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Second Life News for April 15, 2008

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From: Learn Online Creating a learning space for real life, in second life, 2 weeks on. Quote from the site - I’m making steady progress in building my ideal learning space in Second Life. Konrad and Jo have been wonderful in teaching me building skills, and very patient with my insistence to use real life proportions and limitations.

From: Nuketown Stumbling through a Second Life Quote from the site - Jumping into Second Life is like jumping into a void, albeit one populated with the remnants of a half million flea markets. Moving around is awkward, and not just because your avatar inevitably looks like its been nailed to a set of wooden planks.

From: WoW! Wouter on the Web ELAG2008: Second Life and Libraries Quote from the site - Bernadette Daly Swanson is presenting her experience in Second Life. She states that she doesn’t expect to jump in, but in the years to come a 3-D web will certainly become a reality. So to gain a little experience is really useful. However she hasn’t convinced her superiors yet on the usefulness of these experiences.

From: Daily Headlines Art Students Create Virtual Candidates Quote from the site - The first android candidates for 2048 President of the United States who are campaigning in Second Life invite everyone at the University of Arkansas to visit their new campaign booths.

From: SLNN University of Kentucky in the winners circle Quote from the site - Kentucky has rolling green countryside, the Black Mountain and the famous Kentucky Derby, where thoroughbred horses race for a prize. Another prizewinner for Kentucky is the University of Kentucky sim built in Second Life.

From: A2central.com Second Life on the Apple II Quote from the site - Joshua Bell, an employee of Linden Lab, creators of the virtual world Second Life, has posted to YouTube a demonstration of a program he’s written that streams video from a Windows machine to an Apple IIc. The specific program he’s streaming is Second Life, which appears on the Apple II monitor shortly after its original display on Windows.

From: Kansas City infozine Virtual Worlds: A Business Guide Quote from the site - On a first visit to Second Life, visitors are lucky if they can adequately clothe themselves and learn to walk along a path without ending up under water or face to face with a wall, unable to turn around.

From: APLINK - itsReal IBM erects KEEP OUT SIGNS - in regions of Second Life Quote from the site - IBM said Wednesday it would become the first company to host private regions of the virtual world Second Life on its own computer servers.

From: Koinup Blog Second Life Postcards! Some tips Quote from the site - Hey Guys, you know, Koinup allow you to send postcards directly from Second Life to Koinup, without login on the website……There are some members that use frequently this feature! We wanna inform them, that currently there is a small bug in Second Life, causing some issues.

From: CAP Obama Supporters Attack Hillary In Second Life Quote from the site - When Lestat Destiny teleported onto Hillary Island for her daily prayer vigil, she was surprised to see several dozen people milling about. The Second Life virtual headquarters (unofficial) of the Clinton campaign was usually unoccupied, quiet. Yet today it teemed with life.

From: The Hatchet Business school offers class on creating a virtual world Quote from the site - “The Office” character Dwight Schrute isn’t the only one using the Second Life computer program while on the job. This summer, the School of Business is offering a class that will teach students how to create an online, virtual world where characters can talk, do business and make money.

From: Fairfax Digital It’s a virtual life Quote from the site - Mac Taylor, the lead detective in Nine’s CSI: NY played by Gary Sinise, is a pretty conventional TV hero. But in this week’s episode, Down The Rabbit Hole, Taylor finds himself entering the computer-based virtual world Second Life.

From: The Towerlight Teaching at Towson takes on a Second Life Quote from the site - Imagine a Towson University with all its educational opportunities and social possibilities but none of its parking problems or construction projects. All of that exists in Second Life, www.secondlife.com, a virtual world that can resemble real locations and can include fictional ones.

From: idm.net.au IBM to Host Virtual Expo Quote from the site - Hot on the heels of the IBM-Linden Labs private Second Life server announcement comes more virtual news from Big Blue, this time that they’ll be hosting an entirely virtual Life Sciences expo.

From: The Anglican Church in Second Life Being Christian in SL Quote from the site - The first gathering of the “Being Christian in SL” discussion group took place this past Saturday, and interest is very strong! Over the course of what turned out to be a two-hour discussion, approximately 20 people, both cathedral regulars and newcomers, came and went, and contributed to a very rich discussion of the topic at hand.

From: Cybergrrl Oh On Buying an Island Quote from the site - I’m buying a sim on Second Life. Actually, the technical way it is happening is that my current landlord is transferring ownership to me - and a small consortium of incredible women who I either know personally or have met in Second Life.

From: Architecture+ Second Life - The System- An overview Quote from the site - Following links off the Second Life Blog I can go to this page -”https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Service_Disruptions” and for the first time (maybe I have not looked to the right sources) I found this helpful simple High Level list of the components of Second Life & the Grid.

From: Philanthropy Jon Stewart’s Education About Charities and Second Life Quote from the site - Nonprofit fans of Second Life, an Internet game, are seeking to educate Jon Stewart about their online activism after the comedian made fun of one of them.

From: Second Life Conceptual Creations Well Hello Again The Nicholaz Viewer Quote from the site - After saying goodbye to the Nicholaz viewer just a week ago, I’m already saying hello again to it as there’s a new version based on the Linden viewer 1.19.4, and it’s called Release: Eye Candy EC-e.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Economy Grows 15% from Q4 to Q1 Quote from the site - The Second Life economy does not appear to be affected by the slowing economy of the United States. Total user to user transactions, a measure of the gross domestic product in Second Life, grew from an annualized rate of $261 million in Q4 to just over $300 million in Q1.

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