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Second Life News for May 1, 2008

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From: New World Notes The Second Life Of Star Wars: In Fan-Made Mini-MMORPG, Metaverse Meets Lucas-verse Quote from the site - Game developers haven’t catered very well to Star Wars fans who want to live in George Lucas’ world. While there’s innumerable action and strategy titles based on the franchise, and the single-player RPG Knights of the Old Republic series is beloved, fans who joined Sony Online’s Star Wars Galaxies hoping to roleplay together were soon disappointed.

From: Grady Booch Grady Booch via Second Life! Quote from the site - I’m presenting a keynote at the next International Association os Software Architects (IASA) IT Architect conferences on May 22 - 23 in New York City.

From: Second Life First Person Aggregators out, Aggregators in Quote from the site - Time for me to eat some crow, because it’s official. I’ve completely given up on Sweet Second Life. Yes, it’s the same blog aggregator I noted months ago for being a good way to discover new and interesting Second Life blogs. But I’m done with it.

From: MaryMaryQuiteContrary Quote from the site - Sun is a global company.

We have more than 30,000 employees in 100 countries.

We all live on the network.

From: Second Life Blog New Highway Routes - LDPW Poll Quote from the site - So our gangs of skilled Moles are ready with the components to expand the Second Life road network. We’ll try to match the roads to the terrain, and to the existing road styles … but our eager little insectivores have some creative ideas, too.

From: MixedRealities Kelly Services works with Clever Zebra offering staffing services in Second Life Quote from the site - Kelly Services, the staffing services company, will provide staff for companies and organizations in Second Life. It will be real life jobs for functions in Second Life, so senior director Dave Fenech of Kelly Services just announced at the vBusiness Expo conference and expo in Second Life.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life Cultures of Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Over the last two days I’ve had the real pleasure of being back in the classroom, straining at times to hear over the noise of the construction of the engineering building next door.

From: hannem3kg Between RL and SL - Interview with a Second Life Professional Quote from the site - During my time studying in the US, I have developed an even greater interest in Online Communication and Internet Culture. My aim is to combine what cultural studies knows about communities, culture and human interaction with the Online space and understand it better.

From: Linux Insider Virtual Real Estate: Building on an Imaginary Foundation Quote from the site - Sure, people have become millionaires buying and selling land in virtual worlds such as Second Life, but the practice carries with it a higher risk than real property transactions. The legal status of both virtual property and virtual currency remains tenuous at best.

From: Collaborative Learning Center Teaching w/ Technology Tuesdays - Second Life Quote from the site - Kari Swanson, Acting Head of the Science Libraries, took us on a tour of Second Life with her avatar Kari Meadowbrook. Second Life is a 3-dimensional online environment populated by graphical representations (avatars) of over 1 million people.

From: Twilight Musings - Imagination, Parenting, & Life The appropriately named “Havok” 4 in Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life, a virtual world owned by Linden Labs which readers of this blog will hear me mention often, recently introduced the Havok 4 engine. Havok is a physics engine software that is responsible for calculating supposedly realistic interactions within the 3-D world.

From: Straight Goods Union Island opens on Second Life Quote from the site - Activists from around the world will gather online for training, strategizing, and fun.

From: Virtually Yours Second Life’s rising threat? Project Wonderland Quote from the site - It appears that there is an increasing interest in Sun’s Project Wonderland which is a platform in the same way Second Life is. I tried googling for videos of projects from Wonderland but could not find many at the moment. However, the two I have been able to land on points to a few things worth mentioning.

From: Information Week ‘Lost’ Fans Serve Up Surprising Lessons About Web 2.0 For Business Quote from the site - When I set out to do an article about fans of the TV show Lost and how they’re using the Internet, I didn’t think I’d learn anything about using Web 2.0 for business. I thought it was an article our readers might find entertaining, and that I’d enjoy doing, and nothing more than that.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Showcase, Popular Places and the Future of Traffic Quote from the site - Looking for cool places to visit within Second Life? We are too! We’re pleased to announce that the Second Life Showcase is coming to the 1.21 viewer release, which is planned for Release Candidate in 2-3 weeks and in final form in 6-7 weeks.

From: Ambling in Second Life My Alibaba Quote from the site - Out and about after an interesting day, helping with a guided tour for about a dozen newcomers, I stumbled upon the intriguingly-entitled My Alibaba sim and its immediately adjacent neighbour, the rather more prosaically named HongKong Island sim.

From: Your 2nd Place Time Versus Social Networking and Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - With so many things competing for people’s time on the Internet…

Personally, I was surprised that LinkedIn didn’t make it into this video. I’ve never had a MySpace page, and I wouldn’t want one. Friendster? Nope. Facebook? Semi-useful though the poking and super wall junk is annoying. Second Life?

From: Massively Xbox out, Nintendo in Quote from the site - Close to one year ago, we stumbled onto a new Microsoft island in Second Life, called Microsoft Xbox. The island was brand-new, and was still closed to the public, and there was a lot of speculation as to what it was for.

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