May 17

Second Life Israel to host 60th Birthday Party with Performance by Members of Top Israeli Band ‘Shotei Hanevuah’

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In honor of Israel’s 60th birthday this May Second Life Israel is proud to host a special performance featuring members of ‘Shotei Hanevuah.’ On May 25th, parallel to a concert held at Columbia University in New York in honor of Israel’s 60th, SL Israel will be streaming Shotei Hanevuah’s performance at 11AM and 7 PM SL (PST Time). This is the first of the ‘Israel at 60’s’ series to be held this year at SL Israel highlighting different aspects of Israel and its society to Second Life’s global audience.

‘Shotei Hanevuah’ literally ‘Fools of Prophecy’ was one of Israel’s premier bands, winning its Band of the Year Award in 2005. The band’s music was a fusion of reggae, dub, hip hop and dance spiced with an eastern Mediterranean flavor, with lyrics in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Both in Lyrics and sound the band conveyed in beautiful harmony a blend of East and West influences, including references to the Jewish Mishna and Kabala, alongside lyrics in Arabic and Middle Eastern harmonies. Though the band disbanded in 2007 this performance of 4 former members of the band, featuring a rich range of musical styles and lyrical content, testifies to the beautiful cultural and spiritual variety that makes up today’s Israel.

Second Life Israel was launched January 13th and since then has consistently ranked as the top Israel site and one of the top Jewish sites in Second Life. SL Israel offers Second Life’s millions of members the ability to teleport instantly into the virtual Israel, and to explore a country that is fun and educational, ancient and modern, imaginative and real. Sites on SL Israel include the holy sites of the 3 major monotheistic religions, the Tel Aviv Promenade with the Opera House and Dizingoff Fountain, the Dead Sea and mud baths, the Eilat Underwater Observatory, and the Roman Amphitheater in Caesarea.

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