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Second Life News for April 23, 2008

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From: TechCrunch HiPiHi Opens Its Doors To The Public Quote from the site - HiPiHi, China’s answer to Second Life has opened its doors to the public with a beta test that includes free features. We first wrote about HiPiHi in August 2007 when the company called for the establishment of virtual world standards and interoperability.

From: sered second life Second Life 1.20 RC2 on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Quote from the site - As with many Linux related issues, finding a solution can be frustrating; it can also take quite some time. In the end though, the solution is often simple. After I installed the beta of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, Second Life didn’t work as it should; the screen redraws and flickers were a pain on the eyes.

From: Librarian’s Matter Murdoch University Island in Second Life Quote from the site - Tonight’s interview with the State Library of Victoria went very well. We discovered that you need to use “push to talk” to stop the echo from speakers creating feedback - but once we knew that, we were flying.

From: eSchool News Gaming helps students hone 21st-century skills Quote from the site - Online gaming can help students develop many of the skills they’ll be required to use upon leaving school, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity, agreed educators who spoke during an April 16 webinar on gaming in education.

From: Purplegrrl’s Second life Jokaydian the new frontier Quote from the site - Last weekend I attended the Jokaydian April festival. You may think where is Jokaydia I have never heard of this place is it in the south coast some where one of those hippy towns or is it a Star Trek planet But no Jokaydia is a island in Second Life.

From: Lifekludger Second Life performance of The Wall by Pink Floyd Quote from the site - I was awake at 5am the other morning so I could go to a artistic performance in Second Life. The performance was of Pink Floyd’s The Wall concert set to the original music from The Wall. And it was spectacular. It is so popular we had to be there an hour before start to make sure we could get into the sim.

From: bit by bit Reflection on “Second Life: K-20 Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds by Kevin Jarrett and Sylvia Martinez (K12Online07) Quote from the site - What an incredible and thorough presentation by Kevin Jarrett, Sylvia Martinez and other contributors. I really appreciated that Kevin and Sylvia presented using VoiceThread and will add my own comments to the posting soon.

From: nmc Panel in Storytelling in Virtual Environments | Location: Second Life Quote from the site - The Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) and the Museum of the Person are celebrating the International Day for Sharing Life Stories on May 16. The following day – May 17 – the CDS is proposing a reflection on storytelling in virtual environments in the form of a panel in Second Life.

From: Popular Science Second Life Prepping for a Second Boom Quote from the site - The knock on popular virtual world Second Life has been that it’s a little slow, and not entirely easy to sue. Sure, it has roughly 13 million registered citizens, but only a few hundred thousand are actual devotees who spend a fair amount of time in the alternate universe.

From: AdWeek Organic CEO Kingdon Leaves for Second Life Quote from the site - Mark Kingdon, CEO of Omnicom Group digital agency Organic, is leaving the shop to take the post of chief executive at Linden Lab, the company behind the virtual world Second Life.

From: Paul’s Memoirs OK, So Second Life support really IS rubbish. Quote from the site - Last weekend I sent a support ticket to Second Life asking them how I could fix an issue with not being able to connect to regions running Windows Vista Ultimate with Verizon Online DSL (3megabit).

From: Experiencing E-learning Tools for Getting Started in Second Life Quote from the site - Elena at Lively Learning posted some comments about Second Life for education in response to my liveblogging of the TCC Keynote Why do we need a Second Life? (Her original post is in Russian; the Google translation gave me enough to get the gist of her post.)

From: Information Week Second Life Gets New CEO Quote from the site - The Second Life community today got its first good news in what seems like forever — Linden Lab, the creator and operator of the virtual world, announced its pick for new CEO. At first glance, his resumé looks like the right combination of business acumen and creativity needed to restart the engines on the foundering ship.

From: Paid Content Industry Moves: Second Life Parent Appoints Former Organic CEO as Its New CEO Quote from the site - Linden Lab, the parent company of Second Life, has appointed a big name CEO: Mark Kingdon, till now the CEO of Omnicom digital agency Organic, is stepping down to come on as the CEO of Linden. Kingdon will succeed founder Philip Rosedale, the founder who gave up his CEO role earlier this year; he remains chairman.

From: Second Life Blog [Resolved] Stipends are going to be taking longer than before Quote from the site - As anyone who has been here long knows, Second Life is a world that is constantly evolving and changing. Many of those changes are a result of growth. As our population has continued to grow, we are finding it is taking longer to process weekly stipends.

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