May 22

Second Life News for May 22, 2008

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From: Times Online The office psychologist. Second (corporate) Life Quote from the site - The boundaries between work and personal life have been blurring for years, but the next generation of office technology will mush them into a social gloop.

From: Scothoser’s Corner Tourism Industry in Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life isn’t really a game, because there are no real objectives that you need to accomplish. For this reason, a lot of people are turned off. But, let’s say you don’t have the money to visit exotic locations around the world, but would like to see them for yourself? Second Life is a very inexpensive way to see the locations through someone else’s eyes.

From: Eric Jennings Does playing second life affect your real life? Quote from the site - Second Life, the popular online virtual world, supposedly affects your real life interactions with humans based upon some new research. The research that Jeremy Balinson and his colleagues did at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Instruction Lab “suggests that the qualities you acquire online — whether it’s confidence or insecurity — can spill over and change your conduct in the real world, often without your awareness.”

From: Laurelyne in Second Life Laurel’s Pick of Places to Go - Blarney Stone Irish Bar Quote from the site - The Blarney Stone is one of my most favorite places in Second Life. Join the group to get notice of events all over all the Dublin sims! Frequent events range from coffee hours for chat and meeting new friends to DJ and live music events beamed from Ireland and England.

From: hackenslash Company touts potential of Second Life to Filipinos Quote from the site - AVATRIAN LLC, a US company focused on creating virtual items, said Filipino firms must tap online virtual worlds, particularly Second Life, in creating brand awareness in newer markets, especially those not familiar with their products.

From: Daily Herald Keep reporting on ‘Second Life’ fair Quote from the site - Regarding “Kirk: Limit access to social networking sites” (May 5), I play “Second Life” and there are some things about “Second Life” that you failed to make clear in your article.

From: New Zealand Herald Researchers teach an avatar to think Quote from the site - Edd Hifeng barely merits a second glance in “Second Life”. A steel-gray robot with lanky limbs and linebacker shoulders, he looks like a typical avatar in the popular virtual world.

From: ars technica Second Life prank in real world disrupts Russian politics Quote from the site - In an example of life imitating art, it seems that the infamous flying phallus attack of Second Life has actually crossed over into the real world and was used to disrupt a political meeting in Russia.

From: AOL Travel Virtual Adventures in Second Life Quote from the site - Okay, so when you play outdoor sports in Second Life—the online 3-D world that mimics the actual world—there are no potential wipeouts, no sudden bursts of adrenalin, no sweet thrills of just doing it. And a pixilated view of a mountain can’t even compare to the Niagara Escarpment, let alone Mount Assiniboine. But there are real benefits to virtual adventure.

From: Thinking Past The Square… A Second Life Quote from the site - So, here I am sitting on my bed in New Zealand. Within a few clicks I can find myself in my Second Life. Last night I was shopping for bmx’s, clothes and new hair do’s. I found myself talking with educators from all over the world.

From: Kapp Notes Second Life Created Virtual Documentary Quote from the site - Second Life and movies have had a history. In my post Second Life at the Movies, I discuss the possibility of a full-feature length movie being created in Second Life.

From: Second Life Blog New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC7 Available Quote from the site - When you last saw our Release Candidate in the previous iteration, we were tightening the gates for only last “critical” fixes, and hoping to have our last candidate then. In the intervening week, however, we just did not make enough progress on the stability of this viewer (as seen from all the great Crash Reports you send us — keep them coming!)

From: Second Life Blog Calling All Cultures to the Second Life 5th Birthday Celebration Quote from the site - Each year, on the date that Second Life came out of beta (June 23rd 2003), Residents and Lindens have gathered to celebrate the amazing world we’ve been creating. This June 23rd, our community marks its Fifth Birthday, and the volunteer Birthday Team (who has been planning this party since last year) picked a theme that will be hard to resist– “Celebrating the cultural diversity of Second Life”.

From: New World Notes When Did Making Friends Become So Complicated? Quote from the site - In Second Life’s early years, making Friends was easy: you just had to select Offer Friendship from your menu. Of course, it’s still that simple, technically speaking. Socially, it seemed about that effortless back then too, because for the most part, friendships were made shortly after meeting someone– or even as a means of meeting someone.

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