May 13

Second Life News for May 13, 2008

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From: Business Standard Second lease of Life Quote from the site - As the war to attract and retain talent rages, companies are using a variety of new, innovative hooks to catch the right talent. Some of them have cast their nets in Second Life.

From: Virtual Job Candy Virtual World News: Congressman Mark Kirk v. Second Life Quote from the site - On Tuesday May 6, Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) held a press conference in Chicago to denounce institutionally-sponsored access to virtual worlds and social networking sites like Second Life. Rep. Kirk reaffirmed his commitment to a bill sponsored over a year ago that would require federally-funded institutions such as schools and libraries to block children’s access to any “commercial social networking Web site or chat room unless used for an educational purpose with adult supervision.”

From: The Suburban Masquerade How Second Life made me $26,320 richer in just one day! Quote from the site - Yep, I was paid the above amount for a magazine article I wrote on Second Life. Unfortunately, that’s my fee in Linden dollars (the SL currency.) In U.S. dollars…well…let’s just say the amount was substantially less.

From: Rowin’s blog Second Life on a mobile phone - part 2 Quote from the site - As an alternative to the Vollee mobile phone Second Life client I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, there’s this Samsung mobile phone due out later this year in the US which also claims to run SL.

From: Game Politics More on Congressman’s Campaign to Regulate Second Life Quote from the site - Recently GamePolitics reported that Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) had called upon the Federal Trade Commission to issue a parental alert regarding online game Second Life.

From: PSFK Spain Opens STD Clinic On Second Life Quote from the site - Spanish-speaking teens can virtually visit a health clinic anonymously on Second Life to ask doctors embarrassing questions that may be left unasked face-to-face.

From: dusan writer’s metaverse Mega Prim Creation Patch for Second Life Viewer Quote from the site - The long standing mega prim controversy may be partly resolved - by adding it to the Second Life building tools.

From: Ananke Media Systems First Second Life Portrait Contest Quote from the site - The contest is restricted to Second Life residents and it is a photography contest; artistic media other than photography are not allowed. Submissions will start on May 15th and will finish on June 4th.

From: WSJ Online: My So-Called Second Life Quote from the site - There are roughly one million active residents of Second Life. But for people who haven’t visited that virtual world — or don’t intend to — director Douglas Gayeton has brought back a dispatch.

From: Princeton University Press Coming of Age in Second Life:
An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human
Quote from the site - Millions of people around the world today spend portions of their lives in online virtual worlds. Second Life is one of the largest of these virtual worlds. The residents of Second Life create communities, buy property and build homes, go to concerts, meet in bars, attend weddings and religious services, buy and sell virtual goods and services, find friendship, fall in love–the possibilities are endless, and all encountered through a computer screen.

From: Smart Mobs Public Goods in Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - I agreed to help judge the competition for Second Life and the Public Good: A Community Challenge gives real rewards. I need to say no to all offers for the rest of the summer, so I can concentrate on the social media classroom/collaboratory, but I couldn’t say no to this.

From: Linux Insider Not Much Life in China’s Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Chinese virtual worlds such as HiPiHi, NovoKing and UOneNet are currently in their early stages; however, corporate players are starting to take notice since that’s one place they can find their target demographic.

From: techdirt Your Second Life Avatar May Impact How You Act In Real Life Quote from the site - Slashdot points us to a clip from NPR’s All Things Considered discussing some research out of Stanford about how the appearance of your virtual avatar may impact your actions in real life. In the story, two examples are given.

From: Second Life Blog Bring your “A” game Quote from the site - So, you know a lot about Second Life, right? You’ve got ideas, big ideas, and are tired of waiting around for Linden Lab to make it just so. The challenge of stabilizing, maintaining, and extending the Second Life Grid, and the dozens of services and thousands of machines it entails, excites you.

From: New World Notes Vigilant Bunnies: Second Life’s Playboy Staffers Investigate Knock-Offs, Offer Partnerships To Some Violators Quote from the site - According to CNN, virtual Playboy Bunnies are leaving their island paradise to track down unauthorized Playboy products being sold in Second Life.

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