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Second Life News for April 4, 2008

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From: The Diary of a Second Life Socialite Paper Couture Show a Success! Quote from the site - Ahh! So exciting! I just did my first runway show for the amazingly talented Lu sisters, and I thought I’d share some snaps of the outfits I modeled for them - since there’s nothing that I hate more than missing a show and there being no good snaps of the clothes!

From: The Anglican Church in Second Life How do you run a bible study in Second Life? Quote from the site - How do you run a bible study in Second Life?

Sophia Tulip who runs a Bible Study each week shares her thoughts….

From: Oh Second Life Pics from the Work of a Dedicated Group of Educators in the Teen Grid of Second Life Quote from the site - Thanks to Kevin Jarrett, tons of pics from his work this past week with Bernajean Porter, Peggy Sheehy and Marianne Malmstrom (and others, I’m sure–somebody help me out heahhhh!) on a variety of projects in the Second Life Teen Grid.

From: Your2ndPlace How NOT to Make Money in Second Life Quote from the site - Tonight I was chatting with Fugazi about my SL unemployment and prospects for the future. A company or business? Potentially an IPO? I have a great voice and have been paid IRL for voice work in the past, maybe that’s an angle? Actually, I might try the latter.

From: Science Roll Case Presentation in Second Life Quote from the site - Yesterday, we had a meeting in Second Life, the virtual world at the Ann Myers Medical Center. One of our educators did a case presentation by giving us a textfile that contained the anamnesis and all the important physical signs.

From: Vint Falken Motorability, The United Spinal Association in Second Life Quote from the site - When I asked whatever happened to Motorati (the Pontiac sims) a while ago, I got told it was baptised ‘Motorability’ and handed over to the United Spinal Association.

From: PRlog Virtual Concert To Raise Funds For “relay For Life” Quote from the site - World music artist Rhida will once again bring his original style of entertainment to the virtual stage as a part of the “Second Life Relay for Life” Sun March 30. Rhida is expected to hit the Stage on The Island of Hiriam for the fund raiser at 3 PM Second Life time.

From: Discovery Education Network Mark Your Calendars - April Events Quote from the site - This is a workshop for new arrivals in S/L. We will look over the menu functions, Search, Inventory, Maps. We will take a look at editing your avatars appearance.

From: Click Heard Round the World Two upcoming documentaries examine virtual worlds and their effects on real lives Quote from the site - Within the week, I received invitations to two in-world events related to upcoming documentaries about virtual worlds and the people that inhabit them. It’s interesting seeing the increased public and media attention to the social and emotional implications of virtual worlds and MMORPGs on the people that play in them.

From: The Industry Standard Second Life: Interface, infrastructure and growth woes continue Quote from the site - A social virtual world, accessed through a desktop application. Unlike virtual worlds driven by gaming (World of Warcraft, Tabula Rasa, EverQuest), Second Life focuses on the social and creative aspects of interacting in a 3D, computer-generated environment.

From: Hey Jude Virtual Learning and Teen Second Life Project Quote from the site - Skoolaborate is a place for teens to create and be part of a global educational community.

From: Reuters Business Intelligence Network Opens Online Facility in Second Life Quote from the site - Maintaining their position as an innovative online publication, Business Intelligence Network has launched BeyeLAND, a Second Life island dedicated to furthering the interactions of the business intelligence.

From: SLNN Is SL conducive to mental health? Quote from the site - SL’ang Life Magazine hosted a conference this past weekend on “Mental Health in Second Life: Potential Chances and Threats.” The conference was attended by 25 physicians, therapists, social workers and mental health professionals.

From: The Register IBM unveils nano-projector based VirtuaHuman with 1TB of memory Quote from the site - April Fools Don Eigler – a researcher famous for spelling I-B-M with individual atoms – stunned the world once again today by revealing on his blog that a creature known as Robert Scoble is really a research project.

From: Bits Dreaming of a 3-D Web Quote from the site - Vivaty, the company I wrote about in Monday’s paper, represents the fulfillment of a 14-year-old dream to bring 3-D images to the Web.

From: Business Week Ahead of the Bell: Online Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Some House lawmakers on Tuesday will deliberately step into another realm of existence for a look-see at commerce and safety issues in virtual universes.

From: Silversprite Outer Hebrides recreated in Second Life. Sort of. Quote from the site - For a while I’ve been thinking of re-creating the Island of Berneray in Second Life. Hills, terrain, key buildings, a few croft houses, beaches, that sort of thing. It would be interesting to see if the causeway could be re-created in SL as well.

From: PC Magazine Terrorists in Second Life? Hogwash, Says CEO Quote from the site - The founder and chief executive of Linden Lab on Tuesday testified before House legislators that his virtual world of Second Life does not serve as a playground for terrorist activity.

