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Second Life News for May 17, 2008

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From: torley linden How I dealt with technical challenges behind Second Life video tutorial production Quote from the site - Second Life poses some unique hurdles to make video tutorials for. I want to share my experiences in hopes it’ll benefit someone(s) who’s interested in making SL vidtuts but has run into the same obstacles I have. And if you’ve never seen one of my vidtuts before, watch and learn something valuable in just a few minutes!

From: Smart Buildings Today (May 14) in Second Life Quote from the site - The Serious Games Institute is holding a virtual seminar today both in the SGI at Coventry University and in their virtual auditorium in Second Life.

From: business 360 A second act for Second Life? Quote from the site - Call them growing pains. The virtual world Second Life has had a tough time of it lately.

Last month, its founder Philip Rosedale said he will step down as CEO of Linden Labs - the company which runs the community. He said he was staying on full-time as chairman preferring to focus on innovation rather than people management.

From: Virtual Africa Respecting Land Owners in Second Life… Quote from the site - Have you spoken to a few owners of virtual land in Second Life (R) the past month or two? In developing a new media strategy and virtual world presence, we follow the trends as closely as possible, and it is with some distress and a pinch of interest that we listen to the discontent of land owners. Prices of private islands (sims) have been slashed by Linden Lab.

From: The Anglican Church in Second Life What do you want from a church in SL? Quote from the site - The following is a report of the group discussion that occurred last Saturday, revolving around the general topic of “Being Christian In Second Life.” These discussions happen every Saturday at 11 a.m. SLT, at the benches in front of the Parish House. All are welcome to attend! Arundel Dragonash, who co-moderates these discussions (along with Joyous Schism) prepared the following summary.

From: Second Life, First Person Self Jealousy Quote from the site - Are you jealous of your Second Self? That’s the question that a recent post by Dandellion Kimban implores us to ponder as we muddle through this grand experiment in dual identities that is Second Life.

From: Fast Wonder Jeska Dzwigalski on Second Life at Community 2.0 Quote from the site - Here are my notes from Jeska’s presentation at community 2.0. In other words, these are my interpretations of her words (not my words), and she talks pretty fast, so I might have some typos or other errors.

From: California Library Association CLA Second Life Q & A Panel Quote from the site - So you have conducted library orientation for many years. You have taught a one credit class for freshmen in information literacy. You have responded when professors wanted you to teach reference or database tools to their classes. These traditional approaches to information literacy are now eclipsed by users who just ignore the library and Google it.

From: No there there Pursuing a solution for printing a notecard in realXtend Quote from the site - I have a list of things I consider essential functionality for a knowledge worker in a virtual world like Second Life or realXtend. One of the items on the top of the list is printing a notecard. The lack of printing functionality was reported a year ago in the Linden Lab JIRA database (VWR-391), but it has been a low priority bug because there is a workaround - copy all the text on the notecard, paste it into your favorite text editor outside Second Life and print it from there. It’s about as clunky as the machine below.

From: Orient Lodge Second Life Parallel Processes Quote from the site - I spend two days away from my computer and come back to over 2000 unread email messages and several interesting discussions. Last year, Gartner, “the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company”, predicted that 80 Percent of Active Internet Users Will Have A “Second Life” in the Virtual World by the End of 2011.

From: Wall Street Journal Businesses Take Their Avatars and Go Home Quote from the site - Ninety percent of forays by businesses into virtual worlds–animated online communities where people can do things they do in the real world (and some things they wouldn’t)–fail within 18 months. That’s according to the tech researchers at the Gartner Group, although we could have told you the same thing, if not with a specific statistic.

From: The Huffington Post Second Life Gets Its Virtual Auteur: Douglas Gayeton and Molotov Alva Quote from the site - Second Life now has is own film auteur. He is Douglas Gayeton; and his movie, debuting tonight May 15 as a half hour on Cinemax Reel Life, is Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator” –a unique and ground-breaking kind of documentary about Second Life, from HBO Documentary Films, constructed entirely as a sequence of dispatches from the online virtual world it’s portraying.

From: Wall Street Journal My Virtual Summer Job Quote from the site - With summer jobs in short supply, more young people are pursuing money-making opportunities in Web fantasy worlds. Alexandra Alter on the new online workers.

From: The Star Press BSU alumni tour the university’s Second Life Quote from the site - If life after college took Ball State University alumni away from Muncie, Second Life can give them a virtual look into what they’ve missed. And virtual coffee mugs and T-shirts, too.

From: Redmond Developer Microsoft’s Second Life Quote from the site - Microsoft late last month undertook a fascinating experiment, hosting a virtual reality version of its “Heroes Happen Here” traveling launch of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. The event took place in Second Life (SL), the fantastically popular but notoriously quirky virtual reality world for grownups.

From: games news & reviews NASA wants help with new online video game Quote from the site - The agency that administers the U.S. space program wants help from the gaming industry to develop an educational online video game that would rival the popularity of EverQuest, World of Warcraft and Dark Age of Camelot.

From: Reader Services UCD student reports from Second Life Quote from the site - UCD Library has been in Second Life (SL) for over a year now. Readers of this blog have followed our progress from our first day through to the many recent events we have held in our Second Life branch. Through this experience we have learnt a great deal about our library staff’s experience in SL, guest speakers’ experience and academic staff’s experience.

From: digicmb OpenSearch for your Second Life Quote from the site - This option allows you to CHANGE the default search url in SL. Manually, in all systems, including Windows, Mac, or Linux. Here are the steps…

From: Second Life Blog OMG! Free Linden Snow?! Quote from the site - Sandwiched somewhere between John Gabriel’s Greater (greatest?) Internet Theory and Godwin’s Law exists another apparent inevitability - The surprising ease with with the word “free” can disable one’s otherwise extraordinarily capable skills of logic and critical thinking.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #26 What are those region server notifications about? Quote from the site - Have you traveled between regions and seen pretty yellow-gold messages on your screen letting you know that the region is running a different server version? Welcome to Het Grid, short for Heterogenous Grid.

From: Second Life Blog Mono Beta Refresh 9 Quote from the site - The Mono regions on the beta grid were updated with a new version on Wednesday that resolves the following issues…

From: New World Notes Metaverse Art Renaissance: The Garden of Possible Impossibility Is Now Open Quote from the site - When scholars write the history of the metaverse-based art movement (and they will), I deeply suspect they’ll name May 2008 as its first milestone.

From: New World Notes We Had The Talent, But Not The Tools? Quote from the site - Pardon the Ghostbusters reference, but Dusan Writer is concerned about the state of Second Life’s building tools. He’s been impressed by competing virtual world/3D development construction sets, like Autodesk’s RealViz, Microsoft’s Caligari, MellaniuM’s AutoCAD to Unreal engine bridge… then glancing back at SL’s internal system, and forced to dub it “frankly kind of quaint”.

From: Ambling in Second Life Secondference in Gijon, Spain Quote from the site - My Spanish colleagues, Claudio and Gemma, maintain a blog - Virtual World Works - largely aimed at highlighting their work in Virtual Worlds on behalf of our parent company. They also kindly link to the posts I make here at Slambling - so you run a distinct risk of falling into an infinite loop if you follow the links.

From: Concord Monitor Sun Microsystems grants employees Second Life Quote from the site - To save money in these tough times, universities, conference planners and global companies have started holding gatherings for far-flung employees and students in the online world known as Second Life. Sun Microsystems Inc., a Silicon Valley tech company, has only one rule: Employees should show up looking like humans.

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