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Second Life News for May 29, 2008

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From: OhioNet Getting a Second Life: An Introduction to the Metaverse for Libraries Quote from the site - Laura Solomon is the Library Services Manager for OPLIN and former Web Applications Manager for Cleveland Public Library. She has been doing web development and design for over ten years, in both libraries and as an independent consultant.

From: Rezzable Surfline’s Treasures Quote from the site - Even the most relaxing beach can be busy with events. For the past three weeks Surfline has been rolling out the freebies. A couple of weeks ago was a lovely golden & orange strapless sundress, normally valued over $250L. Last week, rich chocolate pair of boardies that looks just as good on the ladies. This week,a beautiful sundress, with bursting blue print.

From: Spindrift SciEye welcomes Phoenix lander to Mars! Quote from the site - The rl [real life] earthlings got to watch Phoenix in parachuted descent after entry and from its camera after landing; we NASA JPL, Ames, & CoLab worker avatars, plus the independents of the ISM [International Space Museum] got a better view as we watched Phoenix arrive and land on Martian terrain at Explorer Island.

From: Rezzable Copyright & the Garden Quote from the site - It was brought to our attention the p_OO_f Gallery has placed for sale some photos of the Rezzable Garden of NPIRL Delights. This has upset the artists which work was on sale: they were never asked for permission for the sales of their works. Neither were they given proper attribution for the time and effort they put into the builds. Rather, the seller claimed the items on sale as ‘copyrighted to me’.

From: Send2Press Museum of Robots in Second Life Announces the Build-A-Robot Competition Quote from the site - Museum of Robots ( in Second Life announces the “Build-a-Robot” Competition, and invites all Second Life residents to participate. According to the organizers, “Our goal is to explore what a robot is, how it can be expressed within the parameters of Second Life, and to encourage creativity and originality. Our definition of ‘robot’ is unlimited: any creation that the designer thinks can be called a robot is acceptable.”

From: The Austrailian Old funds for new worlds Quote from the site - Font Size: Decrease Increase Print Page: Print Mahesh Sharma | May 29, 2008
VIRTUAL worlds and computer games are not everyone’s idea of art, but these technologies come into their own when you take into account it’s not just what you see and hear but what you do and how you interact with them that creates the art.

From: 50 Tips and Tricks to Create a Learning Space in Second Life Quote from the site - The popular virtual world of Second Life attracts online gamers, former Sim City addicts, entrepreneurs-in-training, and tech-savvy teachers. The educational possibilities through Second Life allow teachers and employers to reach out to students beyond their traditional classrooms and school districts, expose young children to global issues and new friends around the world, design their own avatars and environments for highly customized training sessions and interactive discussions, practice real-world skills and manage real-life situations in a safe environment, and most of all keep students engaged in a technologically-driven society.

From: Scanning the Dial A Real Concert in a Virtual World: Second Life Quote from the site - If I’m the blogger, you must be the bloggee. This morning I got to be both blogger and bloggee, by visiting Second Life, a 3-D virtual world/social networking site. A whole bunch of real people represented by their avatars went into the virtual Fraser performance studio at WGBH to listen to pianist Jeremy Denk play live.

From: New World Notes The Long Hot Summer Of Iris Ophelia Quote from the site - Iris’ long-awaited Summer Fashion feature has proven more daunting than originally planned, but never fear, the opulently illustrated spread from New World Notes’ style correspondent and occasional Fashion Institute of Technology speaker should be hitting next week.

From: Torley Things I’d like to see more of from Second Life Quote from the site - Snapshots taken at tilted angles (so the horizon isn’t perfectly level). Vehicles that are available for Residents other than the owner to drive. Vendors/stuff for sale using click actions so we don’t have to unpack boxes.

From: Instant Messaging Planet Who Is IBM’s IM-ing CEO? Quote from the site - Upper management is often ridiculed by underlings and in “Dilbert” strips for being clueless. Not IBM’s current CEO, Sam Palmisano. The executive helped dispel any notions that C-level means “clueless” by appearing in Second Life as himself.

From: The Earth Times Alaskan Family Foundation Breaks New Ground With Artist Awards Announcement and Gallery in Second Life Quote from the site - Alaska-based Rasmuson Foundation
broke new ground this month by becoming one of the first family foundations to
have a major art presence in the 3-D virtual world of Second Life.

From: SLCC 08 Register for SLCC ‘08! Quote from the site - Welcome to registration for the 2008 Second Life Community Convention (SLCC ‘08)! This year’s SLCC will run from September 5th - September 7th, 2008. To begin your registration, please select a primary area of interest. Keep in mind that you are free to attend any and all areas of the convention.

From: NPR Actress CCH Pounder Finds Second Life as Activist Quote from the site - Emmy-nominated actress CCH Pounder won acclaim with roles on TV shows like ER, The Shield, and Law and Order: SVU. But she’s also an activist and art gallery owner.

From: Times Online Is Second Life about to have a second life? Quote from the site - If there was one sentence, uttered by its creator, that neatly encapsulates the grown-up ambitions and continued infancy of Second Life, the virtual world that will be ten years old next year, it is this: “Once you get inside it’s an amazing experience, but we still have this situation where a lot of people have problems tying up their shoes.”

From: Second Life Blog 16 *NEW* quick tips to enlighten your Second Life! Quote from the site - When I started my Second Life, I was helped by some intensely nice people who encouraged me to share what I’d learned from them. I’m keeping my promise and passing on these tidbits like the yummy info-cookies they are!

From: Business Week Second Life Marketing: Still Strong Quote from the site - Almost exactly two years ago, a BusinessWeek cover story about Second Life sparked a swarm of interest from real-world companies looking to advertise in the user-created virtual world. Most of the early efforts were glorified 3D billboards that drew little reaction, and so the gold rush quickly died down.

From: New World Notes Take Botgirl’s RL/SL Personality Test! Quote from the site - Now here’s a fascinating thought experiment: Botgirl Questi is promoting a personality test which you take twice: once, as your material self, and the second time, as your Second Life avatar.

From: New World Notes Advice On SL Game Development: Embrace The Medium’s Constraints, Make A Marketing Plan, Build A Gamer Network Quote from the site - Yesterday, I was on an Orange Island Games Week panel talking SL as a game platform, along with developers Cyphien Heart, Piegaro Riel, Kiana Writer, and host Akela Talamasca of Massively. The full transcript has just been published here, and it’s worth a read.

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