created.

Hosted by Timeless Prototype

Gold sponsors:
Wayne Porter

4th Annual Satellite Exhibition 3

4th Annual Satellite Exhibition 4
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