From: Ambling in a Second Life A Fool’s Guide To Branding Quote from the site - Ah… brand… it’s such a delicate orchid. If some evil or misguided soul makes unfair, inappropriate or unprofessional use of your brand then it can apparently cause great damage. I can’t recollect a good example of this, but I’m assured by various victims of brand police that this is, indeed, the case. It must be so, since otherwise how does one explain the draconian measures that the brand police invoke.

From: Mercury News Members of Congress get a look at Second Life and are mystified, fascinated Quote from the site - A real congressional hearing Tuesday on the expanding potential of Second Life and other virtual worlds attracted business leaders, academics and tech whizzes, leaving members of Congress fascinated - and sometimes mystified - by what it all means.

From: the Inquirer Second Life defends itself from paranoid US legislators Quote from the site - IN A SESSION HELD by US Legislators yesterday, the founder of the MMOG Second Life, along with about half a dozen avatars, tried to assuage fears that criminal shenanigans could possibly, maybe, by a very long stretch of the imagination, take place in the virtual world.

From: PR.com Designing Digitally Inc. Opens Their 2008 Second Life Island to the Public Quote from the site - Designing Digitally, Inc. is pleased to announce the grand opening of its newly re-designed Second Life Island on March 31, 2008.

From: film.com What2Watch: A Second Life For CBS Crime Dramas Quote from the site - It’s back to normal on CBS tonight, which means the criminally insane will be ranting on mindlessly as people watch in horror. But enough about Big Brother; let’s discuss Criminal Minds and CSI: NY, both with their first post-strike episodes tonight.

From: SLentrepreneur Magazine Second Life Jobs Editorial : The Case Against Camping Quote from the site - Camping— enticing avatars to remain on your property by paying them small sums to sit in a chair, stand on a ladder pretending to wash windows, or pretend to sell virtual hot dogs from a cart—can raise your traffic rating and can theoretically entice people to your place of business– but at what price?

From: Bits Second Life: Tamed for Corporate Consumption Quote from the site - I.B.M. and Linden Lab, the creator of Second Life, are placing a stake in the ground today for corporate virtual worlds. The two companies have started a joint project to run Second Life technology behind corporate firewalls.

From: SLentrepreneur Magazine Second Life Money: The State of Financial Industries in Second Life Quote from the site - In the real world, I work in the corporate office of one of the largest banks in the United States—which explains why, until writing this story, I had completely avoided the financial industry in Second Life. I set out to write on monetary matters without firsthand knowledge of the state of finances in the metaverse.

From: The Tech Chronicles IBM will host own private area on Second Life Quote from the site - IBM will be the first company to stake out a custom area of virtual world Second Life and deploy it behind its own firewall. IBM plans on using its private piece of Second Life to enable secure, rich communciation, collaboration and content creation among its employees.

From: The Industry Standard IBM and Linden Lab to create enterprise-safe virtual worlds Quote from the site - Plenty of people are skeptical that enterprises will embrace virtual worlds as a venue for doing serious business. IBM, on the other hand, is a total believer that 3-D worlds such as Second Life augur the future of online commerce.

From: the Inquirer IBM employees get a Second Life Quote from the site - IBM EMPLOYEES, fed up of having to attend meetings or interact with their colleagues in real life, will now have the opportunity to do so in their own private area of the virtual world, Second Life instead.

From: eightbar Yes thats correct second life behind the firewall Quote from the site - As much of the press is out there now the VW 2008 announcement of Linden Labs and IBM working together to get an intranet portion of the Second Life grid running on our own blade servers and installed behind the firewall.

From: Random Stuff That Matters Online conferences, teaching and learning in Second Life, SLanguages 2008 Quote from the site - The new tools available for connecting us and sharing text, video and audio has made it possible to put online many of the interactions and events that used to require moving many people physically to the same place.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life New Research Services from Involve, Inc. and Metaversatility Quote from the site - A slew of virtual worlds announcements is likely being unleashed from the floor of the VW2008 conference, which opened its doors this morning. I opted to observe it from afar this year as VW200x tends to focus on virtual world development, technology and corporate forays into virtual space. As a business strategist and social media consultant, my interest tends toward how people are using – and are transformed by - virtual spaces and virtuality.

From: Click Heard Round the World CSI:NY wraps up virtual world killer mystery Quote from the site - I got word that my buddies at the Electric Sheep Company finished shooting the machinima for an upcoming episode of “CSI:NY” that wraps up the cliffhanger from last season. (Last year, I was briefly involved with producing some of the in-world CSI:NY game in Second Life for the Sheep.) This episode, continuing from where the episode “Down the Rabbit Hole” left off last season, finds the crime scene investigators traveling to an abandoned warehouse and back into Second Life where they hope to find “one of the city’s most-wanted criminals.” Woo hoo!

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