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Second Life News for April 22, 2008

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From: metanomics Take This, Jon Stewart! Non-Profits in Second Life Quote from the site - After her testimony to the US Congress, Susan Tenby, Senior Manager of the non-profit TechSoup was the object of the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, who said “Damn you Susan Tenby” because she took the SL name he wanted, Glitteractica Cookie.

From: Cnet Apple stores to get virtual counterparts? Quote from the site - A patent filing by Apple is prompting speculation that the Mac and iPod maker could be getting ready to open up Apple stores in the virtual realm–perhaps in Second Life.

From: Tech.Blorge Apple to gain online presence in Second Life? Quote from the site - Apple could be about to venture in to a new and innovative online presence, possibly on virtual world Second Life. Speculation over the move has come about after the iPod, Mac and iPhone maker has filed a patent at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office called Enhancing Online Shopping Atmosphere.

From: Gizmodo Apple Patent Filing Hints at Second Life-Style Storefront Quote from the site - A recent patent filing by Apple Inc. entitled Enhancing Online Shopping Atmosphere indicates that Steve Jobs’ next BOOM could involve a hat tip to virtual worlds like Second Life. According to the filing, Apple is considering a more interactive visual representation of its online store complete with changing weather and avatars. Let the griefer brainstorming session begin.

From: ClickZ Video Games, From Toys to Tools Quote from the site - This is a quote from a college friend who is a mother of two. In addition to her motherly instinct, you can see she has developed a strong opinion on gamers and their activity of choice. I’ll spare you the e-mail exchange we had last week and tell you that we agreed to disagree on the topic until we had a chance to talk face-to-face.

From: Wednesday’s Song Second Life is taking off Quote from the site - I’ve been a little obsessed with Second Life since that article in Electronic Musician magazine. My avatar has fancy hair now and is getting slimmer and younger.

From: rolley Problems with Second Life recording Quote from the site - We’re nearly finished the Machinima we’re doing in Second Life - today we were supposed to record the final scenes, but we had a handful of problems.

From: jokaydia.com Events in Second Life: What’s On This Week!? Quote from the site - Continuing with our weekly roundup of events worth checking out in Second Life, here’s what’s coming up this week! Dont forget, I’m listing these events based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (because that’s where I am!)… but SL Time and ‘Check Your Local Time’ links are also listed in each entry.

From: Wired Second Life Running on A Phone Quote from the site - Years from now, when historians try to determine what caused the dramatic drop in productivity that ultimately led to the downfall of civilization, they perhaps will point to the moment Vollee got Second Life to run on a cell phone.

From: Guardian Second Life seen becoming mainstream Quote from the site - Virtual world Second Life has the potential to become mainstream once computers and connections catch up with the aspirations of its creators, its founder told Reuters in an interview on Monday. Despite the fact that user growth is slowing as a wave of publicity subsides, Philip Rosedale believes activity will increase 100-fold as improvements in computers and Second Life’s own systems make it easier and more fun to become a citizen.

From: Great Expectations BGSU Celebrates its Virtual Campus Birth/Earth Day Quote from the site - The BGSU virtual campus in Second Life is celebrating its first birthday in conjunction with an Earth Day celebration in the virtual world on Tuesday, April 22 at 6:30 - 8:30pm EST.

From: Second Life Blog Greetings from Katt Linden Quote from the site - A big part of my job is to listen. I will also be aggregating your comments here and monitoring the blogosphere, to follow developing trends and opinion. I’ll be working to update our communications tools.

From: Second Life Blog Overdue Statements for Some Residents This Month Quote from the site - Some of you may have noticed that you haven’t been billed yet for this cycle. The biller hasn’t run properly, so collecting some payments has been delayed.

From: Second Life Blog [Resolved] In World Services Unavailable Quote from the site - As we have blogged in prior posts, during peak hours we sometimes see a delay in services. We have been working to update our database clusters and are still working to add servers.

From: Reuters New Linden CEO could be named within weeks Quote from the site - Virtual world Second Life has the potential to become mainstream once computers and connections catch up with the aspirations of its creators, its founder told Reuters in an interview on Monday.

From: New World Notes Subprime Mortgage Crisis Means Metaverse Opportunity? Quote from the site - During a recent book interview, an ABC news anchor asked me what kind of impact the real world’s subprime mortgage crisis and related fallout would have on Second Life’s economy. I speculated that it would probably provide an ironic boost, noting how the last recession of 2003 was important to Second Life’s early growth.

From: New World Notes Streaming Africa: Cape Town NGO Opens SL Outreach Club Quote from the site - The unlikeliest resource for fighting poverty in Africa is a floating island with an ancient tree and a gleaming ballroom, drifting in space amid a sheet of falling rain. Someone sent me there the other night, and at first I didn’t know what it was for.

From: Torley Do you wish more people paid attention to your contact info? Quote from the site - In the very first few lines of my Second Life profile, it says this: I’ve tweaked it in subtle ways over the past few months to see if it made any sort of clear difference in the quality of incoming communications, but no, it hasn’t.

From: Molotov Alva Machinima Contest Molotov Alva Machinima Contest Quote from the site - “Molotov Alva” took us on an incredible journey… Now it’s your turn to show us “Your virtual Life”… What do you do inside your favorite world? Are you a fighter, explorer, creator, destroyer?

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