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Can’t believe I missed this, especially considering someone from the Electric Sheep was going to let me know when it was going to be on TV. The follow up episode to CSI: NY - Down the Rabbit Hole ran on April 2nd, 2008, it was called CSI: NY DOA for a Day, watch the full episode of here. I haven’t watched it yet, but at least it’s available online, as are many others here and below.

CSY: NY DOA For A Day Part 1

CSY: NY DOA For A Day Part 2

CSY: NY DOA For A Day Part 3

The rest are after the break.

CSY: NY DOA For A Day Part 4

CSY: NY DOA For A Day Part 5

The CSIs get a lead on the assassin who escaped them in “Down the Rabbit Hole”, but when they descend up on the warehouse where she’s been hiding out, they find her dead body, a knife sticking out of her head. In the morgue, Sid extracts the knife and hands it to Mac, who recognizes it as a Navy Seal weapon. Sid also points out that the victim, Suspect X, has had extensive plastic and reconstructive surgery. Mac asks the coroner to try to deconstruct the victim’s face in the hopes of IDing her. Adam finds a piece of shrapnel in the hilt of the knife, and Mac suspects that the Navy SEAL it belonged to may have been wounded in battle, meaning he would have received a Purple Heart medal. Source: DOA For A Day Recap

A nice little article on the show is Avatar crimes from FairFax Digital.

But in the episode airing Monday, Taylor, played by Gary Sinise, finds himself entering the computer-based virtual world known as Second Life, walking (and sometimes flying) around three-dimensional, animated Manhattan landmarks, re-created by a technique called machinima, and pursuing not a suspect but an avatar.

Avatars and machinima? Virtual worlds? Has this really been commissioned by CBS, the US network with a reputation as the somewhat stodgy older sibling of the broadcast-television family?

Watch the full episode of DOA for a Day online.

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